Why not try out this Ramadan menu one day this month?

Strapped for iftar ideas? Here’s a perfect menu for you!

Strapped for iftar ideas? Here’s a perfect menu for you!

Ramadan is here! I decided to share my favorite recipes for you guys to try out. These recipes are personally written by me, a Tanzanian Indian who likes to add a cool spin to traditional recipes and create new fusions, such as the caramel pudding recipe that I’m going to share with you, which has a spicy spin to it.

Ramadan is a month for families and communities to unite and break their fast together with delicious food and that’s why I want to share my own version of a meal that can be relished by anyone who is looking for recipes to break their fast with, or just anybody interested in yummy food!

I’ll start off with the recipe for a fresh drink to be enjoyed in the summer heat that would really cool one down, which is a Cucumber-Lemon Virgin Mojito. This thirst-quencher is a tasty must because it is made with mostly fresh ingredients. First, a cucumber should be peeled and grated. Then the grated cucumber should be squeezed until its fresh juice comes out, which should be strained so that only the clear cucumber juice remains.

Second, fresh lemon juice and mint leaves are added to the cucumber juice and mixed well. Lastly, the mixture can be added into a glass and topped with a Sprite. The combination of the cucumber juice and mint really refreshes the tummy!

For the main course, I chose Coriander Butter Chicken because you can never go wrong with Indian food (based on my biased opinion anyway!). For this recipe, you start off by marinating boneless chicken strips in butter chicken masala spice and garlic & ginger paste for about half an hour. Then you fry the chicken in some butter and set it aside.

After that, you sauté a chopped red onion with some more garlic and ginger paste and then add two grated tomatoes, a chopped green pepper, some more butter chicken masala spice and a generous handful of freshly chopped coriander. Once that is cooked for about five to ten minutes, you add some fresh cream and a chunk of butter along with the cooked chicken strips. Cook for a few minutes longer and the Coriander Butter Chicken is ready to be served!

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My last recipe is a dessert that is a traditional caramel pudding but with an Indian fusion to it. First, you make caramel by cooking half a cup of sugar. After that, add two eggs and two cups of milk to it.

And then comes my favourite part whereby you add in flavourful spices such as saffron and cardamom and stir until the mixture is cooked. Lastly, you pop it in the oven where it bakes for about fifteen minutes and then you cool it in the fridge. This dessert is very simple to make yet it is scrumptious!

Make sure to try out these recipes because you and your loved ones will definitely enjoy them and Happy Ramadan to those celebrating it!