10 Islamic terms we need to take back

Islam has been hijacked by the media for too long. It’s time for Muslims to reclaim terms that are rightfully ours…

1. “Allahu Akbar”

Media: “Die infidel, Die!”
Muslims: “God is Greater”


2. Hijab

islam misconception 4Media: “Oppression”
Muslims: “Why are we still talking about what women wear!”


3. Prophet Muhammad

islam misconceptions6Media: “Paedophile” (major astaghs!)
Muslims: “Greatest G to walk the Earth”


4. Sharia

islam misconceptions3Media: “Muslims are taking over the world!”
Muslims: “The legal system from back in the day”


5. Fatwa

islamic misconceptions 6Media: “Die Salman, Die!”
Muslims: “Guidance given to Muslims based on the Quran and teachings of the Prophet”


6. Jihad

islam misconceptions 9Media: “Suicide Bomber”
Muslims: “Battling one’s own inner demons”


7. Kafir

islam misconceptions5Media: “Die infidel, Die!”
Muslims: “Someone who purposefully goes against good”


8. Mosque

islam-misconception1Media: “Breeding ground for extremists”
Muslims: “A place to meditate, reflect and worship”


9. Ramadan

islam misconceptions2Media: “Starvation”
Muslims: “When food tastes a thousand times better than usual”


10. Muslims

islam misconceptions8Media: “Arabs”
Muslims : “1.5 billion people ALL OVER the world”

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