10 Wise Sayings of Jesus, Son of Mary


10 Wise Sayings of Jesus, Son of Mary

Then Jesus said, “Wisdom is developed by humility, not by pride, and likewise plants only grow in soft soil, not in stone.”


Then Jesus said, “Wisdom is developed by humility, not by pride, and likewise plants only grow in soft soil, not in stone.”

The holiday season, whether one celebrates Christmas or not, can serve as an important reminder to look beyond the commercialism and instead focus on the man that played a pivotal role in changing the course of faith and even humanity.

Prophet Jesus, who is revered in both Christianity and Islam, was the son of the Virgin Mary, who was the daughter of Imran and raised under the guardianship of Zachariah. With his teachings of charity, love, and servitude towards God, Prophet Jesus remains one of the most important and loved prophets in Islam.

Here are 10 of some of his wisest sayings, in the hopes that we all can take some time out of our holiday celebrations to remember and emulate the man who dedicated his life to faith and God,

1. Always remember God

“…and the Messiah said: O Children of Israel! Serve Allah, my Lord and your Lord. Surely whoever associates (others) with Allah, then Allah has forbidden to him the garden, and his abode is the fire; and there shall be no helpers for the unjust.” – The Holy Quran [5:72]

2. Show kindness to creation

“Verily, when Jesus the son of Mary, passed along the shore of a sea, he threw a piece of his bread into the water.

Then some of the disciples said: ‘O Spirit of God and His Word! Why did you do this when that was your food?’

He said,

‘I did this in order that some animal among the animals of the sea may eat it, and the reward of God for this is great.'”

3. Stay humble

“Then he [Prophet Jesus] stood up and washed their feet. They said, ‘It would have been more proper for us to have done this, O Spirit of God!’

Then he said, ‘Verily, it is more fitting for one with knowledge to serve the people. Indeed, I humbled myself only so that you may humble yourselves among the people after me, even as I have humbled myself among you.’

Then Jesus said,

‘Wisdom is developed by humility, not by pride, and likewise plants only grow in soft soil, not in stone.'”

4. Remain patient

“The disciples complained to Jesus, the son of Mary about the disrespect of the people for them and their hating of them.

He said, ‘Be patient. Likewise, the believers are hated among the people. The example of them is like the example of wheat. How sweet is its taste and how numerous are its enemies.'”

5. Work hard

“Jesus said, ‘Better than you are those who work with their hands and eat from what they earn.’ After that the disciples washed clothes by the stream and ate from their wages for it.”

6. Ask for repentance

“Jesus, the son of Mary, passed by a group of people who were crying. He asked why they were crying. It was said to him that they were crying for their sins.

He said, ‘You should pray about them and you will be forgiven.'”

7. Keep wise company

“The Apostles said to Jesus, ‘O Spirit of God! With whom should we keep company?’

He said,

‘He the sight of whom reminds you of God, the speech of whom increases your knowledge, and the works of whom make you desirous of the other world.'”

8. Stay healthy

“’O Children of Israel! Do not be excessive in eating, for those who are excessive in eating are excessive in sleeping; those who are excessive in sleeping are deficient in praying; of those who are deficient in praying, it is written that they are negligent.'”

9. Be thankful and show gratitude

“’Mind your tongue to reform your heart, be satisfied with your house, beware of pretentiousness and excess, be ashamed before your Lord, cry over your mistakes, and escape from people as you would run from the lion or viper, [for] they were medicine but today, they have become illness. Then, encounter God when you will.’”

10. Focus on your faith

“’Do not take the world as a master, for it will take you as its servants. Keep your treasure with One who will not squander it. The owners of the treasures of this world fear for its ruin, but he who owns the treasure of God does not fear for its ruin.’”

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  • In the life we have many alternatives , we study different subjects, we get different graduations, read different books, many thinks I is right, others x is right others y and so on. Isa alejhi selam was prophet, human, born from a virgin mom according to Islam, according to Christianity they say to him lord, god, or sun of god. All of us have the right to read and go in deep arguments and find where are the facts, logic, history, books etc.Based on that many understand some direction some others another direction, this is normal, why we have to create a third ISA or Jesus, who is even Prophet even God, this is really bad idea, for Muslims even for Christians, in my arguments he was a human, born from a human, week, which was chosen as a messenger of GOD, God gave to him many miracles and signs which will direct peoples to believe in God the only one. He has born in spring, not in the winter – this are the facts according to Quran and some verses in the old Bibles which are not changed yet. We see that there are hundred different copies of Bibles and there is just one authentic copy of Quran. These are the basics and peoples should think in these differences or even many many other arguments which i cannot summarize all here. Anyhow at the end we are humans who accept the others as they are, live together, work in same company, play games together, travel, and so one. There is no force in religion directions, every one should be free to chose and not chose, this is the humanity , this is the world reality. Peace.

  • I don’t understand why all of these efforts to make peoples same, same mind, same religion, same view, etc etc = robots. Everyone should know that not being equal with you, same idea with you, same religion with you, same marks like you, is not a problem, this is the humanity , this is the human intelligence, this is our world, many languages, different places, different minds – ALL THIS IS OK we should respect each other, respect – accepting and working with differences. Interfering in peoples mind – changing their religions basics – manipulating the essences of humanity THIS IS THE BIG LIE – ABNORMALITY which is advertised.