A doctor’s journey fighting against cancer


A doctor’s journey fighting against cancer


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My name is Milad Hilli. I am a 28-year-old doctor, training to be a General Practitioner (GP). I am also a daughter, a fiancée, a sister, an aunt and a friend. This is my story about my battle with cancer, and my continued journey to defy the odds.

How it all began

My story begins in the last week of February 2016. I was working in a hospital in obstetrics and gynaecology when one of my patients (a young teenager) presented with bleeding in early pregnancy. She also had a really bad cold, and after a few days of looking after her, I seemed to have caught this cold off her. Over the next few weeks I was having on and off high temperatures, night sweats and itching all over my body. Ignoring my body and putting my symptoms down to a ‘viral infection’, I continued to work and even sat through an exam.

I was becoming more unwell but I still chose to dismiss the alarm bells, confident that I was invincible and immune to illness. However, on the 29th April 2016, as I was completing a night shift in hospital, a concerned colleague refused to let me go home before undergoing tests. These included a chest xray, which displayed ‘shadows’ on my chest, followed by an urgent CT scan of my body which confirmed lesions across my upper body. Within a week, I found myself undergoing surgery for a lymph node biopsy;  what followed changed my life forever.

I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma – a form of blood cancer. That day, I went home, opened up my laptop, and started to write. I wanted to express myself, share my journey, and raise awareness about a disease rarely spoken of. This marked the beginning of ‘Listen To Your Body’, my blog which I would then use to document my journey over the 12 months that followed…

A Rough Ride to Remission

I have had an ongoing battle with cancer for almost a year now, undergoing multiple treatments, including surgery; fertility treatment; and ABVD chemotherapy. I had six cycles of gruelling chemotherapy, which were split into twelve sessions every two weeks for six months. My journey has been far from smooth. I have had multiple complications, including nerve damage to my fingertips as a result of chemotherapy; a blood clot below my right shoulder and an admission to hospital with potentially life-threatening sepsis.

After almost eight months, my scans showed that I was clear of cancer and the doctors told me I was in remission. I cried countless tears of joy. I had gotten through each and every hurdle that had come my way, and I finally felt the loosening of those thick chains that had been suffocating me over these months. The rush of excitement and happiness this news brought to me and my family was indescribable, and beyond measure. My life slowly resumed and I began to return to ‘normality’ – going out often and enjoying every moment of freedom.  I was confident that this would be my year. I returned to work in the same hospital that had treated me, and even found time to plan my wedding which I had scheduled for 23rd August 2017. I was so grateful and life could not have been sweeter.

Reliving My Nightmare

Less than four months later, on the 3rd of May 2017 my life was to take an unexpected turn. I received the shocking news that my cancer had returned. I was to be admitted to hospital immediately for more aggressive treatment. It struck me for the second time: I was not well.

I had mentioned to my doctor that I was breaking out in hives all over my body, so he arranged a routine scan to reassure me (neither of us were particularly concerned). It was very nonspecific and could have simply been an allergy. I had also noticed some weight loss and confidently put that down to dietary changes. The chance of relapsing so soon was very rare, and for this reason, I went about my day to day life normally whilst I waited for the results.

I can never forget the day I received the phone call that changed everything for me… again. I was with my mother driving to our local shopping centre, where we were planning to spend the day shopping for a surprise ‘hen-do’ my best friends had arranged for me. En route, I received a call from a lady working at the ultrasound department in my hospital. She said she had called to arrange for me to come in urgently for a biopsy of a lump found on my scan. At this point, I had not yet received the result of my scan, so this phone call took me by complete surprise. Recognising the total shock in my voice, she politely ended the phone call. I asked my mum to stop driving and explained to her what I had just heard. My phone then rang again, this time it was the consultant radiologist on the line. He apologised for how the news had been broken to me – they thought I had already been informed by my haematology team. He then asked me if I could come into hospital immediately for an urgent biopsy – and so my mother made that U-turn, and out of nowhere our day had turned into the reliving of a dreadful nightmare all over again.

The news of my relapse really saw me fall to my knees, making me experience the darkest of moments. I always saw myself as a strong person, not one to easily break down in the face of difficulty, and my entire battle with cancer had been a positive one. The honest truth though, is that I have never cried nor felt as much pain as I did when I heard my cancer had returned. The immense lack of expectation of the news; the way I had heard it; and the timing of it all had made it so difficult to comprehend. Following that soul-destroying news, I began to see flash images of losing everything all over again. Part of me wished I had never gotten better for those brief few months, as it is so much more difficult to pick yourself up and re-fight a battle you thought you had already won.

Looking back now though, I feel so thankful for those few months of normality, for that breathing space, as I now know what I have to look forward to. I did it once and I can do it again. Here I am today in hospital… both mentally and physically ready to fight cancer, to fight for my life, for the second time in the space of one year.

My Ongoing Treatment

I am now in hospital undergoing ESHAP chemotherapy which is more intense and requires me to be an inpatient in hospital. Throughout my previous chemotherapy, I would come into hospital for one day, undergo chemotherapy over a few hours, and then go home. Now I am on a chemotherapy drip for 24 hours a day non-stop over five days. I will go home once I am well enough, resting for three weeks before returning to hospital and repeating this process all over again.

After the treatment is complete – and if my cancer is shown to be responding to chemotherapy – I will be transferred to another hospital for further chemotherapy followed, by a bone marrow transplant. At the moment, I feel too much has happened, and happened too soon, which makes it difficult for me at times to absorb all this information at once. I am still in a state of shock, and sometimes I find it best to take each day as it comes.

Living for Today

With time, I have come to strongly believe that God does not burden anyone beyond that which they can tolerate. Every individual’s hardship and struggle is unique to them and to what they can deal with. I find it wrong to compare one person’s misfortune with another, as each person’s suffering is relative to them and no journey is identical. We are all very different and the way we respond is a matter of perspective. I try to constantly remind myself how lucky I am for the many blessings which I have been given. It is much easier to focus on the negative aspects of life, but even the most darkest of moments can be looked at through a positive light.

I do not feel sorry for myself and I do not find myself unlucky. I recognise that I am much more fortunate than many others and I am so thankful for my faith in God, which gives me strength to fight on, as well as the support from my loving family and friends, the roof on my head, the safe country that I live in, the education I have received, the 5 senses which are so easily taken for granted yet add so much to my day. The blessings we receive are far greater than the downfalls we face, and life is truly beautiful if you choose to see it that way. As I said, it is all about perspective. I am much happier and at peace now than I have ever been. In spite all of this I will never sugar coat my illness or journey; it is very tough, more than I could convey through words. I know that I am very sick, but likewise I also know that I am very resilient.


To most people, cancer is a terrifying word which many associate with hopelessness and even death. As a doctor I always saw it as a disease just like any other. I entered this profession for one sole reason and that is to help others and to give back, but unfortunately with time doctors – including myself – can become desensitised. A patient becomes a figure, and their disease part of a statistic. When you are ‘on the other side’ and that doctor-patient role is reversed, it completely changes your outlook on things. I feel that my life has taken this turn and that one of the reasons I am on this journey is to become a better doctor.

Illnesses, cancer or otherwise, are part and parcel of a larger package, and the implications it has beyond are far greater. My cancer has impacted my personal life, my family, my work, and pretty much everything else. In less than one year, I have had to cancel my wedding twice, leave the work that I love for a prolonged period of time twice, faced losing my hair completely and witnessing all the physical changes that come as a product of being a cancer patient, twice. My health has prevented me from sharing important memories with my loved ones, most importantly of which was missing my sister’s engagement and wedding due to being in hospital. I may play it down at times, but not every day is easy. There are many struggles to deal with both mentally and physically, and without the love of God and the support of my loved ones I don’t think that I would still be going this strong.

I have found that the treatment for cancer is far worse than the disease itself. The side effects of chemotherapy can be unforgiving at their best and completely demoralising at worst. As I have now restarted chemotherapy I am slowly beginning to get all the dreaded side effects I once had before. Not only does my body ache all over as if I have been beaten up, what I struggle with the most is the intense soreness of my mouth and lips which make even the drinking of water feel like torture. Fortunately, with all the medications and support from my medical team, my symptoms can be managed to an extent. Sometimes as humans we really take the smallest things for granted, such as being able to sleep without struggling to find a pain free position, or simply being able to taste food, wet your lips and swallow a drink with ease. Throughout my previous chemotherapy I experienced a lot of nausea and vomiting, I would vomit for days at length which left my body extremely weak, and no medication could control this. As I have only just begun chemotherapy again, not all the side effects have kicked in yet. I try to not think about them and to be thankful for each day as it comes and passes.

I have been told to expect the side effects to soon kick in, including the complete loss of my hair again in the next five to ten days… but I plan to live for now, for today, for each moment as it comes, but look forward to embracing what tomorrow brings.

Looking forward

My wedding is something I have mentioned quite a bit throughout my blog; every girl dreams of that fairytale day and I am no exception.  I feel every part of my journey has been a real struggle. I just want to be like any other bride, have that one special dress, hair done up and that happy ending with my soul mate. I worked hard on planning it two times and paying the utmost attention to every detail, but for the second time it feels like the rug has been pulled from under my feet. I cannot begin to describe the emotional stress this has caused.

To make matters worse, me and my fiancé and loved ones find ourselves standing alone trying to fight a wedding insurance company (John Lewis) who like many large corporations are typically resourceful at finding a clause so they don’t cover your claim – in my case, it is that I have had cancer before. At the same time, we are trying to negotiate a financial compromise with our wedding venue with whom we signed a non-refundable contract and have incurred a significant cancellation fee. Money, as all material things, comes and goes and has no true value, but these are examples of the burdens an illness can bring. To those looking in from the outside as my story unfolds, it seems to be more and more of a nightmare, however I have great belief that despite all these stressful factors, everything happens for a reason, and that the best is yet to come.

I find this verse from the Quran (8:30) very powerful;

“They plan, and Allah plans. Surely Allah is the best of planners.”

However much we feel we have got our life sussed out and that all is perfect… it can simply take one phone call to put a standstill to your life and turn it upside down. However, only YOU can choose whether to turn your life back up the right way, and to keep smiling in the face of darkness and to defy all odds. I will now close my phone to get some much-needed rest, but I leave you with hope, happiness and a sprinkle of positivity: my fight against cancer may have restarted, but I have already won both mentally and spiritually. I have an army behind me, led by my backbone – my fiancé and my beloved mother, and my family and friends who have sacrificed a lot for me.

Together we will win.

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  • My Dear Sister Milad I read your story with a very heavy heart becz my younger brother is also going through the same trauma so I can feel the pain your family must be going through but I have strong faith in Almighty Allah that being a resilient person you will Inshallah overcome this phase too. May Allah bless you with complete recovery. You get married and enjoy your life with your life partner .You have joined this noble profession to help others Inshalla Almighty Allah will help you. My very best wishes and millions of prayers for your complete recovery. Naheed

  • My dear sister

    I pary to Allah for your speedy recovery. May I suggest you to look into alternative therapies . Look into food as medicine.
    I am also going through a similar situation like your self. So I understand you.



  • Zinnat Bader
    July 6, 2017 11:58 am

    Allah will surely cure you and fulfill all your dreams one by one, InshaAllah soon Aa’meen! I had cancer twice too when my children were small- and with Allah’s mercy I am still around twenty two years later! There is no shortage of mercy & infinite compassion in His domain – so sooner or later, you will be whole and totally free of all disease forever! 🙏

  • May Allah cure you soon insha Allah. You are an inspiration

  • will pray for ur speedy recovery inshallah

  • inshallah you will become well very soon

  • Brete Peterson
    June 5, 2017 10:14 pm

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    Brete Pete..

  • Salaam Sister,

    I have never met you had the honnor of working with your sisters.

    You and your sisters are amazing at what do. I am truly inspired by your words.

    We live in difficult time and we need strong people like yourself to lead the way.

    You have done it once and you can do it again.

    I will pray for you and inshalah you will get better soon and get back to planning your wedding.

    God bless you and your family/friends who are standing by you.

    Kindest regards
    Shah Abbas

  • Reading your blog to be honest leaves me speechless and heart broken your brave and strong everything happens for a reason I wish you a speedy recovery and inshaallah ya rab you will beat cancer AGAIN i only wish you the best ❤❤❤

  • Asalam Sister,

    May God give you health and i also advise you same thing as someone said above, marriage should be simple and don’t delay. Take care and continue to focus on your blessings…….In each difficulty, there is relief….

  • As salaam aleikum! May Allah give you shifaa.

    When people love one another because of Allah they give one another true advice.


    Marriage is an act that Allah loves. An islamic marriage should be fast, and very simple. It should be a marriage that is done for the sake of Allah. I would advice if you are all ready for marriage you and the brother, you should take that simple step and do it so that we will be able to help you even in a closer relationship that is ordained by the creator. I am going to attach some of the hadith and I hope you see the validity of my advice.

    “The best of dowries is the simplest.” Narrated by al-Haakim and al-Bayhaqi and classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’ (3279). And he (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The best of marriage is the simplest.” Narrated by Ibn Hibbaan and classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’ (3300).

    ‘The best wedding is that upon which the least trouble and expense is bestowed”. (Mishkat)

    O ‘Ali, do not delay in three things; 1) Salah when its time arrives, 2) Offering the janazah salah when the bier is present and 3) Marriage of a woman whose match is found (Sunan Tirmidhi, hadith: 171 & 1075 , Declared as sound (hasan) by ‘Allamah ‘Iraqi (rahimahullah). See Takhrijul Ihya, hadith: 1371)

    “Get the unmarried ones among you married, as well as the righteous slave men and slave women. If they are poor, Allah will make them independent by his grace”(Surah Nur, verse: 32) This wealth can be in material or spiritual being.

    Get married and live in the path that Allah loves. May Allah guide us all. Aameen. Please forgive me if I have wronged you in any way and may Allah answer all your prayers in this earth and hereafter,

  • Mustafa Darsot
    June 1, 2017 8:53 am

    Dear Sister,

    Reading your story sent a shiver down my spine…

    Allah Ta’ala grant u Shifa-e-Kamilah, our Duas are with u…

    A week before Ramadan (Friday 19 May 2017), I lost my father inlaw to Colon & Liver Cancer. A fight which he succumbed to after almost 2,5 years. My wife & family, almost everyone amongst my inlaws, rallied around my father inlaw from the start of his tumultuous journey, which brought about strong unity in our family. We all knew what to expect, we know he is at peace, but his passing away is hard to believe & we miss him very much…

  • May Allah grant you Shifa sister. I can email you aayate-shifaa, verses from the Quran for healing if you wish. Please message me.

  • Sister you are very brave MASHALLAH and you are a fighter . IN SHA ALLAH you would be well and working as a doctor. I pray ALLAH ALMIGHTY give you shifa

  • Rabia Salloo
    May 31, 2017 11:22 am

    In Shaa Allah, Allah SWA give u Shifa sister.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you

  • Praying that you get well soon and experience the joys of being healthy again. … Sending you well wishes for your quick recovery and good health. … , I’ll be praying and hoping for a smooth and quick recovery.

  • I will pray for you every single day in Ramadan in every dua I make insh . Allah is so merciful . ❤️

  • Allah grant you shiffa sister. Jazakallah for sharing your story. I cannot put words to how i feel, but I just pray for you and your family.

  • Zaheer Parker
    May 30, 2017 1:11 pm

    Wow!!! Triple exclamation… because your story is a virtual retelling of.my own journey with.chemo and bone.marrow transplant. The manner.you describe the symptoms and side effects is uncanny and so close to.heart. Crazy how this illness/ disease/ condition… connects people far and wide without ever knowing… my eyes filled.with tears reading it… but my heart filled with hope and joy knowing that your words Will make a.difference… it will inspire… it will elevate and propel you to greater things ahead. I will make dua for you. I trust that just by knowing that should inspire you to journey on… to continue… you will.Not merely survive cancer, but outlive it!!!
    Allah swt bless and protect you and your loved ones. Peace. Love. #outlivecancer


  • Allah is great!! He will bestow on u no more then what you can handle 💞… our duas are with you💝

  • May Allah swt give you shifa sister….every measure of suffering is way to have sins wiped off and reward added to you. Keep strong, keep faith and keep battling hard. May Allah swt cure you and give you ease inshAllah

  • Your strength is amazing. I make dua that you beat this and that the side effects are minimal this time round In Sha Allah. Hey, for Allah nothing is impossible.
    I also make dua that you come through this and go on to be an amazing doctor, wife and mother.

  • you beat it the first time, you can definitely beat it again habibti <3 its great that you have a many people supporting you in your struggly, the pain must is unimaginable but I promise you as difficult as it is to bear it will be worth it in the end when Allah grants you shifaa (that rhymes lol)

    keep your head up :)

    i will keep you in my duaa, you will make the most amazing bride inshaAllah x

  • U r amazing!
    Fight hard smart, Pray well, starve these cancer cells, if u can skip Chemo and go 100% natural do it.. You will WIN en shaa ALLAH.

  • Samira ladak
    May 28, 2017 5:22 pm

    Thank you for sharing. I have been in remission from breast cancer for 3 years. Did the chemo and radiotherapy. Leaves you v weak. What helped was making the immune system strong by eating fruits n veg but just being positive and calm and not worrying as you are doing is the best therapy. Leave it in Allah’s hand. I’m here for you if you need to chat. You will get over this with Allah’s help. You are in my prayers. Samira.

  • God bless you you are a true warrior I will be praying for you 🙏❤️

  • يَا مَنْ اسْمُهُ دَوَاءٌ
    وَذِكْرُهُ شِفَاءٌ
    In this holy month of Ramadhan we pray for your speedy recovery.

  • You have been in our thoughts and prayers for the past year and can only wish you a speedy recovery

  • May Allah bless you with a swift recovery and every happiness in life. Inshallah we all pray for you. Ameen

  • Sister your love for the beloved is a guide for all. Thank you for sharing your experience and may Allah bring you ever closer to him. Fe Aman Allah.

  • I am reading
    this here at the time of tahajjud on the 2nd ramadaan.. All i pray is for your shifaa, Pray Allah give u strength to keep you going through your treatment. Love and lots of dua to you sister :)

  • Salam sister
    Keep going the way you are very strong girl may Allah be with you I will mention you in my prayers
    I hope your life comes back the same as before inshallah with allah permission .

  • لا يكلف الله نفساً الا وسعها
    You can surely fight it not easily yet patiently and with a heart full of faith ❤️❤️❤️

  • To clarify, i meant to say THC oil.

  • A painful read 💔
    Praying for you

  • You are so wonderfully brave ♥️

  • Hallo Salam my dear . Sorry to hear about this disease that entered through mukus inside your system. There is so many people up there offering help to get this disease out from your system however u know the best what is right and what is wrong. Feel it and become healer yourself. You have this gift , we all do, don’t be affraid .. feel him and change your concept of thinking .. imagine for instance , visualise in your head that good cells killing bad cells… every day .. see it when you close your eyes … don’t give up .. forget about doctors and all people who feel sorry for you.. it won’t help… get out of this road .. I know is hard but this is the only way… trust me …You have this within you. I have been healing people from this disease and just want to give you very simple advise how to cure it .
    Firstly chemotherapy is not going ever to help you. Is slowly destroying you and creates big amount of acid in your body causing damage of entire cells and making you weaker and weaker.
    Put this totally out of your therapy.
    Secondly stop eating food for about 21 days.. is a big challenge especially after chemiotherapy but if you have strength do it…. once you stop eating so cancer …. he needs food more than you …if is so difficult for you to do that eat only non hybrid plants and grains . Plants that have never been modified by human. Plants that come from god . Quinoa, teff , non hybrid vegetables, small amount of fruits and that is it. Water 5 litres a day .. please make sure you measure water ph … above 7 is alkaline.
    Once you clean your colon and intestinal area then u can start getting herbs to your. Look to kill the cancer .. burdock , sarsaparilla, dandelion , raw 100% organic coconut oil , hemp oil…
    check doctor sebi for details .. or contact me.. the only way to cure it is through Hippocrates theory .. there is no other way… may god protect you

  • So proud of your bravery Milad and shocked that a company like John Lewis could be so brutal and not take account of your mitigating circumstances ! Shame on them !

    Love Zooz

  • A deep, thought provoking and heart felt piece. Thank you for showing us how to be stronger and braver.

    May you find peace and have the wedding of your dreams x

  • Truly heart moving. Thank you so much for sharing such a personal account of what you are going through. It will no doubt give others in a similar situation or going through any difficulty hope.

    May Allah make your trials and tribulations easy and grant you recovery. Ameen

    “They plan, and Allah plans. Surely Allah is the best of planners”


  • ❤️

  • I read this with tears in my eyes. A very honest and brave account of what I’m sure many go through but feel apprehensive to share. Thank you for sharing. I pray Allah heals you of even an atom of illness.