What poses the biggest (external) threat to the future of the Western Muslim community?

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The Muslim Vibe would like you to participate in this month’s poll, we will use this data as well as comments to help us improve and guide the content we produce for our readers.

This month, we would like to find out from our readers what they think the biggest external threat to the future of the Muslim community living in the West is. Here is a brief explanation of the given poll options:

  • Far left liberalism – left wing political and social ideas, such as absolute freedom of speech, same-sex marriage and radical feminism etc.
  • Far right fascism – right wing political and social ideas, such as white supremacy, anti-ethnic prejudice and anti-immigrant policies etc.
  • Radical atheism – extreme anti-religion views which can extend towards insulting and ridiculing people of faith.
  • Islamophobia – anti-Muslim and anti-Islam bias within the media representation of Islam.
  • Government policies – policies which alienate the Muslim community and inflame community tensions against Muslims.
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Please comment below to share your opinion or experience on the matter, and don’t forget to share this with your friends!

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