The Muslim Vibe: One Year On

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One year ago to the day, we launched The Muslim Vibe! It’s been an incredible year and over the course of the day we’re going to be sharing some infographics with statistics from the last year!

TMV infographic-06-01We’ve had over 1 million page views on our website and now average over 2,000 hits per day!

TMV infographic-06-04
Our aim was to create and share engaging content for young Muslims in the West, and we’ve achieved that, with over 60% of our web traffic coming from the UK, USA and Canada!

TMV infographic-06-02
With The Muslim Vibe we wanted to engage young Muslims in discussions on social, political, religious and spiritual issues and almost 75% of our readers are under the age of 35.

TMV infographic-06-03
The website is the main portal for our content, but social media has been central to disseminating the great content produced by our writers.

TMV infographic-06-06
We’d like to take a moment to thank all of our content contributors – over 150 of them from all corners of the world. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to reach so many people!

TMV infographic-06-05
Transparency is fundamental to The Muslim Vibe and before launching we pledged to reinvest 50% of all the money that comes in on advertising, and we’ve done just that!

TMV infographic-06-07
Once again we’d like to thank everybody that has been a part of The Muslim Vibe in the last year and inshallah onwards and upwards in the coming months!

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