The Muslim Vibe: Top 10 articles from our first year

It’s been a year since we launched The Muslim Vibe and we’ve had some great content over the last 12 months. Here are the top ten most read articles on¬†The Muslim Vibe:

10. The Colourblind Muslim

Ibrahim Sincere provides us with his thoughts on a topic that is often brushed under the carpet in the Muslim community – racism.

9. 14 Pro Tips for Ramadan 2015

The month of Ramadan is the month of fasting, prayer and the holy Quran. These are our 14 pro tips for the holy month!

8. 5 Mistakes you might be making in your salaat

We pray to Allah five times a day, but how many of us can say our salaat is flawless? Some much needed reminders about our salaat and areas we may look to improve

7. The Biryani Tragedy: How East-African Asians messed up food from heaven 

A comical rant by¬†a Pakistani foodie, talking us through his first time at an East-African Asian (AKA Khoja) mosque having biryani…he was not impressed!

6. This is not my Islam (video)

A message to ISIS by the talented Sanasiino. A heart-felt spoken word piece in response to ISIS’s brutal murder of a Jordanian pilot burnt alive¬†earlier this year.

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5. 10 Practical Ways to make the most of Qadr

The night of Qadr is one of the, if not THE most important nights in the Muslim calendar. It’s crucial that we make the most of it. Here are some practical tips to do just that.

4. The Islamic guide to surviving exam season

Every year exam season comes around and students everywhere turn to their prayer mats to seek divine inspiration/intervention to help them through the stressful exam period. Here is our Islamic guide to help you through…

3. Rise in Homosexuality: An Islamic Perspective

Homosexuality is a topic that has dominated headlines in the year,¬†and it’s vital that we know the Islamic perspective on the issue.

2. A Response to Practicing Islam in Short Shorts

An article went viral early in 2015 called ‘Practicing Islam in Short Shorts’ and kicked up a huge debate in many circles. One of our writers decided to write a response to that piece. His response gained over 50,000 hits!

1. From Bride To Widow in 30 Days

Our most read piece on The Muslim Vibe in the year and¬†by far one of the most moving stories you’ll ever read. This piece has had over 200,000 hits and rising…

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