Why Amazon should stop selling Tommy Robinson’s new book


Why Amazon should stop selling Tommy Robinson’s new book

Why is Amazon openly hosting this ignorant hatred?


Why is Amazon openly hosting this ignorant hatred?

Far-right leader Tommy Robinson has just published a book about the Quran, called ‘Why Muslims kill for Islam’. Why is Amazon openly hosting this ignorant hatred?

I consider myself to be a loyal Amazon customer, and I was chuffed to bits when I saw their 2016 Christmas ad showing an interfaith encounter between an Imam and Vicar exchanging gifts. It was a reminder that, despite appearances, we all have so much more in common – and these are values that I live by.


So it comes as a cruel slap in the face to learn that the same company is openly promoting and selling hate material that emboldens the far-right, and gives credence to their crass Islamophobia. This material is Tommy Robinson’s latest book, which labels me, my family and millions of other peaceful ordinary Muslims as killers, liars, and rapists. It really is that simple.

Robinson (not his real name) has recently boasted that his new book is now promoted as Amazon’s number 1 best seller. As author C J Werleman put it:

“A semi-literate felon who has never studied Islam, can’t read Arabic, and never spent time in the Middle East wrote a book on ‘Islam.'”

So it is probable that Robinson had significant help from others to write this book, most likely the book’s ‘Co-author’ Peter McLoughlin who, due to his extreme far-right content, has recently been banned from twitter.

It’s no coincidence that McLoughlin isn’t a novice to Amazon, he has already been selling his controversial book ‘Easy Meat’ on there since 2016. This book argues that at the heart of one of the world’s largest religions, Islam, is a motivation to rape everyone. It argues that criminals who sexually exploited young girls in the North of England were doing so because they were motivated by ‘Islamic teachings’ (whatever that means), and not because they were criminal lowlifes bolstered by a mentality and culture of toxic masculinity. Incidentally, it’s irrelevant to McLoughlin that they weren’t even religious

Such simple answers for complex issues are a hallmark of Islamophobic and xenophobic fallacious myths. In Robinson’s new book (real name Lennon) McLoughlin argues that the Quran is ‘encrypted’ (like WhatsApp… but I guess in Arabic/modern language form?) and that only he (and Robinson) can unlock it for you or ‘decrypt it’ (with their non-existent years of Islamic scholarship I presume?).

McLoughlin also argues that Muslims employ deception in everything they do, or ‘Taqiyya’ – a misappropriated Arabic term used by far-right Islamophobes and anti-Islam experts to sound as though they have intellectual clout. The use of this word ‘Taqiyya’ has become a popular Islamophobic mind-poison, rendering every single Muslim on this planet as suspicious in their intent. Put simply, using this perspective, Muslims can never be trusted.

It’s reminiscent of the sort of anti-Semitic propaganda and fabricated libel that ordinary Jews in Europe faced for centuries. These smears purported to describe a Jewish plan for global domination, a lie that would not die until the Jewish population in Europe were decimated. Similarly, McLoughlin pushes the idea that Muslims have a global plan of domination through their religion, that they represent a fifth column who want to destroy Western civilisation from within, and that they will kill everyone for it. McLoughlin is not alone, the list of ‘authors’ selling their hateful theories on Amazon is growing. This includes Raheem Kassam’s upcoming fear mongering book ‘No Go Zones’ (endorsed by UK “politician” Nigel Farage), which claims Muslims are a growing serious cultural and political threat who want to impose ‘Sharia Law’ in Western countries. 

So why is Amazon openly hosting this content? Business conglomerates will always push for what makes them money, but at what point do principles come before profit?

What is clear is that the mainstreaming of this sort of Islamophobic hate has been insidiously gaining ground, with little resistance. October 2016 saw the relatively quiet launch of Conservative Review TV (CRTV), an online video subscription network that claims to be an alternative to the ‘mainstream media’. Users are able to tune in to their favourite Alt Right personalities and stream video content that discusses extreme anti-Muslim propaganda, such as ‘Muslim Rapefugees – coming to America?’. The channel features shows that host the opinions of well-known Islamophobes such as Brigette Gabriel, Robert Spencer (who is banned from entering the UK) and (once again) far-right leader Tommy Robinson, to name a few.

These are self-styled Islam ‘experts’ who are essentially using fear of Islam as a marketing tool to promote themselves as leaders.

Subscribers can stream this content directly onto any device, even onto their TV whilst having dinner. When Baroness Warsi said in 2011 that ‘Islamophobia had passed the dinner table test’, she probably didn’t have this development in mind, but she was spot on. It’s certainly worrying how this new channel, with content so obviously full of hate, is available from none other than AmazonfireTV, (as well as other mainstream online TV providers AppleTV and SamsungSmartTV). It’s a dark development when the mainstreaming of this blatant fear-mongering is openly hosted by household names. It begs the question: was this vile content even checked before they gave the green light for this partnership?

Recently there’s been much noise over the hosting of extremist content by social media companies, with threats of fines and sanctions, but it’s clear they are not the only channels for hate.

Company responsibility to ethically manage the content it hosts should also extend to a mainstream market place like Amazon.

Rather than condoning this content, an online tech giant such as Amazon should do the work it takes to be a responsible and morally sound company and filter their products for extremist content. They too should come under pressure from Governments and concerned citizens to either remove this content, or to simply decline hosting such material altogether. Ultimately it is the responsibility of these conglomerates to stop being a conduit for hate and to stop funding its growth. 

Because the sad truth is that for a growing number of people who are increasingly exposed to this Islamophobic and far-right content a form of deep indoctrination is taking place, which provides moral oxygen for real world violenceThese audiences are being exploited for profit, they are being pushed products that promote moral panics, which churn out financial rewards for people like Robinson – who doesn’t even use his real name, but instead a deceptive alter ego. Yet his book would brand me a liar – just for being Muslim.

Changes should be made to how easily available and normalised this content is, especially as new developments in digital access press ahead, meaning hateful theories spread widely and quickly. Ironically, McLoughlin calls Muslims liars and yet his book is peddling the biggest lie itself – that billions of Muslims across the globe are all latent killers.  Right now, Amazon and the authors of ‘Why Muslims kill’ don’t care about the effects of this anti-Muslim material on our society; clearly this is about exploiting people’s fears and anxieties for financial gain.

Amazon should particularly be held to account for sharing in the profits of a book that clearly comes from a position of animosity towards Muslims – and also validating its ‘number 1 bestseller’ status, which gives it an air of credibility. Let’s not allow companies to continue supporting the livelihoods of career Islamophobes, who depend on dehumanising, xenophobic narratives about all Muslims as liars and secret jihadist extremists.

In the past Amazon faced mounting criticism for selling Holocaust denial books, which Jewish groups argued were giving a platform to anti-Semites and were facilitating the spread of hate speech. This, in turn, would indisputably nurture prejudice and hate crimes towards Jews. Finally, in March 2017, Amazon stopped selling the books. This was long overdue and Amazon should now show consistency with removing other extremist content.

Let’s stand up to extremism and hatred in all its forms.

We can challenge it, or flag it online rather than passively watch as it spreads its poison. Otherwise, the very basis of our democracy and fundamental ‘British Values’, which our society is built on, is at stake.

By Mariam Hakim – follow her on Twitter

Note: This article has been edited on 03/08/17 at 10am EDT, adding sentences to further elaborate points.
Article edited on 03/08/17 at 11:40am EDT, to amend for better spacing. 

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  • Only islamists and retarded, gullible lefties have a problem with Tommy. The peaceful ‘minority’ of actual muslims agree with him 100%. As they know exactly who’s responsible for making a mockery of their religion, and don’t blame anyone and everyone else.

  • All you’re doing here is trying to censor an opinion which you disagree with. Tommy is well within his right to hold a view on Islam which is negative. Countless opinion polls show how the followers of Islam tend towards violence, this is compounded by the Qurans teachings which echo this behaviour. It’s obvious to me and many other westerners that Islam’s fanatical devotion to its cause, as well as xenophobic and problematic teachings cause hatred amongst its followers to even the simplest of western liberal ideals.

    The terrorist problem across the globe, being almost unique to Islam and muslims should act as evidence enough. The inbreeding amongst pakistanis in the UK (50% marry their first cousins) and in some areas that rises to 75%. The rape of white girls across europe. The followers of your “oh so holy religion” don’t act in a holy way at all, more like barabarians.

    I tell you Muslims, we’re wise to your religions bullshit now. Slowly but surely we’re forming the same opinion and soon if you don’t leave us be, the entire west will be against you all. Entire civilisations disappear when the west decides it hates something. I suggest Muslims the world over put their heads down and live their lives without fucking with us, because we will snap… And it wont be pretty when 70% of the world military spending lands on you.

  • Wow, what a surprise, a Muslim against a book that explains how Islam is wrong. Nobody saw that coming, did they?

  • Muslims are metely inbred niggers.

  • Revert huh! You are a renegade, and we have’nt lost. More and people are beginning to catch on to what an intolerant cult-like totalitarian faith Islam is that moreover has no place in any civilized country.

  • Rather than demanding that Amazon does not sell this book anymore, why do you not write a book to show in what sense Tommy Robinson’s book is wrong ?
    Because you appear more like trying to silent him about something inconvenient for you, than trying to tackle what he actually says in his very interesting, informative and decent book.

  • Mohammed is a peadophile
    October 24, 2017 1:25 pm

    Fuck off islam it’s the work of the devil raping kids killing woman terrorising innocent people we should blow all mosques up and send Islam back to hell where it came from.

  • I demand that you stop making demands in order to try to control people. I demand that if you dont want to read the book then dont.
    I demand that you be forced to read Christopher Hitchens Why God is not Great.
    Oh i also demand that you dry your bloody eyes and stock spitting the dummy out of the pram when someone says anything about your belief. I demand that you grow up and behave like the rest of us have to.
    I demand that you honour and emulate your prophet by stopping making so many dam demands!

    • Most Muslims are peaceful – yes. Most just want to be left alone and get on with their lives – yes. However, Pew research, along with others, have found worrying trends in the Islamic belief system. Support for Sharia’a, wives obeying husbands, domestic violence, gay hatred, Jew hatred, etc. This cannot be denied so please don’t try. None of this should have a home in the West. Furthermore, this stuff is embedded within the faith and taught from a young age. You know this. The more devout, the more blinkered, the more ‘extreme’. It’s an inevitable result. Recognise your faith has a problem. Stop whitewashing and blaming others. Stop trying to silence others. If you don’t like the book, even though you haven’t read it, don’t buy it. At the moment I’m sorry to say you are part of the problem.

  • If you dislike his book then you need not buy or read it but surely people have the right to make up their own minds if they so wish!
    If you disagree with what the book says then why not educate people on what is so wrong in its teachings just as Tommy Robinson has tried to do with your holy book, shouldn’t be too difficult if what he says is so wrong!

  • So here we are, another week on, and more lives lost due to islam.

    The sooner this death cult is eradicated from our shores the better.

    • Well said Tommy.
      The sooner our people wake the better.
      No wonder they do not want this book available to people.
      Its an education

      • about 25% of the people of earth are now Muslim…. give us another 30, 50, 100 years and the world will be a better place :) with a high populations of Muslims all around and a bigger influence our faith will prevail your ignorance. Sorry but its a numbers game and you kind of lost…Just a matter of time now.

  • Not a lot new in this book. The peculiarities and contradictions of the Islamic religions are well known–the undermining of our civilisation is exaggerated, only gullible fools, are taken in by all the pretence and dissembling.

    • Facts are Facts.
      Vitrtually EVERY muslim fiefdom is an unliveable dysfunctional intolerant oppressive land of human rights abuse & misery.
      People do not “refugee escape exodus” from Europe or America or Australia to find a better life in libya, syria, pakistan, iran, saudiBarbaria, or any other isLIEmic fiefdom.
      But muslims sure do want to flee en masse from their own “cult-ure” to enjoy the decency, prosperity, freedom (and freedom of speech!!), human rights, charity, tolerance and acceptance of Judaeo/Christian civilized decent nations!!!
      So why then do they seek to bring the root cause of the misery they left behind (isLIEam) with them and re-establish it here?
      You show me a “peaceful muslim” (thank God the overwhelming majority that are here now in our democracies are peaceful) and I’ll show you a “closeted Christian”.
      Jesus was Peaceful, as are True Christians.
      moohuMAD was NOT peaceful,
      A “peaceful muslim” is NOT following moohuMAD’s life example or his clear abrogations in the hadith & koran.
      I welcome anyone of any race, from any county, and in any number, to come and live here if they respect our society and live by our laws.
      If however, they wish to promote & establish a sewer of shariaDiahrea human rights abuse, misogyny, intolerance & supremacy, then they should stay where they are, or if they’ve already infested our free lands, then they should be executed as traitor enemy combatants, and in some cases of leniency (minors that were brainwashed by elder zealots) avoid Capitol Punishment by being deported back to the land of their hate ideology.
      No one can deny the FACTS as stated above.
      The TRUTH speaks for itself.
      TRUTHOPHOBIA is the real problem.
      btw, in my country, of the many hundreds of “peaceful” muslims I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know, not a single one has ever experienced anything but kindness, acceptance & charity, so “isLIEamphobia” is a crock of bullshit!
      Maybe the odd drunken soccer hooligan in the U.K. mistakes a Sikh for a muslim child rapist and calls him/her a bad name, omg (I got called names in the schoolyard -call the cops! FrecklePhobia!!!) but there is virtually none of that in the USA.
      Obama (an ardent pro isLIEmist) left a fiberal legacy of crime & degradation in his native Chicago.
      PRESIDENT Trump’s legacy in NYC was to clean it up from a massive rotten ghetto and create a safe, prosperous, thriving, multicultural, cosmopolitan & tolerant (bigot assholes like cair & linda arsewhore notwithstanding!) jewel of a megapolis!
      Hardly a racist! (obama was the real bigot).

  • Instead of shouting for the book to be banned why not deconstruct and refute his argument? All this
    character assassination stuff just looks like deflection tactics and strengthens his message.

  • You can stop pretending now
    August 7, 2017 9:34 am

    – The Qu’ran impels the believers to kill or subjugate the non believers (roughly 60% of the content of the Qu’ran is devoted to this topic)
    – Multiple millions of people believe the book is the absolute word of god (as proven by world wide Pew polls and other non partisan organisations), and they are therefore obligated to follow its instruction
    – Every day there are an average of 5 terrorist attacks directly attributable to islam (over 95% of which are perpetrated against other muslims).
    It is becoming more and more obvious every day that islam is a MASSIVE problem to the continued survival of humanity.
    You can stop pretending now, we know what your ideology wants you to do. Stop playing you are the victims

    • your a moron. You know nothing about Islam outside of right wing blogs, pic memes and far right news reports. Here is an idea how about cracking a actual history book and reading about Islam. But that would be to much trouble for Islamophobes to do wouldn’t it

      • apostasy should be encouraged from the backward cult of islam. muhammed was a pedo, and 5 times a day doing anything will brainwash you. especially if you do it with religious fervour while trying to ignore the view and smell of another mans arse in front of your nose while you do it

      • Lee David O'Dea
        January 6, 2018 10:13 am

        I know that when you become the majority, you will take over, reveal your true colours, and the host country will turn to shit. Anti-freedom, anti-science, anti-sex equality, anti-gay etc. F*ck you.

    • A truly evil cult and the public needs to be aware exactly what’s going on – this book does that beautifully. Anything calling itself a religion whose followers wish to kill other humans is no religion, but a criminally based gang. Fact.

  • Lets stop this together !

  • Moderate or radical, anyone who believes that their religion (or culture) takes precedence over their civic responsibilities (particularly when that culture is primitive, barbaric and promotes practices which are repugnant to Western mores) has no place in civilized society – and when they start attempting to impose their alien standards on non-believers or infidels, a backlash is inevitable.

    • I wouldn’t mind if their religion was worth following.

      Their mindset is still in the seventh century.

      • Tommy’s Army, I am not Muslim. I teach in Secondary school and spent 3 days recently among 38000 Muslims gathered in Hampshire at an event @JalsaUK promoting “Love for all, hatred for none”. I had some of the most intelligent conversations possible. I saw practical projects such as HumanityFirst.org which help people in dire situations. Nobody tried to convert me. Nobody treated me with contempt because I am not Muslim.. and ‘worse still’ I am a Jew!

        Listen to some real modern Muslims talking about modern topics on @VoiceofIslam especially their Drive Time programme. Invest time in getting to know the real face of Islam, not what some parts of the media mis-tell you.

        I don’t agree with all of their religious teachings but I do agree with their practical and philosophical attitude towards some of the suffering in this world.

      • While Western Europe was living in the dark ages after the 6th century the Muslim Empire was teh most advanced civilization in the world. Also try reading about Western Colonialism and enslavement of non-Western populations. Now there are two topics that you can read about. If there is one thing Islamophobes hate to do and that is read books

        • @Louis Shann,
          The reason for the advancement of the Islamic civilization was access to translations of Greek learning that Europe didn’t have at that point. Once it did, Europe shot ahead of the Islamic world which never progressed much further. As for enslavement, read about the Arab slave trade and the Barbary Slave trade, then we’ll talk.

        • Yes, I’ve read quite a lot on the topic of the Ottoman Empire that at one time was a threat to the West until the Muslims were defeated at the battle of Lepanto, and later lead by Jan Sobieski, at the Gates of Vienna, then there’s the Barbary Wars caused by Muslim piracy and slavery. This didn’t end until the French invaded Algeria. Oh and let’s also not forget the East African / Arabic slave trade that over the hundreds of years it was in operation, resulted in more slaves taken than the Atlantic slave trade Who the hell do you think you are trying to claim the moral high ground?

  • So…you’re appealing to “fundamental British values” and “our society” to ask *international* governments to pressure Amazon (an international company) to ban the book?

  • I have just finished reading this book that you want to ban. It is depressing reading but it’s a book that had to be read. Basically, Muslims regard us non-Muslims as no better than dogs. After that it gets worst. (Why do you think THEY can so blithely kill our children. The man who did that was NOT mad.) To simply dismiss Tommy Robinson as a right wing Nazi thug and leave it at that the cowards way out. It is easier to do that than to to face up to the truth and the terrific danger we are all in. (And have been in for 1,400 years.) Islam is up there (or down there if you like) with full nuclear exchange and global warming.

  • You don’t like the book then don’t read it. Plain and simple. I don’t like the fact that Amazon allows people to order the koran either, but I”m not out petitioning them to remove it. What about the The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins? Why aren’t you protesting against that book? Or any of a thousand other books that denigrate islam or other religions in general? I did a general search on Amazon for “leaving islam” and there are 24 immediate results. Why are you not petitioning to have those removed? I’ll tell you why, because Robinson scares you. He’s lived through the muslim terror and lies. When a majority of the terror in this world is committed by people claiming to be muslims you have to expect people to distrust islam. Plain and simple. But trying to censor the rights of others because YOU don’t agree with them is only going to make people hate you even more. Keep this up and you’re only going to make even more enemies.

  • Yet another retarded article on this retarded site, Tommy Robinson is a gift to this planet. Long live the right.

  • Muslims hate hearing the truth about Islam. I have read the evil Koran, and the more people learn about Islams unholy book the better.

    • You liar, you could not have not read Koran you would have read some twisted interpretation all Abrahamic books teach the same good things its the evil personalities and bad genetics which chose the bad bits and love to follow that. I have lived with muslim neighbours and have known many others peaceful brilliant muslim people and in our phrase referred to them “good Christians” meaning good human being. TR wants cheap publicity and wants to make quick money. you can make all the money you want but when the time comes you can not take it with you. You all go either 6 feet under or get cremated.. or as the people of faith say, heaven or hell. no one has seen either because they do not tweet from the other side. So live and let live do not make other’s life hell while living and that goes for all. The author has written in an honest, civilised manner and is trying to stop the spread of hate in a free society. She is entitled to free speech and challenge wrong assumptions. This is courage not TR he is just riding the tide of current Islamophobia.

      • David Jones.
        Why are not asking to ban these twisted interpretation books to be banned.

      • practise taqiyya much? how many religious bombings from islam were there in 2017 during ramadan worldwide? how many from other religions. Ramadan bombathon league tables are are available. islam is not a religion of peace. facts speak for themselves. and cant be racist to islam. and muhammed was a pedo, and a murderer and you all follow him?

      • You don’t know what you’re talking about. The Quran preaches violent hatred on top of the initial love bollocks. I’ve got a copy of it.

  • Tommy Robinson A Man of Courage

    I have just finished reading Tommy Robinson’s book called Enemy of the State. I would thoroughly recommend it. What I have learned from it, amongst other things, is how truly unintelligent the left, the mainstream media and politicians really are. (One proof of this assertion is how Teresa May was able to blow a twenty-point plus lead in the opinion polls. She might as well have just gone and said out loud: ”I want you all to vote for that little berk Jeremy Corbyn!”) One gem in Tommy Robinson’s book, which tickled me pink, was, when asked by a very famous and a very PC journalist: “What his real name was?” He replied: “Wayne King.” They never twigged. On a more serious note he revealed how when HM asked: “How long has my country got (meaning before Islam finally takes over)?” The answer given was: “About 60 years Ma’am…”

    I‘ve also watched his video The British Police State. The message is an appalling story of police corruption, cowardness and of one terrible bullying miscarriage of justice after another. I wish that I had one-tenth the courage that he has. If he were a solder in the field of combat, for what he’s done, he would have been awarded the VC. In an ideal world he would have been knighted. If he’s successful then one day he might very well be. If he’s not, then all what I am saying is academic. Anyway (hopefully), I’ll be dead when the Mullahs take over. But all I know is that when history has forgotten all about the likes of Teresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, Robinson will be remembered. All I can do is to use my meagre writing skills to get the massage out there into the either to those who have ears to listen…

  • Tommy Robinson Man of Courage

    I have just finished reading Tommy Robinson’s book called Enemy of the State. I would thoroughly recommend it. What I have learned from it, amongst other things, is how truly unintelligent the left, the mainstream media and politicians really are. (One proof of this assertion is how Teresa May was able to blow a twenty-point plus lead in the opinion polls. She might as well have just gone and said out loud: ”I want you all to vote for that little berk Jeremy Corbyn!”) One gem in Tommy Robinson’s book, which tickled me pink, was, when asked by a very famous and a very PC journalist: “What his real name was?” He replied: “Wayne King.” They never twigged. On a more serious note he revealed how when HM asked: “How long has my country got (meaning before Islam finally takes over)?” The answer given was: “About 60 years Ma’am…”

    I‘ve also watched his video The British Police State. The message is an appalling story of police corruption, cowardness and of one terrible bullying miscarriage of justice after another. I wish that I had one-tenth the courage that he has. If he were a solder in the field of combat, for what he’s done, he would have been awarded the VC. In an ideal world he would have been knighted. If he’s successful then one day he might very well be. If he’s not, then all what I am saying is academic. Anyway (hopefully), I’ll be dead when the Mullahs take over. But all I know is that when history has forgotten all about the likes of Teresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, Robinson will be remembered. All I can do is to use my meagre writing skills to get the massage out there into the either to those who have ears to listen…

  • thank you for bringing this book to my attention, I will make sure to buy it, read and enjoy it!

  • No I dont support you, and I am laughing at your “fighting back”… yours are the cause of islamophobia. Islamphobia did not materialise without reason. Moslems are badly behaved in every country and that is down to your religion and what it teaches. Until your people/paedo gangs stop raping children, stop killing, raping/attacking everyone else and spewing pure hate, including your own women, yours will always be known as dirty arabs and will never be wanted or trusted. The koran teaches this, it teaches racism, sexism, gay hatred, to kill, rape, maim, tax based on religion, wife beating, slavery, raping slaves and to lie and cheat to all non moslems and to all women including moslem ones. And you want tommys book banned? How about we ban the Koran for the evil it spreads and correct islam and then ban tommys book. Until moslems learn to take criticism and act accordingly, then islam will never progress but its much easier to get offended and to cry islamophobia than it is to disgrace your paedophiles, rapists and sexual deviants that are the cause of islamophobia or to correct the problems offending everyone else. We are also sick of this islamic supremacism everyone else is suffering.. and you wonder why people hate moslems. Look to yourselves for the answer. I was made this way by moslems.. no one else, not tommy, not Britain first or anyone. It was moslems behaviour.

  • You have the right to be offended.

  • Cool looking book.

  • Im sorry, but can you explain why EVERY country in Europe that has allowed Muslims to immigrate there has gone to the toilet? Germany is a mess, rapes are like the norm, children and RAPED and they are excused because “its their culture and they don’t know any better” WTF?? Sorry I served in Iraq and Afghanistan and think we should have nuked the Middle East and their Muslim Sharia BS. Are they all bad? No- but you don’t let the good roaches in your home and then cry when its infested.

    • Winston Churchill
      August 3, 2017 3:38 pm

      Rapes are not the norm. Stop chatting BS. You should have died in Iraq. You piece of shit. Hope you never recover from your war nightmares, and stay mentally fucked up forever. Dirty motherfucking war criminal.

      • Same to you too.. you keep supporting the paedos here raping children and see it as acceptable because mmullahammed ok’d paedophilia and had sex with children. you vile twisted POS.. and yes.. you should have died in iraq.. Moslems made their own mess and I am no longer sympathetic to their cause. If they want islaophobia to stop they need to start behaving like human beings, not baboons

      • over 100k english women groomed by mulsim pedo gangs………

      • By all means have your opinion, but have the courage to use your own name and not that of a man who millions of us hold dear. That way you may have relevance.

    • What a disgusting comment to read from a military person in particular. This kind of language and mentality is the seed of what allowed ordinary men and women of history to perpetrate the most heinous of crimes against their fellow humans.

  • People can buy and read the book and decide for themselves. In America its called free speech. Demanding a publisher not produce the book is censorship. If it is a book based on falsehood you should be grateful it is out and has giving you an opportunity to set the record straight.

    • Murica – The land of the free! pahahaha

      We are also free to write our opinions. This is also free speech no? Or what in some cases you can and in others you cannot? Make your mind up!

      • Well I am sure there is much less free speech where you are from or originating from and you lot still are trying to stop free speech.. I see it is one free one way with moslems.. only in their favour. They think they can abuse anyone but almost go mental if anyone says anything out of place back… We’re sick of it.. dont even bother talking about free speech

  • Michelle Fournier
    August 3, 2017 2:14 pm

    GUYS!! I was brought here by Tommy’s tweet.

    I was shocked by the vile comments left by ‘my’ people. It made me want to read the koran for myself. I have had a copy for a while, and have finally started reading it. All I can say that, it is amazing. It is soothing me, healing me, really helping me understand who I am… I don’t know if I will go the full hog and become Muslim, but wow, it has shocked me how beautiful it is… EEEEK! I DID NOT EXPECT THIS TO HAPPEN!!!


    • Good for you, now got get you a nice Muslim man who will beat you and rape your children.

      • You really think most or even a notable minority of Muslim men do such actions?

        An open-mind would surely be curious as to what this person discovered that intrigued them so much…

        And I think we can all agree that more open-mindedness is to our mutual benefit, whatever our pre-conditioned beliefs or fears.

        • they know that jihad furthers their religion tho. we can condemn the british army, but we support it, thats how most muslim men see those who practise jihad. taqiyya.. good word to know.

        • Its not a question of would they do it, its more of a question as to why they are allowed to do it. Allowing a man of 54 years to marry a six year old, come on…

    • This is beautiful! Congrats!

    • Did you buy your blinkers on amazon.
      What part of the bloodthirsty book is healing and soothing you.
      I suspect you already follow Islam as a man.
      No reasonable woman falls for Islam.

      • Mojo I use to be the biggest Islamophobe and I believed about Islam just like you did. Then I read the Quran, actual history of Islam from academic sources, and changed my life forever and now I am a Muslim. I want to thank Islamophobes for showing me the lies for once I actually looked into Islam and read the Quran and the early Muslim history it changed my life forever. I suggest you actually read about Islam from an encyclopedia or academic source and read the Quran from cover to cover with a proper English Translation. I recommend Yusuf Ali’s translation. I understand though if you are to afraid too. It is scary for some people to learn something

        • Oh louis.
          I do not believe you have read the Koran in any way or form.
          Read the Hadith of Sahi al Bukari or Sahi al Muslim. Pillage, Rape, Murder and Paedophillia.
          I reckon your best read is probably Enid Blyton or Harry Potter.
          Hook, Line and Sinker springs to mind.

        • taqiyya. you lie.

  • Said the sheep to slaughter.

  • “Three would-be jihadists who dubbed themselves the Three Musketeers have been jailed for life for plotting an attack on a police or military target.
    Naweed Ali, 29, Khobaib Hussain, 25, both of Sparkhill, Birmingham, and Mohibur Rahman, 33, of Stoke-on-Trent, had planned a “mass casualty attack”.
    A fourth man, Tahir Aziz, 38, of Stoke, was also given a life term.
    Old Bailey judge Mr Justice Globe said the men had been gripped by a “long-standing, radical, violent ideology””

    Four scumbags off our streets…

  • The only people who call for books to be banned or destroyed are authoritarians, just like the Nazis and their book-burning. Muslims, is your religion so weak and pathetic that you can’t counter Tommy through rational discussion? Or do you have to censor someone else’s opinion? If Muslims want to live in Western liberal democracies then you need to learn that you cannot ban everything you don’t like. If you want that kind of Islamic authoritarianism then you are free to go and live in the Middle East. Islam is open to criticism in exactly the same way as Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism is. Islam is not some special case that must be protected for fear of offending Muslims. If you want to counter criticism from people like Tommy then use words and rational discussion, and stop looking for special treatment.

    • Listen ‘Suchan’ – We dont need your likes speaking for us white people. You can fuck off back to your country too! I dont care if your a muzzy, hindu, or alien. Make Britain WHITE again!

      • plenty of white paint in B&Q you racist Mr. Cock go on paint Britain white .. why are you Brexitting, call in more white Europeans to make your country white

    • With respect, this shows a profound misunderstanding of the purpose of this article and the Muslim objections to the book.

      It has nothing to do with challenges to Islam or Islamic theology. That’s been going on for centuries in many forms and formats. Ironically, often within more historical Muslim societies, buts that’s a different subject.

      The basis of objection here is that, it is well known (or shall we say, confidently believed by a great many Muslims and Non-Muslims) that TR has zero credibility, is deliberately antagonist and really has no credentials whatsoever to write such a piece.

      Going further, whether you chose to accept it or not, Muslim communities within the UK/West feel very persecuted. Perhaps you’re ok with that.

      The point being, vitriolic, unacademic and deliberately inflammatory material, written by well-known antagonists who have shown ZERO sincerity to really engage with Muslims and tackle the problems they identify, etc can create great harm and hardship for a great many totally innocent Muslim citizens.

      THATS why books like this from people like TR as so fervently objected to.

      Nothing to do with “free speech”.

      Nothing to do with “Muslims wanting authoritarianism”.

      It’s very simple and I believe if we engage a little empathy with more (accurate) knowledge, this becomes patently obvious.

      No offence intended to you if I have caused any by my response.

      • JJ – Thanks for your reply. Respectfully I disagree. Saying that his book should be banned because “he has no credibility” absolutely IS a free speech issue and those wanting to ban his book ARE being authoritarian. If Tommy Robinson and the arguments he puts forward have “no credibility” then they will be easily countered.

  • Great article. Muslims need to stand up and highlight extremist content to counter Islamaphobia. We need more Muslim writers like Mariam. Well done!

    • Well, how about addressing extremism inside the mosques in Britain?

      • @Suvrath- This is actually being done – The authorities need to start listening, when they are called upon…

        Why don’t you start addressing Hindu nationalism and the innocent victims here in England and in India?

    • Will you stop the murdering of innocent people in Saudi Arabia by court-sanctioned sentences of gay people?

      • @destardi – How do you propose I stop this? Why don’t we set up a petition?

  • A former bigot and EDL member
    August 3, 2017 10:26 am

    I used to love Tommy, then I strated to read some of his books. His book, especially the latest one, made me want to read the Koran. So I did…

    And you know what. I actually liked the Koran. It connected with me on many levels. I am now considering becoming Muslim. So thank you Tommy Robinson, because you put me on this path to enlightenment!

    Peace and blessings

    • wow I actually had the same journey. But I was to scared to tell anybody, because most of my friends would never understand. I am still scared to speak about my transition… My best friend kind of knows and has started calling me a ‘peado’ and stuff. I wish most of my freinds would just be cool… But anyway. thanks Tommy, if it was not for you I would have never read the Koran… the more people like Tommy say horrible things about Muslims, makes me want to convert even more…

    • Idiot.

      • This is exactly what I am talking about. Great response Henry. You are the reason I fear living freely in my own city. That one slur, really depresses me. Stop your bullying. I have had enough.

      • Such a shame that you and so many others claim freedom of speech, democracy and freedom to live how you please, whilst not harming others. Yet you ridicule when one tries to do this. Bully.

  • We are worried about Islam, it can be used as a prescription for wars and murder and is used for that. Most of us dont hate Muslims we are worried where its leading too, these rape gangs, terrorists, hate preachers, no go zones where police are chased out. Theres the history of wars and genocides. People need to talk about it and sort these problems, there is so much hate now coming from everywhere its going to end in a disaster if we dont fix these problems.

    • What are you on about? Rape gangs, no go zones where police are chased out? hahah show one place where police are chased out… Please stop writing rubbish, it makes you look like a mug.

      And then you talk about ‘history of wars and genocides’ – Do you know about OUR history, the number of people we have killed in the past, raped during wars ( I am assuming you are British?) Even now in the name of ‘democracy’, how many countries we have ruined…

      Next time, take a breath, a moment, and think before you post shite.

      • John all I said was worried didnt stay any bigoted views like there is down there, there are rape gangs read the J report, there are no go zones all across Europe, theres even a app for it :D Theres videos on youtube of the police being chased out. Yes Im fully aware of our history, only a fool doesn’t learn from history, the islamic invasion of India killed over 400 million Hindus more than all our wars combined, thats one of many. We should charge all the people responsible for the Iraq war, those bastards want wars so they can make millions. I said we need to talk about this and fix these problems what is that rubbish?

      • And these idiots saying kill all Muslims worry me just as much, we need to challenge both these groups as both sides are growing. I have Muslims friends any many agree we need to sort these problems. I wont be buying this book by the way I have a Koran :)

        • Mike – Its just that alot what you are saying is hype that promotes an agenda and negative sentiment. Yes there are some idiot Muslims, but there are more good ones.

          History is always written by the winners, I would not believe everything you read about Muslims killing Hindus. India is a messed up place. We could get into the Hindus massacre of Sikhs and more recently Amritsar. We could talk about the ongoing persecution of Muslims in Kashmir. We have not even touched upon Hindu rape gangs, raping their own, certain Hindu sects that divulge in cannibalism, etc… Again there are good Muslims and a minority that are bad…

          But I do agree, we do all need to talk more. I talk regularly with my Muslim friends, we also have Hindu and Sikh mates, I think that is the advantage of living in London. I think the main thing we need to weed out is ‘fake news’… We have a lot more in common than differences, and ultimately we are all part of the human race.


          • I know most people just want to live in peace its these radicals on all sides causing havoc, I dont know why they cant leave each other alone. Stick them all on a Island leave the rest of use in peace :D

      • Have u saw how many Muslim rape gangs there have been u fucking prick. Muslims need to start telling the police about these people when they know they are turning extremist but a lot of them don’t. If they did then people will change the way they feel

        • Wayne – Lovely use of the English language. You make us all proud. Question: Do you know how many White Brits raped girls last year? How many gangs were White British? go on google it… Please.

          I should report a lot of people from this comment section for extremist views. Your attitude and tone is not helping.

      • We? What’s this we shit?

        I personally did not commit any atrocities against anyone on this planet. So don’t you ever think that I owe anyone an apology.

        With that said, as an atheist….I sit back and watch how religion brings out the worst in most civilizations. At this present time, christianity, judeaism and islam are all a bunch of school bullys fighting for control of Temple Mount. Islam is waging hijra, christians are in cuck mode and the jews seem to be pulling the strings.

      • Arabs sided with The Axis in WWII.

  • So I am an angry, racist, sexist, xenophobe… Let me spout a couple of words, to seem intelligent and like I know Islam, because I have read Tommy’s tweets…


    There you have it. My argument has been made. I am so intelligent. Muslims know nothing. I am the best. Don’t question me about the above words, because I will curse your mother and tell you to go back to your country. I am a genius and better than everyone.

    I am a dick. A very small one. A Micro penis.


  • Celtic warrior
    August 3, 2017 9:33 am

    “Tommy” or whatever he chooses to call himself is a fraud. The author has done a great job here. It is high time that ‘Tommy’ stopped getting promotion from sites like Amazon. He can’t read, let alone write… We all know he never wrote this ‘book’ let alone read the Koran.

  • Way to go on proving how tolerant Muslims are by demanding Amazon ban books that criticise your shit religion. You beautifully justify why people actually should go and buy & read Tommy’s book.

    And taqiyya is absolutely legitimate; lying to disbelievers is an integral part of Sunni Islam, however much you deny it:


  • British bulldog
    August 3, 2017 9:28 am

    Tommy Robinson is a vile, ignorant, football thug. He does not represent me or the majority voice in the UK. I am sorry on behalf of all white Brits


    • Wow. Don’t speak for me or other ‘white brits’ you dick. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I don’t agree with all of it or most of it. Neither do I agree with all the opening posts point of view. However that is my option
      So save your rhetoric and lameness and keep your views to yourself. Dick.

      • Indeed everyone is entitled to an opinion, as is the British Bulldog, so why shut him down? And why call him names? Are you an 8 year old?

      • British bulldog
        August 3, 2017 10:15 am

        @Martin Keown – ooooh a ‘Dick’ hey? Well done.

  • why do Muslims it seem want to censor everything some of you guys kicked of over a cartoon people died over it despite what else now this we all know your more conservative past even without this book its all there to find the problem is they treat us if we are really thick and that gets peoples backs up even more

  • The entire Koran is contained within this book. Are you wanting to Ban the Koran or not? Its that simple. Allow the Koran or Ban the Koran, which is it?


      • Derek Ashurst's mother
        August 3, 2017 9:52 am

        Derek! get off the computer, brush your teeth, put on some clothes, and get to school. You have key stage 3 exams to prepare for! You have 2 minutes, or I will tell everyone about how you like ‘playing’ with the old man next door!

    • Ban your mum from having children. That would have saved us from your stupidness. Twat.

  • Tommy’s first book opened my eyes to the rape jihad in the UK. I mean I knew it was there but those stories made it real. Islam needs to be exposed so people will either get out or try and fix it like Imam Tawhidi. Funny thing is the author of the column probably knows how violently insane the Muslim holy books are and is calling Tommy’s book exposing the hate… well hatefull. Ironic.

    • Well Mike Hunt, if you know anything the Bible is more violent than the quaran, the far right extremists have caused far more death than any Islamic jihadist, no other religion has killed more people than Christianity. So????

      • Proud Infidel
        August 3, 2017 7:10 am

        False leftist trope, cindi323i.

        The violence in the Old Testament is descriptive or “historic”, as far as anything in that text can be considered historical, and the New Testament has comparatively very little violence. But the Koran, with all of its violence is prescriptive and open ended for all time.


      • Islamic invasion of India alone killed 100 million Hindus.far r ight and Christians responsible for more deaths? Seriously you need a history lesson. Communism or the left responsible. For well over 100 million deaths in Russia and China. I would suggest before critiquing this book try reading it. You lot will be burning any book you disagree with. I read the Quran and Hadith’s while living in Turkey. I have also read the Bitwhich is also full of violence in the Torah but Jesus told his disciples to love god and love their neighbours.

        • Manpreet Singh
          August 3, 2017 10:23 am

          Erm.. As a Sikh Indian. Please do not speak about things you clearly do not understand. Sikh have been massacred by Hindus, Hindus have killed and still Muslims in massive numbers… Also Just because you lived in Turkey and read a couple of things, makes you no expert. Just stop.

      • Could you provide realistic actual numbers to back that up?

        And please don’t tell me to “google it”. That’s a cop out. How about a reference to an actual study that compares those numbers.

        Just so you know, I am not biased as i am atheist.

      • Lee David O'Dea
        August 10, 2017 7:20 pm

        Christianity does not preach hate. Islam does.

  • Ban Tommy’s book thenf ban the Koran as there the same thing except Tommy’s is nice Muhammed nice Muhammed pedo raping murdering war mongering Mohammed and yours is bad Mohammed good Mohammed rapey Mohamed then good Mohammed then killey deathey Muhammed then nice Muhammed

    • Daniel Smith, poor thing the school system really let you down maybe you should concentrate on suing the education department and leave Islam to the Islamic scholars.

      • Cindy, we have left Islam to the Islamic scholars for 1400 years, look were it got us.
        The scholars are never been out to debate or talk of Islam to the educated non believers.
        The challenges are numerous.
        Never seen them in a proper debate on tv.
        They speak to the converted only.
        Let them come out and convince us ? they are scared.

  • Allah doesn’t exist, and Tommy Robinson is his Prophet

  • Islamophobia=beheadophobia=femalegenitalmutilationophobia=submerseinacidophobia=massdrowningophobia=babyrapeophobia=throwoffbldgophobia

    We all look forward to the day you inbred, diseased, barbaric subhumans are bombed back straight to hell where you belong. We’re onto you degenerate filth.

  • Unfortunatey for Islam the Quran is the licences to kill, torture, humiliate, lie and domanate any women, non Muslims and muslim dropouts. The only answer I see is to outlaw this group in any wesren culture. I have asked many times from muslims on line how they can get to the afterlife if they don’t abide by the teachings in the Quran and not one responded. I beleive if a Muslim did respond they would be hunted down and murdered by either a lone wife Muslim or under the secret orders of the Muslim Brotherhood and and or C.A.I.R.

  • James Snedeker
    August 2, 2017 10:20 pm

    Look at these zealots complaining instead of debating. Why don’t you write an article on how genital mutilation is bad rather than complain about a book you haven’t read and have more opinions on than any one person on earth.

  • I love how the writer of this article only attacked the writers personally and not once did he quote what Tommy’s book says and why it’s wrong…Interesting.

    • p.English a man
      August 2, 2017 10:11 pm

      whats the matter ?. DOES THE TRUTH HURT pathetic lieing satanic inbred devil worshippers you and your satanic verses will all burn in hell beside allah and his peado mohammed if you don’t like the truth take your cult your lies and leave YOUR NOT WELCOME .

  • Perhaps you should organize a big book burning event like your friends did 70 years ago.

  • “Three men who dubbed themselves the Three Musketeers have been found guilty of plotting a terror attack on police and military targets in the UK.

    Naweed Ali and Khobaib Hussain, both of Sparkhill, in Birmingham, and Mohibur Rahman, from Stoke-on-Trent, were convicted at the Old Bailey.

    They were arrested in August last year. The jury is still deliberating in the case of a fourth man, Tahir Aziz, from Stoke-on-Trent.

    He denies preparing terrorist acts.

    The court heard MI5 bugged the car of Ali and uncovered a pipe bomb and meat cleaver hidden in a shopping bag.”

  • “A doctor from east London has been charged with 118 sexual offences, the Met Police has said.

    Manish Shah, of Brunel Close, Romford, is accused of 65 counts of assault by penetration and 52 counts of sexual assault.

    The 47-year-old has also been charged with sexual assault on a child aged under 13 years.

    He is due to appear before magistrates in Barkingside on Thursday.”

  • HOw does MORE Islam benefit us non-muslims? It doesn’t. It turns us into your slaves and dhimmis; i.e. unequal, lowerclass citizens. no thanks. Take your Islam back to pakistan. you pakistanis are among the worst and most zealous muslims in existence. Revert from your arab cult and become free.

  • Vlad the Impaler
    August 2, 2017 7:35 pm

    Cannot believe that these mohammedans & their twisted, sick western enablers have the gall to call anyone opposing this dangerous & insidious alien cult ‘far right’! Nothing on God’s Earth is further to the right than mohammedism!! They can take their squeals of ‘racism’ & calls for book banning & shove them right up their hand wiped jacksies.

  • Ka'b ibn al-Ashraf
    August 2, 2017 7:13 pm

    A book that exposes the shocking beliefs of a religion badly in need of finding a way to live in harmony with others.

  • Your cult has caused more genocides and wars than any other group in history, and you have given the world hardly anything, its evil to the very core, sick inbred barbarians

  • “So what about the millions of people who convert to Islam out of their own free will?”

    There are many ways to disconnect from reality, religion is a very popular way, as are drugs. Number of believers does not in any way make it true or right.

    “Are 1.5 billion Muslims of the world terrorists?”

    No one says this except people like you, who seek to transform essential criticism of authoritarian ideologies like Islam, into bigotry, so you can silence critics.

    “As to your nonsensical filth about so called women segregation”

    Talk about nonsense, even in 2/3 of AMERICAN mosgues women are segregated from men, and the practice is universal in the Islamic world. It’s not uncommon for people to know nothing of their own religion, but somehow I think you know you are lying, but find it useful to do so. Taqiyya anyone?

    “Jihad literally means to struggle”

    There is no mention in early texts of any kind that refer to Jihad as “struggle”. In all of Islam’s history, until present day, it has meant “holy war”, and Islam has waged this on it’s neighbors whenever it was capable. More taqiyya.

    Anyway this comment probably won’t be posted anyway, so I’ll keep it short. Just remember these words next time you look in the mirror. “Lying, disingenuous, shill for barbaric authoritarian ideology”.

  • Muhammad was a Pedophile
    August 2, 2017 7:09 pm

    No one cares about your demands. Just go back to the shithole countries you Satanic child/goat rapists have already ruined and leave ours alone.

  • Oh! So it’s ok for you people to say and do whatever you want(including killing innocent people and raping underage girls) but other people cannot speak out the truth about this cult/heresy. Right??

    Us non-Muslim simply can’t fight back isn’t it? We must obey your backwards ideologies, you can keep practicing your evil religion on us, right??

    You self-loathing disgusting parasites!

  • Tommy Morrison has every right to publish any book he pleases if it offends you..don’t read it. Its called free speech out grandfather’s died if muddy fields all over the world to provide us with the freedom to say whatever we like..as long as it never promotes violence. There are many Islamic countries in the world if you would like to live in a less free society were your Islamic beliefs are never questioned or discussed your free to go..and I believe our government has a responsibility of making sure you have money to start a new life. I believe that any Islamic person who is not comfortable with our liberal views should be given 20 thousand pounds and a ticket to which Islamic country they choose, every person who chooses to leave.

  • I just want to thank you for spurring me on to go ahead and buy the book. I also have a copy of “The Satanic Verses” by Salman Rushdie. I bought that one right after it came out, when I saw that islam issued a fatwah against him. You don’t get to force companies to censor what you don’t like. At least not in a free society. If you can’t stand criticism, go to a safe space where you never have to hear any criticism against islam, which I might tell you is very well founded.

  • Deborah Bostrom
    August 2, 2017 6:45 pm

    You’re going to find out soon that we have free speech and your ppl are not going to order us around. There is no place in America where Islamic radicals can exist. You can only push us so far before we fight back. Wait for it…

  • I demand that Amazon immediately stop selling every book which tells lies about islam, starting with the koran, the hadith and the sunna (with their unremitting hatred of, and threats against the lives of non-believers). When that is complete, Amazon can then remove all other documents based on the evil koran and other islamic foundations.

    I demand that Google immediately remove every positive online reference to islam as good, with the exception of this document. Google should leave this document as it clearly demonstrates all that is abhorrent about the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of muslims.

    While all this is going on, I demand that every muslim be expelled from the West and from all non-sharia countries so that civilisation can continue to grow, without the entirely harmful effect from muslims and their evil beliefs.

  • OK let’s go with…

    Segregation & womens’ rights
    Forced marriage
    Sharia law

    So Tommy’s lying about all of that too?

    • So what about the millions of people who convert to Islam out of their own free will? Are 1.5 billion Muslims of the world terrorists? If they are then how do you westerners even exist?

      As to your nonsensical filth about so called women segregation and whatever, have you ever really read the Quran and authentic books? Or you’re just another ignorant Islamophobic wanting to fit in the hate circle?

      Let me educate you a little bit. Starting with so called women segregation, first of all, our women wear hijab out of their own free will. You go ask any hijabi, she wears her veil with confidence and only because she’s devoted to her religion.
      It literally makes me laugh a hell aloud when perverts like you would speak against hijab, but when it comes to women being objectified in obscene films, pornography and advertisments, you people don’t say even a word. In fact you support it. Shame on you perverted souls indeed.

      And secondly, what does this Jihad mean, first of all? Let’s test your amazing knowledge. Jihad literally means to struggle, and it has various types and categories, the type which you are referring to is done only in cases when Muslims are suffering persecution and being denied the freedom to practice their religion. In other words, Jihad is a fight against oppression, not the one you’ve heard in films and talk shows. Go educate yourself and read the history of the Prophet (S.A.W).
      And yes, what is Shariah law? Have you ever studied it? Or again, you’re just another ignorant racist?
      Lastly, here’s an article for you so that you educate yourself about what Islam says regarding humanity and all. People like you don’t deserve sympathy, really, but I still pray Allah guides you. In the end, it doesn’t really matter to Islam whether you choose to lie against it or respect it, Islam always has and will stay the fastest growing religion. Whatever, do read this.


      • You are brainwashed. Seek help.

        • “Indeed, the worst of living creatures in the sight of Allah are those who have disbelieved, and they will not [ever] believe -”

          A non believer is worse than a murderer or a rapist according to your holy texts. Uh. Of course, your holy text probably talk about tolerance with such tainted creatures, you are better than them-uh oh-

          [Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.”

          Of course, I’ll not be biased. This is the exact same problem with christianity.

          The thing is, we mock christianity all the time, we give them each day, less and less rights, we give them less and less protagonism and spotlights and platforms for this same reason… why do you believe you deserve ANY kind of respect over that?

          Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.

          So, how are you going to fight against those that don’t believe in you? Surely with words, right? Not with violence I assume, right? You will not even try to push for laws- oh wait.

          of course, we should consider the fact that your religion might be a positive, well intended force, and that you’re right. Society will be more open, equal, civilized upon your rule, so all that violence might be worth somet-

          Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.

          So, what happens if the woman is actually right, but his husband is being arrogant? Don’t you think that this passage might invite men to act arrogant themselves?

          The [unmarried] woman or [unmarried] man found guilty of sexual intercourse – lash each one of them with a hundred lashes, and do not be taken by pity for them in the religion of Allah, if you should believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a group of the believers witness their punishment.

          so… is this punishment compatible with any civilized host culture? or should they bend over and accept this? How do you propose that any non muslim country accomodates this?

          • Are you fu**ing serious you deranged moron? We absolutely under no circumstances do not want to have anything to do with islam or muslim. So either start a war and fight for it right now or just move on back to those sand dunes.

          • LOL….check mate.

      • Go and look at pictures of women in Iran before the Islamic revolution, Then go and look now. Why are you so afraid that people of the west may actually read the words written in your holy book, surely you want us to.

      • Vlad the Impaler
        August 2, 2017 7:38 pm

        Only those who are already severely mentally unstable would even contemplate ‘converting’ to mohammedanism.

      • Pure sophistry.
        You’re part of the problem.


      I truly believe the pathetic condition of Muslims today is primarily because we fail to address our own failings and mistakes in all areas of life.

      We carry a holier than thou attitude,with defensive and deflective replies to news stories.

      We totally dislike addressing the (Muslim rape gang) grooming issue.
      With regards to the terrorism issue, the majority of cases are blamed on conspiracies,people of other faiths setting Muslims up,or poor dumb patsies who didn’t know what they were doing!

      Benefit fraud unfortunately so common ,is even seen by some as justified,

      An ayah of the Quran

      Quran 13:11- “Verily, Allah will not change the condition of a people as long as they do not change their state themselves”

      With Muslim thieves ,Muslim rapists,and Muslim terrorists grabbing the headlines constantly ,though disproportionately,which organisation or individuals are working bravely and effectively to deal with these poisonous elements within?

      To be honest ,it takes more courage to speak out against ones “own people”,than to constantly moan about what “others” do to you,well that is my opinion anyway.

      “Islamaphobia” is caused as a result of Muslims involved in criminal acts ,constantly.
      Until we do not address the rot in our own communities, “Islamaphobia” will increase, as the root cause(criminal Muslims),is not being addressed .

      In fact, the term “Islamaphobia” ,itself is debatable,it could be just hate crime or Muslim phobia,bigotry!
      Tackling the cause would be a much more pragmatic and courageous approach.

      There is so much oppression within Muslim communities and families ,yet the more popular mantra is to always moan about oppression upon Muslims by others.
      I find this ridiculous.

      The self-righteousness,selective blindness and cowardice ,along with the constant vying for popularity with the more “popular ” causes is getting ridiculous.
      This, is costing us dearly!

    • Has our failure to stop the abuse of predominantly non-Muslim girls lead to the abuse of Muslims?
      Has our cowardice to confront some very pertinent issues lead to a cowed nation?
      Had we been more proactive ,would we have had fewer reasons to be constantly reactive?
      We should be asking ourselves some difficult questions,surely!
      But now, is more urgently, a time for fearless ,honest answers and an acknowledgment of many failings.
      Not to mention the immediate need for some seriously effective, real time,multi pronged action.


  • Tommy robinson is the man… Muhammed was a pedo..

    • Mister/Misses Bin Wanking or whatever your unknown gender is, your comment truly shows how much of an ignorant and idiotic bigot you are lol. First of all, have you ever read any Islamic authentic book? Or you’re just another wannabe wanting to fit in the Islamophobic circle?

      I have no sympathies for “animalistic” people like you who have no problem with women being objectified in obscene films, pornography, advertisements but when it comes to hijab which ironically our women wear out of their own free will, you people will start spewing out your nonsensical filth.

      And let me educate you here. :) First of all, the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) had nine wives out of which Aisha was the only virgin. His all other wives were either widowed or divorced ladies, some even being much older than him in age. If he was a pedophile, why didn’t he marry virgins exclusively? Have you any answer or you’ll still be that 3rd grade little kid who’s too coward and egoistic to accept facts? Lol.

      Secondly, Aisha, if you read history, spent an extremely happy and blissful marriage with the Prophet (S.A.W). A person who’s victim of pedophilia psychologically tends to be extremely disturbed and emotionally drowned most of the time. But Aisha was one of yhe greatest Muslim scholars, and she herself sang praises of the Prophet (S.A.W). If she lived happily with her husband, what on Earth is causing wannabes and idiots like you to be agigated?
      Third, by the time the marriage was consummated, she was physically mature. If you have studied science, (which being ignorant you haven’t anyway lol) the age of puberty is lower in areas where the climatic conditions are hot. Same goes for Aisha. She became physically potent at the age of nine.
      All your Islamophobic claims are nothing but stupid. Get lost. You can neither bring any benefit nor any loss to Allah and His holy Prophet (S.A.W). Because they don’t need you really, YOU NEED THEM. :) Stay racist, stay -not-so-blessed. :)

      • As I said…

        Segregation & womens’ rights
        Forced marriage
        Sharia law

        • Hisham Takyeldin
          August 2, 2017 7:15 pm

          FGM ….. Not religious obligation, it is a cultural issue
          Halal …. The preparation of Halal meat is the most healthy way to consume
          Terrorism….. It is exist of the action of individuates, WWI, WWII not caused by Muslims
          Forced Marriage…. Not religious obligation, it is a cultural issue
          Sharia law…. Long story with many details… it is existed in many countries, surprisingly in Israel…

          • Hisam Takyeldin,
            Killing apostates is not a cultural issue, waging holy war is not a cultural issue, killing homosexuals is not a cultural issue, discriminating Jews and christians is not a cultural issue, discriminating woman is not a cultural issue, killing atheist is not a cultural issue etc.. It is all in the Sharia.

      • Gareth Phillips
        August 2, 2017 6:19 pm

        You started off sounding quite intelligent and then referred to the prophet??….tut tut tut. Credibility lost. We’ve progressed beyond religion in the West now and you savages – while amusing when you just looked ridiculous, are now starting to become an unnecessary dangerous evil within. What was once a tolerant (foolish) society is finally beginning to wake the fuck up.

      • Your full of shit. Just face the facts. Is it OK to marry a child? Answer A. Yes. B. No …….

      • Full of shit

      • siddi Farhan, salam alaikum dear Muslim, please first scrap all the hateful passages desttined to what you call the unbelievers out of your own “holy” books, Than you may complain. Now it looks a little bit hypocritical.

      • In Muslim countries like Pakistan, minorities are persecuted.

        Western countries should exist as a safe place for those fleeing Muslim persecution, not as a new place to spread their hateful ideology.

        When the Scottish shopkeeper Mr Shah fled Pakistan we here in UK should have provided a new home for him and his family where he could live a happy life. Instead we allowed in Islamic fascists who believed that peaceful men like Shah offended Allah. Large groups of inbred Islamic fascists celebrated Mr Shahs killer in Pakistan.

        Islam has serious problems that nobody wants to address. Instead of looking inward and starting a reformation that will allow Islam fit with western values you constantly feel need to defend. So change will never happen.

        You complain about Tommy Robinson spreading hate. Tommys beliefs didn’t kill Mr Shah, Islamic beliefs killed him. Start looking inward and find answers. It would be more productive.

      • Firstly we are not racist. Islam is NOT a race. So get that out your mind now. Secondly, read the Koran in its full flesh. You will find you are wrong.

      • Farhan away

        Your bizarre rant is full of apologist and sophistic excuses displaying an clear pathological insecurity.

      • First of all, have you ever read any Islamic authentic book?

        So what is exactly “authentic”?

        hijab which ironically our women wear out of their own free will


        If he was a pedophile, why didn’t he marry virgins exclusively?

        Pedophalia has nothing to do with virgins.

        Secondly, Aisha, if you read history, spent an extremely happy and blissful marriage with the Prophet (S.A.W). A person who’s victim of pedophilia psychologically tends to be extremely disturbed and emotionally drowned most of the time. But Aisha was one of yhe greatest Muslim scholars, and she herself sang praises of the Prophet (S.A.W).

        If I were to write a book to convince the women that this was a good idea, this is how it would be written. Maybe muslim women should be told the truth about the true feelings towards them from fundamental islamics.

        the age of puberty is lower in areas where the climatic conditions are hot. Same goes for Aisha. She became physically potent at the age of nine.

        Find me some hard evidence of this and I might let it slide.

        All your Islamophobic claims are nothing but stupid. Get lost. You can neither bring any benefit nor any loss to Allah and His holy Prophet (S.A.W). Because they don’t need you really, YOU NEED THEM. :) Stay racist, stay -not-so-blessed. :)

        Your arrogance coupled with your bigotry pretty much make your argument moot.

  • The only sane commenter here
    August 2, 2017 3:21 pm

    So many ignorant, racist, vile right wing bigots here. Its funny how they contradict themselves in a one line sentence,they scream free speech, but at the same time condemn someone for speaking their mind… What has happened to the world? this is soo depressing…. Article is great by the way!

    • The only sane commenter here
      August 2, 2017 3:24 pm

      Just to make it clear. I am referring to the people in the comments, not the website. The author has done a really good job with this piece. Well done!

      • So you had a clarify that you weren’t referring to the censorious nature of this article? what a moron!

      • Gareth Phillips
        August 2, 2017 6:21 pm

        LOL you had to make that point clear to the article author and we’re the stupid ones??

      • If it is such a god piece, where is the facts to contradict Tommy R?

    • So we are expressing our free opinion and you are calling us right wing bigots? We’ve heard what the article says and it’s wrong. Put up and shut up if you can’t take other people’s opinion.

    • You quite obviously have not understood the meaning of free speech or you would not have written something as silly as “funny how they contradict themselves in a one line sentence,they scream free speech, but at the same time condemn someone for speaking their mind”.
      Person A has the right to say “ABC”, and anyone else has the right to then say “I think ABC is BS” – THAT’S free speech. What the author of the article is doing is using free speech to demand CENSORSHIP. She wants to deny Tommy Robinson his right to free speech. Whether Tommy is a wanker or not is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT!!! He has a right to free speech, just like you have the right to make silly, uneducated statements. Again, THAT’S free speech.
      The author of the article has the right to freely say what she thinks.
      Everybody else has the right to freely voice their anger at the CENSORSHIP being demanded by the author.
      YOU have the right to freely make moronic statements like “they scream free speech, but at the same time condemn someone for speaking their mind”.
      I have the right to freely point out the stupidity of your statement
      You now have the right to freely say “Thank you for the education. I’m glad I learnt something” – but I think it more probable that you will continue to freely make uneducated comments around the web.

      ☠︎ SKULL ☠︎ Atheist Aussie “JUDENFREUND” (♥✡︎), surviving the Krautliphate – FIGJAM!

  • The mike mines.
    August 2, 2017 3:18 pm

    Everyone should stop selling the books until the printers catch up. I had to wait 10 weeks for the last one. Bloody disgraceful. We could have had an attack in that time….oh, hang on…..

  • I wasn’t sure about buying the book. After having read part of this post I will buy the book for sure.

  • Next you’ll be telling us you dont opress woman,sharia is halal and big Mo is a top bloke who never fiddled with kids..respect works both ways,try it,you may like it..oh i forgot it only works one way with you lot..big up Tommy got mine last night will get stuck in later 👍🏻

  • AerodynamicPizzaSauce
    August 2, 2017 2:46 pm

    Reading parts of it is enough.

    You don’t need to eat a whole dog shit to figure out it tastes like shit. Just one bite is enough.

    Unless you’re intelligent, then you don’t take a bike because you already know it’s shit.

    Either way. Islam is cancer. Sure there’s probably written “Help your friends” and stuff like that. Why can’t people just be nice? Why do you need some cancerous religion to be nice? Are you really that much of a piece of shit that you need some book from the stone age and that you want us all to go back to the stone age. Or is it just the book making you into a piece of shit?

  • Not once did you address the actual issues about Mohammed being a paedophile, rapist and a murderer. You just fudge reality with nothing words and play the islamaphobe/hate speech card.

    The Quran is the epitome of hate speech.

  • We need to educate ourselves about Islam, the religious elements, as well as the totalitarian ideology that is sowing discord and threatening our way of life.

  • Ha ha. The comments here are gold. Another case of “I don’t like this, so it must be stopped”. It’s a free country and free speech is permitted. If you don’t like it, go to a Muslim country where everything follows your way of thinking. I just may buy it after reading this nonsense.

  • The main crusader
    August 2, 2017 2:21 pm

    Who do you think you are telling us what we can read? We live in a democracy with freedom of speech, if you don’t like go back to the shit holes you came from.

  • agree with all of the above, fuck you, your paedophile, rapist, murdering figure head and everything you stand for. if you don’t like it here fuck off to an Islamic ruled country and see how that works out for you. start behaving like civilised human beings you fucking animals….no more paedophile rape gangs, no more terrorist attacks, no more hate preachers and no more fucking mosques.


  • Thanks! Can’t wait it to buy this book after reading the complete horse shit mental gymnastics that is this article.

  • if you havent read the book, how do you know it is ignorant hatred?

  • If that’s the case. Then the koran needs banning to. Technically their both the same book!

  • Thanks for the book recommendations!

  • I wasn’t even going to buy Tommy Robinson’s new book until I read this ridiculous article. You cannot demand the banning of books you don’t agree with. Now I’m going to buy several copies as gifts.

  • All religions are delusionary.
    Yours just happens to be the most violent and pathetic of them all.
    Demanding that others should only read what you deem to be suitable, is typical of an aggressive, feeble, brainwashed mind.

  • No harm in one telling the truth o.0 oh that’s right you don’t like the truth and you sure as hell dont want any one else knowing the truth, regardless if you have it banned or not the quran is still available and we can photo copy pages and letter box them to get the truth out, oops best you be banning the quran now so we can not do such a thing o.0

  • Denounce your faith for what it is, stop being ignorant to what the Koran teaches. Stop making excuses like with the silly little lie that is the Arab stick to beat (tap) women with, when Muslim women are beaten daily in Islamic countries by Muslim men with fists, whips, rocks etc. You’re not fooling anyone accept the ignorant and foolish. I was baptized Christian, but from the age of 16 I stopped attending church and sunday school, yes I lost my faith. Not because of the Crusades because I know the truth about the Crusades, the Crusades were in retaliation of Islamic countries invading and attacking Christian and Jewish countries, your people brought the Crusades upon themselves.

    So stop with your lies, stop being ignorant and admit the Koran teaches extremism against non believers, teaches to rape, batter and murder your enemies, teaches you to lie if you or your religion is under threat.


  • Both of Tommy Robinson’s books expose the truth. Islam is spreading it’s dangerous cocktail of violence and hate across the world, and we can only address this problem by being honest about it! Buy these books, read them and digest the information you gain. It is time to stop being ignorant!!!

  • Charles Martell
    August 2, 2017 1:29 pm

    Surprise surprise! Mohammedans want to censor a book that tells the truth about their so called ‘religion’
    There are plenty of mohammedan hell holes around the world they could go to if they want to avoid being ‘offended’!

    • The usual-‘If you dont accept Islam youre far right’ argument-we r not all that gullible.Islamic countries are poor,ultra violent,uneducated,corrupt and intolerant.We do not want that or to live by Sharia.Accept that.

      • Christopher Hitchens, the man who did more than most to expose the cult of Islam was on the left!!

        So enough with all this nonsense that everyone who opposes Islam is far right. Opposing tyranny is not a left right issue.

  • I agree with every comment. Not once did you dwell on any aspect of the book. Of course not every Muslim kills, Even Mohammed recognised that, but said that those kill infidels go straight to paradise, whatever sins they may have comitted previously. You worship a book that promotes killing of Infidels. Try and deny it…… you can’t!

  • Any chance I can get a discount on buying this brilliant book if I mention your site? Thanks in advance?

  • I hate to be a hate mongering ignorant bigot, but you always have the option of renouncing your faith in an oppressive, infidel hating ideology? That way it no longer applies to you

  • What about all the hate in the Koran ? Should this be banned from Amazon aswell?

  • You demand what? Liberty, free speech and free expression are the underpinnings of Western Enlightenment values. You do not get to dictate nor demand their erosion or confinement. They are not subject to renegotiation. Is that absolutely understood?

    His liberty to publish and to have read a book, are the same liberties that allow you to openly practice your ugly regressive medieval totalitarian theocratic ideology. The hurt feelings of your irrational superstition come a poor second place to the defence of democratic Enlightenment values.

    Don’t you ever again dare attempt to have any author’s intrinsic freedoms and rights restricted. It is offensive, unacceptable, and will not be tolerated.

    • Well said, he’s entitled to his opinion, we fought for freedom of speech and word

  • Idiots full of hate
    August 2, 2017 1:00 pm

    Ignorant hatred and censorship towards free speech and truth.

    You have to stop want to establish laws in foreigner countries, censor and bully.
    He can wrrite all the books he wants cause 1) He is in a democracy 2) He is not writing a book on “islam”, you idiots, but a book on islamization of UK and he is more entitled to do that.
    There is already a book for illiterate ignorant people: the quran. A book of demented fairy tales by a psychotic

  • Can we stop appeasing the rabid paedophile death cult now?

  • so what you are basically saying is that your holy quran is filled with hate!, at least you a finally admitting it!

  • If you are looking for a hate filled book to ban then ban the Koran. It has caused the slaughter of 100’s of millions after all.

  • Perhaps the Muppet that wrote this bias bullshit can explain why since the sudden increase in the Muslim population to the UK we now have terrorism, hate speech, honour killings, acid attacks and rape gangs? Perhaps he’d care to explain why he feels freedom of speech is “poison”, why criticism can’t be answered and why his community feel they’re the victims when people of their faith are responsible for the deaths of innocent people?

    Claiming a probable co author for tommys book doesn’t make them a co-author. Claiming taqqiya is a far right word when its written in your own religious texts and not giving your own alleged interpretation is deceptive and manipulative. Rather than write a one-sided article why don’t you debate the alternative media you hate so much in an open discussion. And finally the Twitter comment is completely false Tommy has read your texts and is well versed in Islam, if the middle East wouldn’t kill him I’m sure he’d have visited currently he can’t go to certain parts of his own country thanks to your communities.

    Really disappointing to read such an ignorant “play the victim” article on a site associating itself with the Muslim faith. Take some responsibility, if you’re a westernised “moderate” Muslim you wouldn’t care what people are writing you’d be accepting there is a problem and be busy dealing with the people in your community that have no interest in being peaceful or respectful to the western world they now live in.

  • Michael Barlow
    August 2, 2017 12:28 pm

    It’s just the koran in the right order what you do scared about?

  • Islam is offensive to Muslims

  • Obviously the truth is hurting the poor muslamic community. I mean who lives by religious books in this day and age apart from fanatics get rid of all religious tosh and the world will be a better place.

  • My question to you is the same as the title of the book. Why do you kill so much over a man in his 50’s who had sex with a 9 year old girl ?

  • its worse than that they also sell the Koran and that’s full of hatred

  • Richard Kuffar
    August 2, 2017 12:20 pm

    The book puts the Koran in chronological order so the last and therefore most authoritative revelations of Mohammed can be read and understood.

    If you want to ban this book then you are asking to ban the Koran…

    Rather than ban it why not refute the claims made with evidence of your own?

  • Firmly condemned

  • muhammed-pedophile
    August 2, 2017 12:09 pm

    Your prophet fucked a 6 year old, doesn’t get any clearer than that. Muslim scum.

  • No such thing as Islamaophobia, you can take Sharia and shove it, you won’t win :) and thanks for the link to Mc-Loughlins website, saved me searching :):):):):):):):):)

  • If you’re so upset that Muslims get a bad press, then why don’t you do more to rid the baddies out of your religion? If more peaceful Muslims spoke out against the radical Muslims, you would get more respect. Instead, you keep quiet and let them get on with it. It’s no wonder Muslims, on the whole, are not trusted.

  • So basically you cant handle the truth because it goes against all you lie about.
    Boo Hoo muslims if you dont kill for islam you are not the problem. Clearly the writer has issues within his own faith but cant face up to them openly. Get over it.

  • See, in Islam “the pen is mightier than the sword” is a weak hadeeth, but this is the principle the west is built on. You cannot run away from the fact that your prophet married a child, raped jew and christian captives of war, had more wives than his men, slaughtered critics and unbelievers, pillaged the wealth of unbelievers after waging wars against them in the effort to spread islam, and humiliated the people of the book. We are not your dhimmis or kaffirs to be taken advantage of. If you don’t like the west, you have 57 Muslim countries to choose from. GTFO and stop making life miserable for the rest of us because your feelings are hurt. the west is not a place for Islam.

  • The truth is hate speech to those that hate the truth.

  • Your prophet touched more kids than pampers

  • The world doesn’t revolve around the feelings of jews and muslims. Outside the west, you are oppressors. Its you who needs to be checked.

  • get over it this isn’t saudi arabia

  • Taylor Britain First
    August 2, 2017 11:33 am

    Muslims only believe in freedom of speech if it fits there agenda! Keep on representing the majority of Britain Tommy lad!!

  • Freedom of speech comes into play.
    Although he’s a bit of a wanker most of his points are backed with evidence.
    Stop being so ignorant as to think there isn’t a problem with the muslim community in UK.
    It’s not all Muslims as he’s said, but you cannot tiptoe around being racist. As shown terror attacks, Rapes etc always leads to the same thing.

  • Now they want to ban books. How much more can we take? Our society and values are been taken apart piece by piece by the Muslim community.

  • Tommy hasn’t lied. The book is the TRUTH. If you cannot accept that someone has a different view or opinion to you, you SHOULDN’T give yours. This is biased and left wing. Tommy doesn’t want extremism nor do you. But when the Qoran promotes these VILE things what do you expect from English people?! Shut up and put up with freedom of speech. See how we aren’t asking Amazon to remove the Qoran from their store?

  • It is called: ‘Freedom of Speech’

  • He hasn’t lied or deformed reality in any way.

    You’re ignorant or simply denying the truth to cover up the problems of the Muslim community in the UK.