Wish I had said something (video)

Dedicated to my younger sister. End Hate Crime!

With it just being Hate Crime UK awareness week, the niqab debate raging in Toronto and just last month 16 year old Tasneem Kabir being attacked in London for wearing a hijab. I couldn’t think of a more poignant time to release this video.

The title is not indicative of the nature of the video at all, I deliberately avoided a “click bate” title as this is not work I created for virality or gimmicks. As a matter of fact, this piece is as anti viral as they can be, the video is explicit and the subject matter is very sensitive.

Listen guys, I know what everyone wants to hear and how they want it to be packaged. But I have been around the world and back over the last two years. I have seen the world is not all bright colours, and smiley vlog faces. Sometimes we learn from its harshness and bitterness, so rather than create art, which people WANT to hear I have focused on what they NEED to hear.

As to the nature of the video it is not pro-religion/pro Islamic, I have no interest to promote or encourage any religious doctrines. Anisah’s Song is ANTI-HATE. This story is not to promote any agenda, it is to highlight that on a daily basis people are persecuted not only for what they believe, but being who they choose to be. Islamophobia is just one example, the persecution of innocents due to their race is another, and there are many more examples. Hate Crime is wrong and as long as we live in a world that allows this, none of us will ever be free/safe.

After the video release is settled, we hope to release “Anisah’s song” as a single, to which a portion of the proceeds will be donated to organisations helping victims of violent hate crime.

Website: www.sulibreaks.com
Poet: Suli Breaks
Story: Stuart Howe / Kelvin Tso
Director: Stuart Howe / Kelvin Tso
Script Supervisor: Alex Whitmer
Cinematographer: Jeremy Tay / Stuart Howe

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