How To Feel The Spirit of Ramadan When You Can’t Fast

Feeling left out this Shahr Ramadan? Here are some ideas to help you feel the buzz of the holy month!

Feeling left out this Shahr Ramadan? Here are some ideas to help you feel the buzz of the holy month!

It’s understandable for non-fasting people to not feel involved with Shahr Ramadan as they watch their friends and family fast, eat iftar and soak in the spirit of the holy month.

To recap, if you’re a healthy adult, you have to fast. Some of the categories of people exempt include:

  1. Women who are pregnant, on their menstrual cycle or breastfeeding.
  2. People with long-term health conditions.
  3. People who take medication are not required to fast unless the medication cycle can be changed safely and be taken during the non-fasting hours.
  4. Children who have not reached maturity (bulugh) don’t need to fast as Islamic obligations are not yet compulsory for them.
  5. The old and frail.

Some of these groups of people have to make up the fasts on other months – but it’s just not the same! Here are 10 ideas to help you feel connected and part of the month.

Recite duas

Obviously, abstaining from food and drink is the main feature of the month, but that doesn’t mean you can’t perform the other recommended actions. Duas are likely to be accepted faster in the holy month so take the opportunity to speak to Allah (SWT). You can:

  • Thank Allah (SWT) for everything He has done for you.
  • Seek Allah’s (SWT) forgiveness for those weak moments you sinned.
  • Ask Allah (SWT) for anything you wish. He grants all (legitimate) duas!
  • Ask Allah (SWT) to remove the illness stopping you from fasting.
  • Recite the short prayers for every day of the month.

Regular communication with Allah (SWT) will bring you closer to Him. The more you speak to Him, the sweeter the act becomes.

Recite the holy qu’ran

There are no restrictions on reciting the Holy Qur’an. Women in their period cannot touch the words of the Qu’ran but can still recite or listen to them. Perhaps you could make a goal to finish the Qur’an or a portion of the Qur’an before the month is out. There is no better way to connect with God than to recite His words.

eat less food or drink

If your medical condition or a state of impurity prohibits you from fasting, you can still choose to eat less (within safe limits for those with health reasons) to feel that hunger and thirst of Shahr Ramadan. Alternatively, you can fast entirely on some days. The latter option would not be available for women but other exempt groups can try. Speak to a medical professional before you intend to change your food and drink intake.

prepare iftar and suhoor for fasting people

Women usually have to bear the brunt of cooking and fasting, which is incredibly tough. If you’re not fasting, why not help them out. Whether that’s with running to the groceries to get the ingredients, laying out the table or assisting with the cooking itself, any contribution is likely to be appreciated!

Give charity

Charity is another highly recommended act in the holy month of Ramadan that you can partake in without exemptions. Charity removes calamities and earns the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

volunteer at the mosque

Mosques around the world could sure do with some help. You can:

  • Help prepare or distribute iftar
  • Help with parking
  • Arrive early and set up darsa of Qur’an

Speak to your local mosque and ask what they need help with!

set up Ramadan decorations

Visual aids go a long way in making it feel like it’s Shahr Ramadan. Why not set up a ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ banner at home or a daily duas board. It can help the whole family get involved and enrich the atmosphere at home.

Spend time seeking knowledge

The Prophet (PBUH) has instructed us to seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave. Set some time aside to learn the Islamic sciences. You can dive into:

  • Islamic history
  • Arabic
  • Qur’anic sciences
  • Islamic law

Or pick a topic you really like and read up on it. People who study Islam are considered in a state of worship and remembrance of God for as long as they are studying.

teach Islamic sciences

Are you really clued up on a specific Islamic science or topic? Why not teach it to others? You can teach the children in your family or share it on social media. You will receive rewards for everyone who benefits from it.

Makeup lapsed acts of worship

Do you have qadha prayers? Perhaps you haven’t paid khums or zakat for many years. Now is as good time as ever to make these up and clear your account with God.

We pray to Allah (SWT) that Shahr Ramadan brings much fulfilment to each and every Muslim.


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