Israel lobby ties to Islamophobia – by Wajahat Ali (video)

Watch this fascinating (and terrifying) lecture by Wajahat Ali.

Watch this fascinating (and terrifying) lecture by Wajahat Ali.

Islamophobia is unfortunately alive and well in America, and in fact all over the world. But where Islamophobia actually comes from, is very interesting. Wajahat Ali, author of Fear, Inc., presenting his research in the below video, discusses how he and his team unearthed the prevalent Islamophobia Network in America, which is a massive network of think tanks and foundations, and followed the money trail of donors for these networks, which unfortunately, comes down to a small – but very influential – group of pro-Israel Jewish Americans. Many of the information raised by these Networks is so influential that it has been quoted by the President of the United States himself.

Ali also discusses the Transatlantic connections, and the financial trail that connects the Islamophobia networks in America to both Islamophobic networks in Europe, and political parties in Europe that promote Islamophobia.

He goes on to mention that Jewish communities need to tackle this, as this Network will move from one minority group to another – from Muslims to undocumented immigrants, to Blacks, and then to Jews themselves.

Watch the fascinating (and terrifying) lecture below.



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