6 Reasons Why NOW Is the Best Time To Book

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With the likelihood of many people having to work from home or if they’re unfortunate enough to have to self-isolate, what better way to do some proper planning?

It’s Coronavirus fever at the moment (mind the pun). With so much uncertainty around schools, working from home and don’t forget toilet roll, you may be watching one of the cheapest and most flexible times to book a holiday pass you by. Here are 6 reasons why now is the best time to think about booking your holiday for later this year.

Reason 1: Once COVID-19 subsides, prices are going to rocket

Why you may ask? Well, everyone in the travel industry from airlines, hotels, tour companies, guides, attractions and travel companies are either organising amends to affected bookings or updating their ‘where in the world have I been’ map. It’s pretty quiet and with that means losses are inevitable. How best to recoup those losses? I anticipate airlines and hotels, in particular, will play the supply and demand game. As soon as demand starts to increase with limited supply, prices will go up. In a world of uber-dynamic pricing strategies, prices can change in a moment and travel companies won’t have much choice but to pass those on.

Reason 2: Flexibility is as good as a discount

If you can book refundable travel options, then you don’t have to leave a potential cancellation in the laps of the airline or worse still, your travel insurance company. Take the boxing analogy of taking the decision out of the hands of the judges. No, I don’t mean punching your insurance broker in the face, simply retain complete control of your commitment. By calling one of the Rihaala team we would suggest options during this time that offers complete flexibility up to anything between 30 and 45 days before you travel. If COVID-19 is still rearing its head in July, then you could cancel your trip in August and have your deposit refunded!

Reason 3: The best offers are out now

Every year, January to March is what we call in the travel industry; the peaks. It’s when we’re the busiest because holidaymakers are planning for the summer holidays and the best deals are out there from airlines and hotels. There may be a few offers post Coronavirus, but would a popular hotel like the Coco Palm Bodu Hithi really need to discount if they don’t need to? You may end up going with your third or fourth choice simply because the other options are more expensive. I have to add, that is my own opinion and it may not play out that way, but it’s likely is could.

Reason 4: You don’t need to pay in full now!

If you find the idea of pitching up a few thousand pounds on a holiday is not quite the right thing to do, then don’t worry, you can take advantage of some really low deposits. As well as opting for flexible cancellation policies, by paying a smaller amount now means you’re not having to stump up the full balance, which you would do if you booked online. By booking with an agent over the phone at Rihaala, you will pay only 20% of the total trip price which is refundable on a flexible booking option. It’s like candy falling from the sky.

With Rihaala you can book a week’s all-inclusive holiday to Tunisia in August for two adults and two children for £699 per person with a full refund on your deposit if you cancel before the 15th May 2020 and only a £100 deposit per person!

Reason 5: Agents will love you not being a sheep

Avoid the herd mentality and go with the opposite flow. As long as an agent doesn’t have too many cancellations and admin to handle, you’re bound to get so much of their wonderful knowledge to plan your late 2020 holiday. Booking through an agent also means they will do everything to make your trip a memorable one such as using their influence to bag you a smart hotel upgrade!

Reason 6: It’s a great way to ‘work from home’

With the likelihood of many people having to work from home or if they’re unfortunate enough to have to self-isolate, what better way to do some proper planning? Head to other articles on this blog or read the Rihaala Magazine for free now you have found this extra duvet time.

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