A generous serving of kindness from Muslim restaurant owners in Montreal

It is small acts of kindness that touch the hearts and recently, a Muslim restaurant owner in Montréal started giving free meals to people who couldn’t afford to pay. Though it has been going on for a while, it gained more attention when a local resident, Sean Jalbert, went in and saw the kindness and generosity.

“I went in and he said, ‘Oh, you have no money? No problem, what would you like to eat?’ And they were just so welcoming! He said, ‘Here, take a seat, take off your jacket, what do you want to eat, grab something from the fridge, take a seat!'”

The two restaurant owners, from Iran and Iraq, and they say that though they used to give out the occasional free meal, but they decided to put up the sign a few months ago to ‘formalise’ their offer. They say, because they can give, they do.

Yayha Hasehmi, one of the co-owners says, “People think there is a catch, but there is no catch. If you are hungry, you need to eat and you have no money, you’re welcome.”

Since Jalbert’s post on Facebook, which has been shared over 5000 times, many people have shown their gratitude and support to the restaurant owners. Some people have stopped by to give them money to support the cause, whilst others have been calling them to thank them for what they do.

They hope that this move will push others in the area to also do the same.

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