An Open Letter To Evangelical Christians Who Support Trump, From An American Muslim

Since the rise of Trump, it seems that Evangelicals have shown their true colors.

Since the rise of Trump, it seems that Evangelicals have shown their true colors.

May the Peace and Blessings of God, The Most High, be upon you. I hope that this letter reaches you in the best of piety and faith. It is a prophetic tradition to wish peace and blessings upon people when greeting them.  Even Prophet Jesus (pbuh) greeted people with these blessings. I would normally say it in Arabic which is, ‘As-salaama alaykum rhamatullaahi wa barakato” however, I understand that you get nervous when you hear people speak Arabic and I do not want to make you feel uncomfortable here as well.

My name is Steven Pearce and I have been Muslim for 21 years. I am originally from Redding, California but I have had the pleasure of travelling worldwide. I have the distinction of being the only American to have studied at the Great Mosque of Zaytouna in Tunisia which is affiliated with the Grand Mosque of Karrouine in Tunisia, considered the fourth holiest site of Islam.

I should begin by saying that we both believe in the virgin birth of Jesus; that he is the Messiah; that he is the Word of God. We even believe in the Second Coming of Jesus in where he will kill al-Massih ad-Dajjal aka the Anti-Christ and bring peace upon the Earth. If a Muslim does not believe this then they cannot be a Muslim.

We differ in the fact that we do not worship Jesus but instead worship his creator. Why worship the created being when you can worship the creator?  When Jesus prayed, he did not pray to himself but to the Most High God which is Allah (swt). We also do not believe in the crucifixion.  If God is all powerful, then why would He need someone else to die in order be able to forgive people when he can just forgive them?  If God is all just, then how is it just to allow for one person to die for the sins and crimes of everyone else, giving everyone that comes afterward a free pass to sin as much as they want? This causes for a segment of people in the population to believe that they have zero accountability for their actions. This is why wherever Christianity is the dominant religion you see fitnah (chaos), you see racism, you see the worst types of crimes and sins committed.

I grew up as a Christian. I went to a Baptist elementary school called Grace Baptist and went to Bethel Church which is a very infamous Evangelical Church. I was turned off of Christianity due to the anti-intellectualism, anti-education, anti-science positions of the Christian faith.  While I had believed for many years that Evangelicals were for strong families, I never believed that they were inclusive of everyone. They always demonized people who did not think like them. They also had very integrated churches. The Blacks had their churches, the Whites had theirs, and it seemed that if any Blacks or other minorities were a member of the predominately White church they tried their best to prove that they could assimilate with their White Christian brethren.

One thing that I kept from my Christian days was the beauty of Prophet Jesus’s teachings and how he went about it. He taught to love the sinner but to hate the sin. He brought his message to the worst of people believing that every person is redeemable. Jesus taught us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. He taught us to help the poor, to give a helping hand. Jesus was indeed revolutionary and his teaching in its pure form is just as relevant today as it was 2,000 years ago.

I know that this might surprise you coming from a Muslim, but Islam has the same teachings, which makes sense to Muslims because we believe that every Prophet taught the same prophetic tradition which is Islam. Every Prophet was a Muslim and they were all teaching Islam, the belief in and submission to the one God. Islam teaches a love for the one God, as well as for your neighbor. You cannot even be a true believer unless you want for yourself what you want for others. Our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ told us that you cannot be a true believer in Islam unless you love others. You cannot love others unless you wish peace upon them so greet them with the greeting of peace and blessings.

Since the rise of Trump, it seems that Evangelicals have shown their true colors. They have taken Trump as their example of how not to act; a man that has literally violated the 7 Deadly sins of Christianity openly and brags about it; a man that has openly stated that he has never asked for forgiveness because he claims that he has never done anything wrong.

When Jesus taught to love others, some Evangelicals seem to do the opposite and hate others. When Jesus says to be kind to the immigrants, the Trump regime has been separating children, some not even a year old from their parents with Evangelicals cheering this on. As a matter of fact, it is the Evangelical leaders such as Pat Buchanan whom for years scared the Evangelicals into fearing a non-White, non-Christian America. It is this ideology that has allowed for Evangelicals to be against the civil rights movement. We all know that if Jesus were to return today that the Evangelicals would oppose him for being Middle Eastern. Evangelical leaders have even come out openly opposing the teachings of Jesus and supporting Trump saying that Jesus’s message is too soft for today’s time and they need a leader like Trump to oppose migrants.

I want to thank you for giving Muslims the opportunity during the time of Trump to show that there is a better way. Islam forbids racism; Islam commands to help the poor; Islam says to help the immigrant; as a matter of fact, the Muslims in Tampa, Florida have offered to take in the refugee and immigrant families and children and even pay for the costs. While Evangelicals show their support for a narcissist that is Hellbent on destroying America, Muslims have been opposing him every step of the way. Evangelicals have been openly supporting a man that has not only married three times, cheating on his previous spouse with the new spouse, but has been on tape talking about sexually assaulting women and trying to have sex with married women. He has a wife that has soft porn lesbian videos and was a known escort, accepting money for sex.  Trump has been accused of sexually assaulting 17 women. When Evangelical leaders say that Trump is a Godly man, certainly they are not talking about the God of the Prophetic tradition but instead the god of this world, which is Satan. It is obvious that the Evangelicals are doing the work of Satan and preparing the world for the anti-Christ.

The more that I see the Evangelicals behave in this way, the more I am elated that I found Islam, a religion that gives me guidance, a religion that gives me the tools to better myself, a religion that demands that I call to the good and forbid the evil. I am not perfect, I sin just like anyone else, but Islam has the tools to allow for me to get on the right path and to rectify my wrongs.

Why do you support a man that is obviously very evil, very Satanic? Why do you support a man that you would not leave alone with your young teenage daughter, or your wife? Why would you support a man that you know goes against everything that Jesus taught? If you can answer this then please comment or visit my page so that we can have a discussion, because it is very perplexing to me. If you believe what Trump is doing is not wrong then maybe you need to question your own character. However, if you know it is wrong and you still support him then maybe it is because you feel like you have to due to your brainwashing, and maybe it is time for you to choose another religion. If this is the case, then become a Muslim, the religion of all of the Prophets from Adam to Muhammad, the one true religion, the religion that is a gift and a blessing for all of mankind.

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