Exploring Canada’s Beautiful Cities and Magnificent Nature

Since Canada is so large, it is difficult (if not impossible) to visit all of its famous cities and natural parks. So preparation is key.

Since Canada is so large, it is difficult (if not impossible) to visit all of its famous cities and natural parks. So preparation is key.

Canada, the second-largest country in the world, is a fascinating destination. With its vast territory, beautiful nature, and tourist attractions such as Niagara Falls, it is not difficult to see why so many people travel to the country each year. Take note that if you want to travel to Canada in the future, you will need an eTA Canada permit to enter the country.

Pristine nature

Canada has something for everyone. Hikers can enjoy the numerous national parks, filled with pristine nature the likes of which you won’t see anywhere else.

Canada’s first national park was Banff National Park, located in the Canadian Rockies, the Canadian part of the North American Rocky Mountains. This park, which is among the most popular in Canada, has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in order to preserve its beauty.

Banff National Park

Not far from it another famous national park can be found: Jasper National Park. Jasper is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies and, like Banff National Park, has been declared a world heritage site. The two national parks are connected by the famous Icefields Parkway, which is really a tourist attraction in itself, as this road passes by many of the natural beauties of the Canadian Rockies, such as canyons, glaciers, and rivers.

Jasper National Park

Besides these two famous national parks, Canada has many more, such as Glacier National Park and Yoho National Park, just to name a few. Of course, no visit to Canada is complete without stopping to look at the mystical Niagara Falls.

Beautiful cities

On top of its unspoiled nature, Canada also has lovely cities that are worth visiting. The country’s capital, Ottawa, is a good starting point. In this city, you will find, among other things, the National Gallery of Canada, which houses hundreds of works of art and is therefore a true Valhalla for culture and art lovers.

While you’re there, the Rideau Canal and Parliament Hill are also worth a visit, both living pieces of Canadian history on top of being great to take a photo beside. 

Toronto, located in the southeast of Canada, is the largest and arguably most famous city in the country. In fact, many people mistakenly believe Toronto is Canada’s capital. The city has numerous attractions, including the Canadian National Tower (CN Tower) which towers over the rest of the city. The tower’s viewing platform provides an unmatched view of the city, and it is one of the most popular spots to take pictures in Toronto. 

Toronto, Canada

The second most populous city of Canada, Montreal, has a beautiful historic centre (Vieux-Montréal) where, among other things, the Notre-Dame of Montreal can be found, a mighty basilica pulled straight out of the history books. Nature lovers will find Mont-Royal park a breath of fresh air amidst the bustling metropolis that is Montreal, and the view at sunset is nothing short of spectacular.

The city of Vancouver is located close to some of the country’s most beautiful national parks, surrounded by mountains and sea. Unsurprisingly, Vancouver is considered by many the most beautiful city in Canada. Close to the historical centre of the city is Stanley Park, a popular tourist attraction for families with children since it has many child attractions and a nice park to have picnics at. 

Quebec City, Canada

And last but not least: Quebec. The capital of the province with the same name is the oldest European settlement in Canada. The city has a large historical centre that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the fact that it is one of the best-preserved colonial cities in the world. Quebec is often called “Little France” since so many of its architecture and other cultural features bear heavy French influences. Indeed, the main language in Quebec is not English, but French.

Preparing your trip

Since Canada is so large, it is difficult (if not impossible) to visit all of its famous cities and natural parks. So preparation is key.

The eTA Canada permit is valid for five years, as long as the requirements of the eTA are met and the passport you used to apply for it is still valid. It allows you to stay in the country for 6 months, in theory, more than enough time to visit all the places you like.

Of course, holidays don’t quite last 6 months, so make sure you figure out which place(s) you want to visit, or you might risk finding yourself spending more time travelling than necessary. 

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