Living in Trump’s Amerikkka

These people do not want to have civil dialogue, they want nothing but for there to be a White Amerikkka.

These people do not want to have civil dialogue, they want nothing but for there to be a White Amerikkka.

When Trump first announced his candidacy and started campaigning on the premise that all Mexicans were rapists and criminals, and that all Muslims were terrorists, I began to write articles to speak out against his racism.  I started comparing him to Hitler but was told I could not do that.; then when his Russian connections began to become public, I was the first to ask if Trump was a Russian spy. I wrote these articles in defense of our American principles as well as in defense of members of my religion and other marginalized groups.

I began to receive death threats constantly. This motivated me to create a Facebook page called Exposing Trump’s Terrorists. People would tell me to listen to the footprints on my front doorstep and even tell me that they would rape my daughter who was three years old at the time.  The constant threats took their toll on me and made me take a hiatus from writing articles, even though I was asked to write.  It was hard to feel motivation when it makes you a target of violence from an obviously violent group, the cultish supporters of Trump. I was having people from a group called the III Percenters sharing my info, as well as people from other White Supremacist militias. They were talking about how I was spreading multiculturalism and hated the White race, even though I am mostly Anglo.

As things have began to get worse, from babies being separated from their parents and put into concentration camps, to ICE even targeting people that have legitimate papers to live in the USA, it is no longer acceptable for me to be quiet.  As it is becoming obvious that Trump is working for the Russians as can be seen by his desire to destroy the EU, UN, NATO, and the World Bank. His work towards destabilizing our relationship with Western Allies while making bonds with traditional enemies. Trump’s desire to lower or eliminate the minimum wage; h2is war against the environment and environmental protections; his war against consumer protection…. Trump even is working towards eliminating child labor laws. Everything that he is doing is meant to harm the American citizen, while at the same time he tries to lead through fear.  He claims that if ICE was not in the streets doing their job that Americans would be scared to leave their homes. I thought that we lived in the Land of the Brave, not the Land of Cowards. However, it is the Trump supporters that cannot go out into public without an AR-15 strapped to their backs.

As a result, America is very divided now. You have the true Americans on one side, the ones that love multi-culturalism and believe in what America was founded upon, the idea of America being the land of opportunity for everyone. On the other, you have these people that are fearful of everything they do not understand, which is pretty much everything because they are a people that abhor education, and are disdainful of multiculturalism. I call this Trump’s Amerikkka.  These people are typically White Evangelicals; some follow the Nordic religions, but it is White Nationalism that brings them together. These people will not live with others and say that others refuse to assimilate when in fact it is their bigotry and lack of culture that they want to push on the rest of society.

America has not always been perfect or the most tolerant society, but America has always tried to right its wrongs and to improve the conditions of others. When people such as Martin Luther King Jr. were making efforts to allow for equality for minorities it was always the White Evangelical White Supremacists that spoke against it. After decades of progress towards creating an equal society, we are in danger of losing the progress that we achieved. After being the world leader in human rights, we are now against human rights. Trump has made his intolerant goons believe that it is okay to belittle and talk bad to minorities. The use of the N-word has become rampant; there are constant videos showing White people calling the police on Black people for nothing.  We all know that the reason they call the police on the Blacks is that they do not want the Blacks in their neighborhoods, and with the prevalence of police brutality on Blacks it can be a death sentence.

They can then accost hard-working Mexicans and other Latinos and call them rapists, then say it is so because Trump said so. They have been going to mosques, burning them down. They have killed Muslims in front of their mosques. There has even been a revival of Blacks getting lynched. Things are out of control. These are a people who lack any civility, so what should we do? How do we treat people that refuse to be civil and are intolerant and want to harm us?

I used to believe that we should try to talk to these people and rationalize with them.  However, these people do not want to have civil dialogue, they want nothing but for there to be a White Amerikkka. These types of people we can no longer try to communicate with. Instead, we need to form alliances with other marginalized and minority groups, we need to stick together and understand that we are under attack by a group of people trying to bring fascism to America while holding the cross and draped in a flag.

The fake patriotism of the Christian Right Evangelicals is ultra-Nationalism which is a disease. It is the same disease that took hold of Germany and made it a Nazi State before WWII. Hitler used the us vs. them to manipulate the White racists to support him. His focus of rage was against the Jewish people, but then it soon spread to others like Jehovah Witnesses, and even the disabled. Trump has even mocked disabled people and his supporters do not care, they cheer him on. The worst that Trump talks about the marginalized group, the more his supporters cheer. Their bloodthirsty desire to rid the USA of non-Whites has led to babies being separated from their parents even when they are seeking refugee status. It has caused them to wear t-shirts talking about taking a rope and lynching journalists, and even kill journalists. His supporters have targeted schools because they also blame the youth for their perceived ills. Really, his supporters are a confused people. In one breath they blame immigrants for stealing their jobs, in the other breath they say that immigrants are lazy and that they are taking welfare.  They blame immigrants for their lack of good jobs when it is their laziness that led to them having bad lives. They were lazy and refused to get a good education, instead saying it would lead to Liberalism. They believe that college professors are lazy and do not understand the plight of true hard-working Americans. They hate intellectuals and call them elitists, then get angry when immigrants come and take great jobs as doctors and engineers, knowing full well that they do not have the education for these jobs.

These same people complain about immigrants in our universities, but again it is their own fault that they did not get an education. The truth of the matter is that these people, these White racists are lazy and do not want competition. They are amongst the most ignorant of people in history and yet they believe that due to their skin color that they are better than others. I am White, I know full well how these people think.  I have heard them say that immigrants should not be allowed to get here and even if the people become citizens and have children born here, they do not believe that they are true Americans.  hese people are the enemies of America, the enemies of humanity, and they cannot be reasoned with. They must be thoroughly defeated in the mid-term elections. Imagine, Republicans try to blame the Democrats for being racists but there are no less than eight White Supremacists in Republican tickets for the November 2018 elections. Due to Trump’s dog whistles to the White Supremacists they believe it is now their time to make a White America and in turn a White world. Believe me, these people will not stop until they can start doing genocide on anyone that is not like them or agrees with them.

Sometimes when the White Evangelicals say that God put Trump in place, I believe that they are correct. Nothing happens without the permission of Allah. However, I believe it is a punishment from Allah to America due to the racist policies against minorities as well as the unjust treatment by America to other parts of the world. The USA has destabilized many countries around the world and placed dictators. Now we have a dictator that is working to destabilize America and we can thank the White Supremacist Evangelical Christians for this.

I am a Muslim and I believe that every human has the right to be treated justly and with dignity.  I do not care about your ethnicity, as a matter of fact, Islam forbids racism and encourages multiculturalism because we can learn and benefit from each other. I do not care about someone’s sexual orientation, we should all be treated equally under the Constitution. What other people do is not my business. We should all learn to love one another and accept each other for our differences. We all share this planet and we should all remember that in order to have a peaceful life, that love is the answer, not hate. We cannot let hate win.