Showing strength and unity on eve of one-month anniversary of fatal Quebec shooting

For all those in Toronto, Canada.

For all those in Toronto, Canada.

In a show of interfaith solidarity, faith based organizations will form  a “Ring of Peace” around the Jaffari Community Centre on Friday, March 3rd 2017

Mosaic Interfaith, Neshamah, several faith-based community groups and local schools will take part in the formation of a “ring of peace” around the Jaffari Community Centre (JCC), 9000 Bathurst St. Thornhill, ON during the Islamic Friday afternoon prayers on March 3, 2017.

The event will take place in the south car park of JCC beginning at 12.40 pm.

This symbolic act is inspired by a group of young Muslims, who in February 2015 initiated a “ring of peace” around the main synagogue in Oslo, Norway, in which more than 1,000 people took part. It was held during Shabbat (Friday evening) prayers to demonstrate solidarity in the face of a number of anti-Semitic attacks that had taken place across Europe.

A concerned member of the community was deeply touched by the “rings of peace” that occurred around mosques in Toronto on February 3, 2017 and spearheaded this initiative. The Jaffari Community Centre was strategically chosen for this purpose because it is located in a suburb in which many Jews, Muslims and people of all faiths co-exist peacefully.

The event comes on the heels of the one-month anniversary of the tragic events that occurred at the Centre Culturel Islamique Quebec, in Quebec City, where six Canadian Muslims were gunned down on January 29, 2017. The objective behind this gathering is to continue the momentum of solidarity and goodwill that is a hallmark of Canadian traditions and values. Participating organizations aim for this event to mark the first step in diverse communities coming together to send a message that hatred, violence, denigration or marginalization of any kind will not be tolerated, and that we can rely on one another to speak up for our shared values.

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About Mosaic Interfaith

Mosaic Interfaith was founded in 1980 to promote respectful dialogue so that we can learn from each other about our faiths and break down misconceptions so that we can live in peace.

About Neshamah: A New Model for Jewish Community

Neshamah was formed in 2011 to fill the need for a progressive Jewish presence in the North Thornhill area. In five years, the community has grown to more than 150 families.

About The Jaffari Community Centre

For more information please contact:

Fran Isaacs, Co-Chair Mosaic Interfaith, email: thisisfran@yahoo.com
Rabbi Erin Polansky, Neshamah, email: rabbi@neshamah.ca Phone: 647-930-1709
Shabbir Jaffer, Vice President and Team Lead, Media, Communications & Outreach, ISIJ of Toronto. Email: vicepresident@jaffari.org Phone: 905-695-9786



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