The Amazon rainforest is burning, and Muslims must step up to help save our earth

As Muslims, we have a duty to come together with the rest of the world and protect the beautiful earth that is our home.  

The Amazon rainforest is on fire, and it’s no longer a viable excuse to claim ignorance in the face of such devastating consequences on our planet. This year alone has seen 73,000 fires across the Amazon rainforest, an 83% increase from last year, making this the highest recorded number of fires in the rainforest since 2013.

The vast majority of the fires raging through the Amazon rainforest are said to have been caused by humans, as fire is used to clear out land for ranching and farming. As the fires burn through the forest, not only does it cause more greenhouse gas emissions, harmful to our ozone layer, but it also makes the planet’s overall temperature go up. Major droughts are on the horizon with massive fires like this that burn across the forests, and the consequences on the entire planet on the whole are severe.

Not only are there environmental issues at stake, but the indigenous Amazonian peoples who live in the forests are being specifically targeted by large companies and Brazil’s government, who continue to ignore the repeated pleas by the people to stop the destruction of the rainforest. Their homes, cultural heritage, and livelihoods are being destroyed by the large-scale farming and ranching that indiscriminately targets large areas of the Amazon rainforest.

So what can Muslims do to help not only save the Amazon rainforest but stop the massive harm being done to our planet today? First, we must no longer use the excuse of ignorance and become vigilantly aware of what is happening to our earth today. Climate change is happening before our eyes, and no matter what the outcome or what you believe in terms of fate or destiny, it is our duty to protect all of God’s creation, including the forests of this beautiful earth.

Second, we must take practical steps to cut down on our carbon footprint, and to look into where we are buying all of our products, foods, and even our votes. For example, Brazil is the largest exporter of halal meat, something many Muslims are not aware of. Because cattle ranching is one of the main causes of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, it becomes painfully clear that our halal meat source is one of the main causes of the harm being done to our earth today.

Finally, we must mobilize. We must spread awareness to our communities, from the oldest of our mosque members to the children of our families. As Muslims, we have a duty to come together with the rest of the world and protect the beautiful earth that is our home.

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