Ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims by the government in Burma (documentary)

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Please note, this documentary contains some graphic images viewers may find distressing.

This eye opening program exposes the plot hatched by the government of Myanmar to stir up tension between the Buddhists majority and the Muslims minority, the communities that used to live in peace for generations. Violence flared up in the western Rakhine state in 2012, leaving hundreds of Muslim Rohingyas dead, and many more homeless.

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In Mandalay, Myanmar’s cultural center and former royal capital, like the rest of the country, the Rohingya Muslims fear for their lives because of unfounded accusations brought against them. Hundreds of thousands of them now live in camps and are dying due to lack of health care. Living in the world’s most persecuted communities, the Muslim Rohingyas consider the government and the security forces as the hands behind the violence.