China separating thousands of Muslim children from parents in newest crackdown

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New evidence coming out of the Journal of Political Risk shows that China has been and continues to separate and “re-educate” Uyghur children from what the state calls “double-detained” parents; where the mother and father are both abducted by the state for “suspicious” activities.

These orphaned children are taken to “re-education” camps or state-run education schools, where they are put through processes of “re-learning” loyalty to the state, are put through questionable “psychological counselling”, and are taught the negatives of Islam in comparison to state-loyalty.

Uyghur concentration camps in China may be largest mass incarceration since the Holocaust

Once in these schools, the Uyghur language is banned, any connection to Islam is forbidden, and children are “re-taught” basic hygiene and manners, perpetuating the stereotype that China works so hard towards in portraying Uyghur Muslims as backwards and un-educated.

The UN estimates that more than one million Uyghurs are held in concentration camps across Xinjiang province, where the majority of Uyghurs are based, with the number of purposely orphaned Uyghur children being taken into these high-security education schools in at least the thousands.

China’s genocide of the Uyghur population, from physical and cultural suppression to the horrifying concentration camps across the province that is being labeled as the largest mass incarceration since the Holocaust, is not only deeply worrying because of the ease with which the state is conducting this, but because of the large silence from world leaders on this mass atrocity.

China using U.S. technology to track DNA of Uyghur “dissidents”

The historic evidence of China conducting cultural (and arguably physical) genocide against ethnic minorities and getting away with it can be seen in Tibet, where the state has almost fully suppressed any rights of the Tibetan people. A repeat of history, with advances in brutality, is now happening in the north with the minority Uyghur population, with little concern from the rest of the world.

As China continues without consequence with large-scale concentration camps, cultural genocide, illegal killings, and the separation of children from parents, it is only a matter of time before it is too late. One of the largest mass atrocities of modern history continues to unfold in the little-known northern corner of China, while the world continues to bask in trade-deals and political partnerships.