Don’t call me a moderate Muslim


Don’t call me a moderate Muslim


Don’t call me a moderate Muslim. I am not a moderate Muslim. I am a Muslim in full flow. Every inch of me is a Muslim and I do not practice my faith in moderation. I pray, fast, give charity and consume only those things that are permissible, by the grace and guidance of the Almighty.

When we refer to ourselves as moderate Muslims, we are essentially conceding that Islam and everything that ISIS, Boko Haram et al. do is real Islam and we’re sort of saying: “don’t worry guys, we’re moderate, we practice Islam minus the killing, beheading and explosions.”

We all know what the term moderate means, here’s a dictionary definition: “make or become less extreme, intense, rigorous, or violent.” Thus by calling ourselves moderate, we’re admitting that we practice a less extreme, intense, rigorous and violent version of Islam.

This is absolutely absurd. Islam is a religion of peace, there is no place of oppressive, criminal and violent behaviour and so the Islam that me and you practice on a daily basis is the full-blooded, unmoderated and real Islam. I can understand how the term moderate Muslim manifested, as an effort to separate ourselves from the likes of extremist such as ISIS.

NB: I don’t even like the phrase “extremist Muslim”, once again it implies they are practising Islam but an extreme version, yet there is no such thing as an extreme version of Islam. If you understand the Book of Allah fully, there is no way to derive anything extreme from it. We’ll leave this issue for another article….maybe.

Back to the point. Unfortunately, the use of moderate Muslims plays into the hands of those who wish to defame Islam, as it paints “extremist Islam” as the default Islam.

Articles such as this one in the Daily Mail, talk about children in Australia being taught moderate islam. What exactly is moderate Islam? Pray only 3 times a day? Fast only 10 days? Pork’s allowed on bank holidays? It’s too generic of a term because everyone will have their own definition of up to what limit is considered moderate and then we’ll see countless different forms of “Islam” and arguments over what is moderate enough.

I appreciate articles such as this in the Huffington Post, raising awareness of the lack of coverage the media give to Muslims who are denouncing terror. However, the title says “moderate Muslims denounce terrorism”, again all that says to me is that terror is the default of Islam and the moderates are saying: “hey don’t do that part of Islam, just be moderate, like us”, yet no true Muslim should be doing anything of that sort. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but that’s how I see it.

Real Muslims

We should be calling ourselves real Muslims, because that’s who we are. We are peaceful, loving, caring, sharing and law abiding citizens and follow the religion the way it’s supposed to be followed. There is no moderation in the practice of our religion at all, we follow it centimetre by centimetre, leaving nothing out.

We hear on Fox News et al. “so and so followed a radical form of Islam” – there is no such thing as a “radical” form of Islam, it’s impossible to extract anything radical from the religion unless you completely twist the meaning – at which point it ceases to be a part Islam anyway!

Ask yourself this question: do you love the Prophet in moderation? Do you love God in moderation? If your answers “no”, then you’re not a moderate Muslim. You’re in fact a real Muslim, because you practice the religion the way it’s intended to be practised.

Therefore, I urge all Muslims around the globe to label themselves as real Muslims and not moderate Muslims. So when non-Muslims see us they say: “ah, look, these guys practice the real and true Islam” rather than: “oh, thank God, these guys practice the moderate version of Islam!”

Get me?


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  • In some schools in the US muslims have thrown fits about food at schools and now the food has to be such that “appeases” the muslims. Like the person who mentioned not being able to walk in front of the mosque in New York. Your religion is intruding on the culture of our country.

  • Wow, I was about to write a comment on how much I agree with the writer of this article but then I got caught up in all of the comments. As an IB student and the daughter of an Imam I fount it really interesting about the different dynamics and perspectives everyone was using in their opinion (TOK has ruined me). But, my main question was how there could be people leaving hateful comments on this article but there has been mostly nothing else written on any of the other articles on this beautiful website. Just very curious about it. I’m a psych student as well as a history student so I guess that explains my thoughts. But to the author I say this was an amazing article, I completely agree with you and I feel like you touched on a taboo topic usually not considered taboo. Its’ a really great conversation starter. Jazakullah for that amazing read.

  • Ilyas Martini
    March 19, 2017 9:25 pm

    I see that there are people who equate the rampant inhustifications of the sadistic practices committed at the hands of terrorists that are labelled Muslim to representing the collective shared viewpoint of the mainstream Islamic point of view! This view is being partisan to the medias exploitatation of the engineering of mass disinformation of the masses in the manufacture of consent, to fear, to enraged, to be paranoid and to be persuaded that “Islam/Muslims to being a common enemy thereby exploiting the inculcated and misinformed masses to hate as well as to have a sense of indifference about the plight of all those innocents being subjected to the terrorisms being instigated and carried out by those who’s only interest is to get richer by stealing mineral wealth such as oil. Who cares if a mass genocide is being committed against peicefull law abiding people who don’t wish to hurt anyone?! Who cares if millions get their communities destroyed, are disfigured, have their sons/daughters or entire families wiped out due to falling bombs directed from western powers or by ISIS of which “The Muslims” are the ones who are being targeted, tortured, raped and killed. The western media likes to show no humanity towards Muslims or empathise they plight – just as that great sentiment of an outpouring of grief and solidarity in Germany! There is plenty of references in The Quran and Sunnah of tolerance, respect, equality that goes against the systematic indoctrination of the “Mass Media of intolerance, racism and the rampant xenophobia on the gronds of ethnic, cultural and religious grounds. The media does not want to show after all anything good of anything they’re directing their stack against after all! The polital agendas at the behest of the behest of the powers that be are in the interests of the plutocrats and the political elite who will go along with anything just to stay in their jobs and be complicit In the interests that are manifested in the great lies.

  • usakindatheart
    March 5, 2016 3:01 pm

    Hog wash on this article, your Koran is very specific of what and how u r supposed to live your life, and Isis is doing just that.
    U find the word moderate repulsive?
    The world finds Islam repulsive, you know why Christian nations give special concessions to Muslims? It’s not because anyone likes your religion I can assure you.
    It’s because Muslims.s go nuts at a drop in a hat.
    Example in new York there are sidewalks on every Street, new York people, all the people who pay taxes to that city own those sidewalks. But the mosques do not want newyorkers to walk in front of their mosque, first it was because they were wearing shoes, next because they were unbelievers, infidels, kufurs, ect.. New Yorkers were and today threatened by the Muslims in the doorway of the mosque if they just try to walk down that side of the street.
    What does the city do to appease the situation? They block the damn sidewalk, at the intersection and now people have to cross the street to walk the opposite sidewalk to go down the street.
    Appeasement? So the Muslims that are nice little Muslims today, the moderates, so they won’t go nuts and become extremist.
    Because every other religion knows how a Muslim really is,
    The m
    Nice, moderate Muslim actually is the Muslims most bigoted, insane, barbaric creature on this earth we have right now, that’s why.
    The word moderate means a must m to the people that r around them means at this time you are not going nuts!
    But we all know it takes a split second for muSlim’s to go nuts, and be just like Mohammad, a warmongering, raping, murdering, torturing, terrorising, pedophil, stoning beheading, animal.
    So look at it this way, if someone says your moderate, it’s a complement, me an ng the person standing by you is hoping that today, from your behavior, your not going to go nuts.
    Get it now?

    • This is an unacceptable comment which admin needs to remove immediately, there is so much anger, venom and misunderstanding one can only wonder what travesty once befell you. Please leave the interpretations of Islam to actual muslims, your bitterness is unwarranted and your views are warped. Be guided o lost one

  • Chewbacca1066
    January 12, 2016 7:30 am

    I’m 39 years old and living in Los Angeles in the United States, I’m work in tech and make a good living.

    I plan on fighting Islam and Muslims in the West until the day I die. Stay in your country/regions, screw it up all you want, but don’t bring your demented ideas here. If you’re in the West now, I advise you to move back to your ancestral homeland.

    In Europe, its obvious that things are about to get really comfortable, really fast. And knowing the history of Europe, it doesn’t look good for them.

  • Joe Themanginaman
    December 24, 2015 5:22 am

    This is a very scary article in view of Taqiyya. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. You are either an observant Muslim or you are an apostate. You don’t get to cherry pick the peaceful verses out off the Quran and start your own religion of “peace”. If you don’t want to be a real Muslim, an observant one then leave Islam and go back to the religion of your forefather, Judaism cause they don’t believe apostates like you deserve to be killed for the honor of Allah. Why an apostate Muslim would want to cling to an evil cult and make up their own peaceful version of Islam is beyond me. Commit to Jihad or leave Islam.

  • Sharmini Serasinghe
    December 22, 2015 4:18 am

    Perhaps ‘misguided’ might be a better term than ‘extremist’.

    • “Misguided” into mass slaughter of innocents??? “Misguided” into rape? Torture? Destruction of whole civilizations? “Misguided” in the goal of world domination and rule by sharia law?

      The terrorists themselves have said – “there is no moderate islam, there is no extreme islam – there is only islam.”
      I can appreciate the writer’s feelings, but until all those who feel that way actually stand up and DO something, talk is cheap.

  • Agreed. Problem however is that the likes of Al Qaeda and ISIS are the ones calling themselves the real Islam. Shall we just refuse their denomination and call them something else, like fake Islam? You barely hinted at what you would call them. You just said that Islam does not promote or preach violence. They would certainly beg to didfer it would seem.

    I say, let’s just call them fake FISIS for Fake Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Would you, a real Muslim, agree to write off those fake Muslims who have genuinely surrender themselves like yourself to Allah, as charlatans and distorters of real Islam?

    The problem my friend, is not with the media, is with the followers of Islam who can’t agree what it is.

    This happened with Christianity and still is happening, same thing with Judaism. It just so happened that now some Muslims chose to turn violent because of how they interpret Islam.

  • So it wasn’t Islam that spread across Arabia, North Africa, Spain, and battered down the gates of Byzantium?

  • Here we go again. “Islam is a religion of peace.” That incessant responsibility-dodging line. I don’t like the word “moderate” either because it defines something by what it isn’t (“extreme”) rather than by what it is. But I wonder–does this writer consider himself a “secular” Muslim? Not seeing any of that. Instead, preaching about the “real” Islam, which just raises the question of why we should accept his version of the “real” Islam rather than that of ISIS. If “moderate” means not blowing shit up–not thinking that your holy cause aborgates ordinary morality, which is the definition of “extremism”–I’m fine with it, thank you.

  • If you believe and follow your religion unflinchingly, then I beg your pardon, you are a bit extreme as compared to where the more free and open societies are headed. You think following your religion is important and that it self makes you rigid in what you will wear, what you will eat, how you will interact with the rest of the world. It is not the terrorists alone, it is the ideology of Islam that is problematic even in times of peace. All that is haraam for you, sits well in the countries many Muslims aspire to live in. How is it compatible to adhere to a set of guidelines given a thousand years ago in today’s world? The terrorist is only causing problems where they are, but this mentality is causing problems every where. Even if you do not kill, your blinding belief in following, obeying, practicing to the T your faith is kind of regressive. Coming from a Hindu, we are also fighting in our religion those who believe Hinduism needs to be followed, who want to build a brotherhood of Hindus, those who want to practice Hinduism as a monotheistic religion.

    • Hindus don’t eat beef. That doesn’t mean that you are asking the whole world to eat beef also. But me, being a non-hindu, will not eat beef in front of you, because I respect you as a human and I respect your rights to practise your religion freely as long as it doesn’t violate me in any way; even if I don’t believe in it. Essentially, that is what Islam taught me on how to behave with other religions. I would suggest you to stop reading about my religion from the mainstream media. Go to a mosque. Hear it out from us Muslims ourselves. We’re as much humans as you are :) Covering myself doesn’t make me any less human. I still have feelings, I still cry, I still hurt and I still bleed. As much as everyone else deserves to, we just want freedom to practise what we believe in. We cover ourselves, but we are not asking you to. We don’t eat pork, but we are not asking others to stop. The core of our religion is love, tolerance & humility. The point of our religion is to teach us to be better humans, just like all the other main religions do. I’m just saddened that some people are debating our rights to have that… Islam has been coexisting with other religions since our Prophet’s time, and we have always been taught to tolerate and be understanding. Forcing others to be a Muslim was NEVER taught in our religion. “To you your religion, and to me, mine.” “There is no compulsion in religion.” Those are verses in the Qur’an. Sadly, the mainstream media almost never capture these verses when they’re reporting :)

      • Noura, you don’t have to teach me you are human and cry and bleed and smile the same as others. Believe me when I say, I know. I am not saying Muslims are aliens and have different properties than the rest of the human race. Now with that little thing out of the way, yes my above comment is a bit biased and unfair too. I acknowledge that. I also acknowledge that I am not particularly partial to any religion and have a problem with the concept of religion itself. I have been to a mosque, I have been to a temple and have friends who go to churches and you know what? Not every one of these places preaches peace and love for human kind. A lot of temples preach hatred, a lot of mosques gear people for war. No major religion, Islam included, has at any point in history existed peacefully with others. The problem with religions is that they ‘teach’, and you need to consult your respective books instead of pure old common sense and a healthy conscience to know what is right from wrong. Now I respect that you want to practice your religion, nowhere have I said Muslims should not. But for example-‘We cover ourselves, but we are not asking you to. We don’t eat pork, but we are not asking others to stop.’ Yes you do. In a lot of Islamic republics, you do tell people what they can wear, eat and who they can or cannot worship.

        • you see, that’s where you’re wrong. just because a number of people does that doesn’t mean they represent the whole community. I don’t do that. The scholars that I learn from don’t do that. my family and friends here don’t do that. I agree that some people do have a knack for that, but this type of people do that even to us, their own supposedly brothers and sisters in faith. this type of people are the type who likes to judge us when we don’t do the kind of “good deeds” that they do, when Islam is in fact a very easy and tolerant religion. This is the type of people who think so higly of themselves and feel that they are holy for going to islamic classes for example, when on the other hand, they are always hurting their neighbour. that is not islam. islam is striving to be the best version of you while being good and kind to everyone. that’s the problem with generalising us into one lump. that’s the problem with being completely adamant in believing that the action of one represents the whole lot. we are all different from each other. we all think differently. just as they are muslims who are mean, who imposes their religion on others, who think they are holy – there are also muslims who are kind, who dedicate their time to help people, who believes in tolerance & humanity. and that is exactly what my quran taught me. “to you your religion, and to me, mine.”

          • True. Although, can’t we just have other ways like humanity and kindness be the guiding light to help us as you so well put it -“striving to be the best version of you while being good and kind to everyone”, instead of texts that tell some of us one thing and others a different thing, and then are so open to interpretation by sects that want to use it differently?

          • I see your point, and I understand where you’re coming from. though I have to respectfully disagree, I personally think that different people have different motivation that they look up to. to me, that text gives me strength to help people when I don’t feel like it, to be honest when lying would get me out of a difficult spot, to be gentle when times are harsh and to be kind at times that being mean feels so much more satisfying. though I do agree that some people are born with this kind and loving nature, and are intrinsically good people. but not all people are born that way. while humanity is part of people, greed also is. so where does the line stop?

            I think we can both agree that as long as humans can agree to be nice and kind to each other, regardless of their source of motivation, we can all live peacefully together :)

          • Amen to that:)

          • usakindatheart
            March 5, 2016 3:34 pm

            Reading both of your liberal dribble made me want to go get a cup of green tea and lay my throat bare for a Muslim to slice.
            Your kumbaya rhetoric, and your anon appeasement and back peddling, is a great example why Muslims world over is allowed to kill rape murder behead torture stone to dead honor killing of wives and daughters.
            Appeasement, appeasement, appeasement, appeasement..

          • I am smiling reading this. I like the way we ended. I still consider Islamic ideology intolerant, narrow and and too authoritarian for my liking or even respect. But I can respect Muslims who chose to be good representatives of their religion. We can’t all convert into neck baring Catholics can we? And correct me if I am wrong, doesn’t the old testament contain pretty barbaric

            stuff as well?

          • usakindatheart
            March 5, 2016 3:31 pm

            That does not go with Islam Mohammad teachings at all, read the Koran study it, it’s one piece of scary work, imagine taking out parts of new and old testament and torahh, twist it till it’s almost ugly or barbaric and print it as a book, that’s the koran

        • usakindatheart
          March 5, 2016 3:29 pm

          Your not going to the right churches, and church is to teach you about the life of God and Jesus, as far as societal fit in how you are supposed to behave with your fellow man on a daily bases culturally, that’s your parents job, higher education, trials and tribulations.
          But let’s be for fellow man is what Jesus has preached

      • usakindatheart
        March 5, 2016 3:25 pm

        I have no problems blem eating need in front of a Hindu or pork in front of a Muslim, and both times, neither sad a word, we ate lunch like any other people. By not eating you are expressing appeasement, which allows another religion to surpass your freedoms, which is stupid.
        This licL beral thinking hurts everyone and for the users,vthey will push this appeasement all the way to the supreme Court.

    • It’s interesting that you criticize that the rules of a religion as being against freedom, but you yourself try to deny others the freedom of choosing a religion. In free and open societies, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your rights and the laws, others are free to do what they want with their lifes. You judging how good or bad they are doing, is just against this “freedom” and “openness” you pretend to defend. Already if you write something like “more free and open societes” you are showing the belief that some societies are superior (more free and open) to others (less open and free). Now, you are of course free to feel whatever you want, and to express your opinion. But realize how portraying your subjective opinion as an objective rule for “freedom” and “opennes” is weak as argument, for it is contradictory with the essence of “freedom” and “openness”.

      • I have not denied or wanted to deny others freedom of choosing a religion. Just commented on what that choice of wanting to practice a religion in it’s absolute, defined form does to disengage from the larger society that may not follow the same path. Also would you say that Saudi Arabia and Sweden are comparable, are similarly open and fair and free? I would not, and I doubt that it is my subjective opinion.

      • usakindatheart
        March 5, 2016 3:22 pm

        Anon is right on, u use the argument of freedom to believe in oppression of yourself and others, it’s called an oxymoron, Google please

  • Should Muslims follow Koran to be a Muslim ? Then saying “There is no moderation in the practice of our religion at all, we follow it centimetre by centimetre, leaving nothing out.” makes you another extremist and a hypocrite because Koran often encourage violence and is practiced by means such as Sharia law & terrorism. http://www.religiousmind.com/2015/11/does-quran-really-contain-dozens-of.html

    • maybe you should stop reading about Islam from mainstream media and some questionable websites, and hear it from us instead. Go to a mosque. Make some Musljm friends. I can tell you this, not a single one of the verses in quran promotes violence. The verses that you always see were always so conveniently extracted to portray that. But go search the whole verse and READ it. It’s always prefixed or suffixed with “IF you were attacked first”, “IF they wage a war against you”. Be sincere. Come to a mosque and get answers from them. We will be more than happy to have you.

  • Does the author support Israel? Does the author hate Jews? Does the author support sharia law? Does the author condem ISIS? Al Queda? Muslim brotherhood? Hamas? Does the author condem violence against Israel?? Does the author believe Israel has the right to exist? Does the author condem terriost attacks in all cases? Does the author think that shooting missiles into Israel is sometimes justified? Does the author support Muslims conquering the world by force? Do other religions have any rights? If so what are they? Does the author think that the violence propagated by other Muslims is sometimes necessary? Does the author support child marriages? Should Muslim women be forced or coerced into wearing Burkas or head coverings? What do you think about Osama bin laden?

    Until these questions and more are answered directly then I have doubts as to the true meaning of her statements about peace and love. Muslims seem to have a different definition of these simple terms than the rest of the world.

    • all of those questions have been adressed and answered, time and time again by our Muslim scholars. You only need to be sincere when you’re looking for those answers :) You can try scholars like Yasir Qadhi, Mufti Menk, Omar Suleiman, Nouman Ali Khan, Suhaib Webb. They’re REALLY good at explaning these things in a way that we can all understand :)

  • Soufyane Teffahi
    December 17, 2015 8:10 pm

    Here is a blog that explores the same issue from a historical and linguistic point of view. I found it very interesting and I am sure you will enjoy it too. https://notblindblog.wordpress.com

  • Ahlam Jabr Um Wisal
    December 17, 2015 4:23 pm

    Absolutely! I’ve always disliked the use of extremists to describe the terrorists. It is implying that they are practicing Islam to the extreme! Islam does not encourage ppl to kill innocents do how are they considered extremists? If they are not even practicing Islam correctly!

  • That is something. Most of us never think about that. Of course, one is either Muslim or not Muslim. Why this so common a term of moderate Muslim then. Better to delete this term from our dictionary

  • Zuzana Andělová
    December 17, 2015 4:47 am

    Agree completely. Can I translate into my language and share?

  • I agree with you very much. Thank you for posting this.

    http://www.corebeliefs.faith/ I have more related stuff here.

  • Well done Amit those are my exact senitiments!!!!