Is it halal to vote in this upcoming General Election?

“I’ll be voting, because scholars vote as well.”

“I’ll be voting, because scholars vote as well.”

Despite the rise in Islamophobia across the UK, attacks on Muslim women, Muslim children bullied in playgrounds, and intense right-wing media negativity surrounding Muslims, there are still some in our community who have questioned the Islamic legitimacy of voting and making a change for the better alongside protecting Muslims in the UK.

MEND have therefore uploaded a written fatwa from leading Muslims scholars on the permissibility and importance of voting. There is a video below showcasing their support too:

This video stands as an important reminder to get out and vote, in one of the most important General Elections of the decade. Set to be the first winter poll since 1923, this General Election will decide which party will hold the majority of seats, thereby deciding who will lead Parliament and become Prime Minister.

The election is set for December 12th, and the last day to register to vote is on the 26th of November. Click here for more information on registering and voting for this winter election.

I’ll be voting, because scholars vote as well.”

To learn more about why Muslims should vote, you can find everything you need to know on MEND’s website here.

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