Wome Deluxe Hotel Review: Most Popular Halal Hotel?

The Wome Deluxe hotel in Turkey is one of the most popular hotels for Muslims. We found out why.

The Wome Deluxe hotel in Turkey is one of the most popular hotels for Muslims. We found out why.

The Wome Delux hotel in Alanya, Turkey, is considered one of the most fully-featured halal hotels globally. If you are looking for a luxury hotel with all halal considerations accounted for, there may be no better place than the Wome Deluxe!

Are you planning a trip to Turkey or trying to think up ideas for your next getaway? The Wome Deluxe is as tempting as it gets!

Wome Deluxe: An Overview

The Wome Deluxe hotel provides its guests with a wide range of amenities, including private beaches, entertainment facilities, and swimming pools. The hotel is in one of the best locations in Alanya, just 10 kilometres from the city centre. This is the first choice of guests who want the separate pool and beach areas for men and women and an alcohol-free hotel with an all-inclusive concept. It has a 7,000-square-metre spa where ladies and gentlemen can relax in the Turkish bath sauna or steam bath and take advantage of the beauty treatments available. Even while on vacation, you can maintain your daily routine by participating in sports activities at the sports centre. The hotel provides entertaining activities such as speed boats and paragliders for adventure seekers, allowing you to spend every minute of your vacation in a fun and peaceful manner.

An Alcohol-Free Experience

Muslims living in the west particularly find it difficult to find alcohol-free establishments to enjoy a meal, stay or vacation. It’s not particularly ideal to be surrounded by tables where alcohol is being drunk or having to vacation in places where bars and the like are commonplace – particularly if we’re taking children with us.

Here’s where the Wome Deluxe hotel shines. It’s an entirely alcohol-free resort. No more asking if a particular drink or dessert is drizzled with alcohol or being stuck next to people drinking it. It’s these tiny details that make all the difference and make a trip less stressful!

Women Only Facilities

Our sisters often get the short-sticked on vacation. They’re unabe to enjoy pools, beaches and other facilities due to hijab issues. At the Wome Deluxe hotel, there are entire areas dedicated exclusively for women!

Starting with the beach ladies can enjoy the soft sand, calming water and catch a tan with all the privacy they need. Onsite there are a variety of activities to avail of as well as the spa, sauna and steam bath facilities.

Brothers are provided the same amenities too – you haven’t been forgotten!

Pleasant Staff

The Wome Deluxe seem to have put a lot of effort in its recruitment and training. The staff are a delight and make the experience all the more enjoyable. The last thing we want are slow, unresponsive and unwelcoming staff. You won’t have that problem here! Here is one guest’s reflection upon staff and the general hospitality:

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My experience with Wome Deluxe was amazing. The service is so friendly, and they manage to give customers a really good feeling and they help in every way they can. For example, I have a lot of food intolerances and the chefs at the restaurant took into account whatever desire or wish I have. Every night, they asked me what every desire or wish I had and they prepared a special gluten free dish and they were so kind about it. The food was amazing and very good quality. It was a mixture of Turkish and other types of cuisines. They even prepared a nice lunch box when I was checked out of the hotel for my roadtrip back home. This is excellent service and so kind of them to do so.”

Another added:

The best thing about this resort is the enthusiastic staff and family friendly environment as well as the delicious food. Special thanks to Alihan and Salih, Zakeea and Abdul Murat.”


Since the outbreak of Covid-19, cleanliness is high on the agenda, especially in public places such as hotels. Once again, the Wome Deluxe leaves no stone unturned.

Many guests have reported a literal flawless experience during their stay. The ardent germaphone won’t find anything to complain about here!

Enjoy the Best Views

The Wome Deluxe hotel is uniquely surrounded by the sea and a forest and guests can take their pick of view! Family rooms are available facing both magnificent works of God.

Verdict: The Best Halal Hotel

It would take a brave person to argue against the Wome Deluxe’s status as the best halal hotel available today.  Everything even the most practising Muslim would want is taken care of – we’d highly recommend everyone to stay here at least once in their lifetime!

Book Your Stay at the Wome Deluxe Hotel

The Wome Deluxe hotel has all the ingredients to make it one of the best vacations you’ve ever had! Have we wetted your appetite? Book your stay!