Forced ID Numbers for Children: France’s Macron Introduces New Charter for French Muslims

Stating that this is all an attempt to stem “radicalization”, Macron continues to defend these horrifying laws as part of his attempt to protect French secularism.

CLARIFICATION (09:46 GMT 22/11/20 ): An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that ID Numbers would be exclusively for Muslim children in France. This has been amended to reflect the fact that the draconian measures within the bill will be in place for all children in Macron’s bid to fight against what he has declared as’ Islamist Separatism’. We sincerely apologize for our earlier error in reporting the facts of this story.

In a shocking new development in France, President Macron has added to the already growing tensions within the country between the President’s fight against “radical Islam” and the increasingly obvious state-sponsored Islamophobia within France.

President Macron has now asked the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), an organization with the country’s top Muslim leaders, to accept a “charter of republican values” as part of his fight against so-called “radical Islam” within France. He has given them a 15-day ultimatum to accept his new charter.

So far, the CFCM has agreed to create a National Council of Imams, which means that all imams within France will be issued official accreditation which can be withdrawn at any time.

This new charter that Macron is proposing will state that Islam is a religion and not a political movement, and will prohibit any “foreign interference” with any Muslim organization or group within France. Other measures within this new bill include:

  • Restrictions on home-schooling for families, and harsher punishments for those who “intimidate public officials” based on religious grounds
  • Giving children an identification number that could track them and ensure that they are attending school
  • Punishing parents who break the laws around ID numbers with up to six months in jail in addition to large fines

Stating that this is all an attempt to stem “radicalization”, Macron continues to defend these horrifying laws as part of his attempt to protect French secularism. Earlier this year, Macron had described Islam as a religion in “crisis” around the world and defended the right of magazines to publish offensive cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed.

The French ideals of liberty, fraternity, and equality – and the overarching notion of secularism (laïcité) – somehow does not seem to extend to the increasingly vulnerable community of French Muslims, who continue to be denied basic freedoms such as the freedom of expression with hijab and the freedom of religion with public displays of faith.

France, home to western Europe’s largest Muslim population, is increasingly under pressure on all sides – Macron is gaining popularity with hardline right-wingers within the country, while Muslim majority countries around the world have stepped up and created a #boycottFrenchproducts movement – deeply affecting France’s popularity from Mali to Pakistan.

In reference to his newest proposed charter, many across social media expressed deep shock and frustration at Macron’s continued stance against France’s Muslim population:

As Macron has given a 15-day ultimatum to the CFCM to accept his new charter, it remains to be seen what decision will be made, and how it will ultimately affect the increasingly vulnerable population of Muslims within France.

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