A message to ISIS, from a British Muslim (video)

In recent weeks and months, arguably ever since the Charlie Hebdo incident, a lot has been said about the need for moderate, peace-loving Muslims to speak out and condemn the terrorists attacks from the likes of ISIS under the false pretext of Islam. I do not agree that moderate Muslims are required to apologise on behalf of Islam, because Islam is a religion of peace and there is no reason or justification for such attacks within the fold of the religion. Nor do I agree that we should apologise on behalf of these vile terrorists, twisting Islam and Quranic verses to propagate their blinkered view. Apologising on either of these two fronts would indicate that Islam and the Quran do condone or have room for such atrocities and this is far, far from the truth. However, I do agree, that for the sake of our religion and for the sake of all the hard work the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) put in to establishing true Islam, we should make the attempt to separate and differentiate between Islam and such inhumane behaviour and disassociate ourselves from all forms of terror and terrorist groups.

One such British Muslim is doing just that. As most will be aware, Tunisia was victim to a fatal shooting which cost the lives of 36 people, 30 of which were British. In light of this unfortunate incident, Haseeb Ahmed has made a short video, out-rightly condemning these attacks whilst urging other Muslims, British or not, to do the same.

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We should all take a leaf out Haseeb’s book and condemn such attacks in whatever capacity we are able to.

Do you agree? How do you think we should respond/react as peaceful British Muslims? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below…



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