Dear West: A Muslim’s response to the aftermath or terrorism (video)

This video is in response to the aftermath of the #ParisAttacks; that includes the expected condemnation of the Muslim community as well as the horrific revenge attacks we have faced.

My heart goes out to all those who were mercilessly killed in Paris, Beirut, Baghdad on the same day. Before you accuse me of sympathising with ISIS, please watch my other piece:

Dear West – Lyrics

Dear West I’ve heard great things about your side of town
You have freedom and democracy and your human rights are world renowned
Your children go to school dressed in the best of gowns
And I’ve been told you respect human life all around
When You see me you hesitate but then you force a smile
You ask twice for my name but mispronounce it every time
And it’s okay I understand it’s just that British style
But everyday I have to go through your same old trial
I know I’m not white enough
And our pigments do not match
And my hijab means I will never be accepted or backed
But my religion, and my background do not detract from the fact
That you know damn well I had nothing to do with those attacks

Dear West, you are the peak of hypocrisy defined
We’ve been screaming against terrorism before paris was headlined
We prayed for Iraq, cried for Lebanon and stood with victims in Palestine
When you turned your face and you turned a blind eye

Dear West, how do you even choose to sympathise
How do you choose to sympathise In my part of the world it’s the heart that decides
Who I pray for, for who I cry and what flag dominates my profile Picture.
Picture this: there are over a billion Muslims in this world. One billion.
Now forgive me but if we were all aligned
With ISIS and the likes you would definitely know of it, please just bear that in mind.
I have lived here my whole life, I studied with your child
I am British and Muslim and I take pride in those titles and I refuse to prove my loyalty to each or any side

Dear West, do you feel powerful when you stare at me on the train?
Do you feel powerful when you intimidate me on the train
And shout racist comments as if I’m the one to blame?
Am I expected to walk around shouting #notinmyname?
How ridiculously insane. How pathetically insane

Dear West, when you tell me you condemn every war and every missile you sent
And every racist KKK sentiment
And apologise for every slaves torment
And lock up every officer that shot young black boys dead
And every suicide bomb in Baghdad that caused bloodshed
And every media headline that purposely mislead
And every punch that came from a dumb racist skinhead
And when you call every white boy shooting spree a terrorist event
I will tell you I condemn I will tell you I condemn the actions of my 0.01%.

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