Islamophobia: Cause & Effect (documentary)

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Islamophobia and anti-Muslim prejudice is now an issue that we cannot ignore.

It has become the predominant form of discrimination in Europe today. It is proving to be intoxicating and multifaceted, manifesting itself in the media, state institutions and right-wing parties are on the rise. We have seen the consequences; over half the British population now believe Islam is incompatible with British culture and over a third think there are too many Muslims in the UK.

This form of discrimination most resembles anti-Semitism in that it seeks to “other” and then victimise a minority group on the basis that they pose a fundamental threat to the rest of society.

The struggle of identifying the root causes of terrorism has meant a constant need for new counter-terror legislations; some argue that the new Prevent strategy has been disproportionality targeting Muslims. It is a programme that aims to stop people getting drawn towards violent extremism and ultimately protect further attacks from taking place in the UK.

Other factors like the Media, have been widely accused of fuelling the hatred towards Muslims, this feeds into the mentality of Islamophobes who have a prejudice towards Muslims. But is there any evidence to suggest that Islamophobia exists within media outlets?

This documentary aims to investigate all these contributing factors, from the media, to political rhetoric and count-terror policies, all which have given rise to the anti-Muslim bigotry we see today.

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