Muslim man finds bacon left on his car, and Muslims responded with humour

A Muslim man was returning from a local swimming pool in Cambridgeshire when he found a piece of bacon left on the handle of his car door on 25th April.

The incident was reported to TellMAMA by the victim, and Cambridgeshire Police are now investigating the anti-Muslim hate crime.

Scarily, there was nothing on or inside the car that suggested the victim was a Muslim, meaning that this crime was pre-meditated.

Bacon and pig meat is often used by racists to antagonise Muslims. In 2014, a severed pig’s head was found dumped in front of a mosque in Blackpool. Another severed pig’s head was tied to the gates of an Islamic school in Portsmouth in 2016. During the Presidential election campaign, Donald Trump insinuated that Muslim terrorists should be shot with bullets dipped in pig’s blood.

Despite the fact that it reflects a sad reality that Muslims in the UK still face bigotry and hatred, many Muslims have responded to racists using pic meat to offend Muslims. In July, an online picture of bacon was Tweeted by a racist, saying that he feels sorry for Muslims for not being able to eat bacon. A Muslim responded by Tweeting:

Muslims also took to Twitter to humorously respond to the Cambridgeshire incident:

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  1. Nobody feels sorry for vegetarians when they chose from their own desires not to eat meat. So I don’t understand why someone is having headaches over Muslims who are commanded by their Lord the Most wise, not to eat pork.

  2. As one with no known dietary restriction except cannibalism , I cannot say I fully appreciate the offence. But it is about respect not to be delivered offensive.

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