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Emirati astronaut gets halal menu in new first for outer space

In a first for outer space, the International Space Station is planning to offer the UAE’s first and newest astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri traditional and halal Emirati dishes when he goes into space this September.

With September 25th as the launch date, the Space Food Laboratory company will provide canned halal food, which include dishes such as balaleet, saloona, and madrooba.

Al Mansouri, who previously served as a military fighter pilot in the UAE’s Air Force, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Science and Military Aviation from the Khalifa bin Zayed Air College. With 14 years of military involvement, Al Mansouri is scheduled to launch with a Soyuz MS 15 spacecraft for an 8 day stay at the International Space Station before returning to Earth.

Not only is it celebratory for the UAE to have one of its own in outer space, it is also a monumental step for the International Space Station to provide halal food for its astronauts.


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