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ISIS is weak: What ISIS does NOT want you to know! (video)

ISIS / ISIL is weak. Which is something they do not want us to know. They claim terrorist attacks as their own in order to boost their own credibility and appear scarier than they actually are. ISIS want to grab the news headlines in order to cover up for their weaknesses and defeats in the Middle East.

ISIS want us to fear them, and to become hostile against each other. They want to divide the world into two; Muslims vs everyone else in order to trigger an all out world war. ISIS want Western countries to hate and vilify Muslims, in order to create this divide and lure Muslims towards extremist violence. They did the same thing in Iraq and are trying to do the same thing around the world. Therefore, ISIS’ leaders will be ecstatic at any threat of violence or anti-Muslim discrimination.

We all need to come together, as cliche as it may sound, but it is true – because this is exactly what ISIS doesn’t want. If you are spreading hate at a time where we need to spread love, then you are helping ISIS. 

If you are a Muslim leader telling Muslims they have no place in the West, or even a non-Muslim saying the same thing – you are helping ISIS. Even if you’re just someone on social media firing off messages of hate – then you too are helping ISIS. You’re helping ISIS.



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