New Zealanders share their experience of the call to prayer after Friday’s memorial

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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern went to Hagley Park in Christchurch, along with thousands of others who came together to acknowledge the Muslim call to prayer exactly a week after the terror attacks at two mosques which killed 50 people. Broadcasters, reporters and security were pictured wearing hijabs at the park as a tribute to the victims.

Thousands flocked to the park to stand in solidarity

The call to prayer was made, followed by two minutes of silence

Kiwis shared their experience of the call to prayer on social media


Amidst this immense tragedy, the response of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the people of New Zealand has been beautiful. In these highly tense and politicised times, it’s refreshing to see a bit of humanity in the face of unthinkable hatred.

Let’s not forget the names of the innocent souls who went to the mosque on a regular Friday (like so many of us do on such a regular basis) and never returned…



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