#StopTheBill: Campaign to lobby UK government against ‘Muslim witch-hunt’

Muslim organisations in the UK have started a campaign against a new proposed bill by the UK government which could see rights of ordinary Muslims violated and could spark an anti-Muslim witch hunt. Muslims have come under immense pressure in light of the recent attack in Paris, allegedly by ‘Islamist’ terrorists, there has been a backlash against Muslims across the world as well as a smear campaign by the media against Islam.

The UK government, in line with various Western governments, is trying to appear to be cracking down on terrorism and ‘Islamist extremism’ in a bid to sway the opinion polls ahead of upcoming elections. Meanwhile, Western governments such as the UK, are actively arming and training extremist militants in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere.

The proposed CTS bill (Counter Terrorism and Security bill) makes the following proposals:

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