Take a stand against Islamophobia: Make #JeSuisMuslim trend!

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On January 7th 2015, a tragic gun attack took place in Paris killing 12. The attack was was on a satirical publisher, which has previously produce offensive cartoons defaming Prophet Muhammad. The attackers were allegedly Muslim, which then sparked Islamophobic posts across social media, with the hashtag ‘#KillAllMuslims’ trending at one point. This is just one day after 18,000 took to the streets in Germany to protest against ‘Islamisation’.

The Muslim Vibe¬†would like everyone to respond to these anti-Muslim posts by trending¬†the hashtag #JeSuisMuslim, which means ‘I am Muslim’. Let the world know, that despite all the attacks against Muslims, and despite the fact that it is Muslims who are the biggest victims of terrorism, we stand proud of our faith and our principles without the need to apologise for the actions of extremists. Here’s some starting points.

  • Why you are proud to be a Muslim, no matter what the world thinks
  • Muslims are the biggest victims of terrorism and extremism
  • Discrimination¬†against Muslims is not the solution against extremism
  • Islam denounces the killing of innocent civilians, both Muslim and Non Muslim
  • As Muslims, we have nothing to apologise for. Terrorism has no religion.



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