The Muslim Council of Britain issues statement condemning Conservative Party’s Islamophobia


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“Islamophobia in the Conservative Party is systemic and institutional, rife in every level in the party, including the Prime Minister Boris Johnson…”

The Muslim Council of Britain has issued a statement on the continued backtracking by the Conservative Party to address Islamophobia within their party. MCB is also calling on an independent inquiry to look into the matter.

MCB has described the claim by Michael Gove, the Minister for the Cabinet Office, that the Conservative Party will establish an independent inquiry into its use of Islamophobia, as “outright dishonest”. MCB’s Secretary General Harun Khan stated:

This is not just another case of the Conservative Party obfuscating the issue of Islamophobia within its ranks. It only re-affirms that the Conservative Party has zero intention of dealing with the problem. Islamophobia in the Conservative Party is systemic and institutional, rife in every level in the party, including the Prime Minister Boris Johnson…”

Despite the fact that there have been over 100 incidents of Islamophobia within the Conservative Party, according to MCB, the Conservatives have said one thing when confronted about Islamophobia but say another thing behind closed doors.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also largely been at the center of Islamophobia rhetoric, most famously when he compared Muslim women who wear the niqab to “letter-boxes” and “bank robbers”. MCB Secretary General Khan stated in regards to the Tories’ continued lack of follow-up when it comes to Islamophobia:

The Conservative Party knows it should be holding an independent inquiry into Islamophobia, in addition to an inquiry into prejudice and discrimination. If it didn’t feel it was important or needed, Michael Gove would not have tried so hard to commit to it without having to commit to it. Any further dithering and dishonesty is simply unacceptable.”

This December 12th will arguably hold one of the most important General Elections of the decade, which will decide which party will hold the majority of seats, thereby deciding who will lead Parliament and become Prime Minister. With Tory party Islamophobia and xenophobia marring campaign season, it is more important than ever to get out and vote.

Click here for everything you need to know about registering and voting for the General Election in December. The last day to register to vote is the 26th of November.

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