The scary deal of wearing hijab through airport security (video)

Travelling in hijab? This is what you need to know.

Travelling in hijab? This is what you need to know.

I have not written about the recent issues that occur when wearing a hijab and travelling as a Muslim woman., but trust me when I say I receive a ton of emails from girls who are scared of travelling because of what might happen during airport security. No, they have nothing to hide, but the thought of being intimidated is daunting and unless you have been stopped and questioned just because you wear a piece of cloth on your head, then you can’t understand that.

When I first became Muslim, I didn’t wear hijab (headscarf) and my airport trips where a breeze. There was nothing to identify me as a Muslim woman, for all they knew I was a white student going back home. However, this all changed when I started wearing hijab. I kid you not, I remember the first time I was stopped and pulled aside for “extra security” measures. I remember this because I called my best friend and told her. I was so shocked! 

I am telling you this to give you a context on the issues Muslim women face when they wear hijab, and not to complain or criticise. Now, though I am proud of my headscarf, I am still apprehensive when going through security as I wonder if I will be stopped and questioned just like last year. I have nothing to hide but I find this as an intimidating measure more than anything else.

Here is a video I did on going through the airport wearing a hijab and what you should know as a Muslim woman.

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