Why Does Afghanistan Need Sustainable Humanitarian Aid?

Imagine the most vulnerable people in the community starving. Of Afghanistan’s displaced people, 80% are women and children.

Afghanistan is a country that has endured 40 years of conflict from foreign invasions, civil war, and more. However, the people of Afghanistan deserve more. Afghans deserve to live in peace and security.

Nevertheless, it is something that has eluded the region for decades. How can we help Afghanistan heal? The political instability in the region means Afghans need to have their basic needs met with humanitarian aid. 

Afghanistan Needs Humanitarian Aid

The chaos in Afghanistan has led to a humanitarian crisis of displaced people, prices soaring, and banks plunging as foreigners and Afghans who helped Western forces have fled the country. The numbers of this humanitarian crisis are staggering.

More than half a million people are now displaced by conflict, according to an Al Jazeera report. In addition, one in three Afghans is going hungry. 

Imagine the most vulnerable people in the community starving. Of Afghanistan’s displaced people, 80% are women and children.

Why Does Humanitarian Aid Need to Be Sustainable?

Sustainable humanitarian aid strives to target the root causes of crises. It is intended to connect immediate emergency relief to longer-term solutions in an effective way. How do humanitarian organizations do this?

First, we must give emergency aid to address crises, and then work to build longer-term programs such as livelihoods, food security, and more. This is why Zakat Foundation of America doesn’t just arrive in a time of crisis. The organization builds longer-term programs over the years to ensure people in need can have their dignity, build their resilience and reduce risks of other crises. 

How Can We Bring Aid to Afghanistan?

A displaced Afghan woman receives food aid from Zakat Foundation of America| Zakat Foundation of America photo

With a region as fragile as Afghanistan, even humanitarian organizations are targeted. Humanitarian workers are risking their lives to bring aid into the country. By working with trusted organizations with infrastructure and years on the ground, you can support families in Afghanistan’s crisis zones. 

With 20 years of experience, Zakat Foundation of America is on the ground working with internally displaced families to provide them with essentials such as food aid and hygiene kits. The organization has been in the region for decades and will support Afghans for as long as they need.

Help Afghans heal by giving them the emergency essentials they so desperately need here. 

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