5 simple steps to achieving happiness

Bishop T.D Jakes was on the Steve Harvey show and gave some great advice about happiness. Here are his practical steps to achieving happiness:

1. Own your own happiness

Take the responsibility of your happiness away from other people. You are the one that has to be responsible for doing things that bring happiness into your own life, independent of other people and things.

2. Challenge your own story

People torment themselves by how they see their lives. They’ve told themselves a story as the truth, when in reality it is just a perspective truth. Change the way you talk to yourself about who you are, what happened to you and what you’re going to do in your life.

3. Enjoy the journey not the destination

People often set themselves goals and only want to relax once they get there. Celebrate the whole way! You have to enjoy the journey else your whole life will pass you by and you won’t even realise!

4. Make relationships count

The most important relationship is the one you have with God. As long as you know someone is in charge, you don’t have to bear the weight of responsibility of what’s going on in your life – you can talk to the boss! Also you have to like yourself because if you don’t, it makes it very hard for others to like you. Enjoy your relationship with yourself then you’ll draw people into a party you’ve already started!

5. Balance work with play

You can’t do all of either one and be successful. If you work very hard, balance it out with some fun stuff and if you play a lot but don’t work much, you’ll be fun but you’ll also be hungry. Balance is key.



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