7 stunning hotels in Santorini with private pools – and they’re hijab friendly too!

The best places to stay in this gorgeous location!

The best places to stay in this gorgeous location!

Santorini is on my list, but I can’t believe I have never been there yet! Even my parents, who didn’t travel much when I was young, have given it a visit. I was looking for hotels for a client while booking her honeymoon and since this is a destination on my list, I thought I would explore the secluded private villas available in Santorini. I have to admit, there are some amazing hotels in that place! It makes me eager to visit… God willing maybe this summer?

One issue with the pools in Santorini is since many are on a hill, they tend to overlook other hotels or rooms, so it really can’t be described as the most hijab-free holiday. However, if you are there for the experience or just for the stunning views, then a day or two it’s good.

Below are the properties I would consider when visiting the island as they have some elements of privacy and are great options for honeymoons or special occasions.

1 – Sophia Luxury Suites

I think the reason to write this article was inspired by Sophia Luxury Suites. I mean they have a pool within the cave making it super hijab friendly and cool. The beautiful blue of the water against the white wall combined with the views is pretty stunning as is their suites. It is not cheap with rooms starting at £300 for the cave suite but I personally think it’s worth it for the experience.

You can check the reviews on TripAdvisor | Book here on Hotels.com

2 – Iliovasilema Suites

Stunning property with amazing views and a lovely suite withing the cave giving you privacy. I like their honeymoon suite has glass partition of the pool so even if you are in the pool you don’t feel secluded. Prices are around £400 for the off-peak season for the honeymoon suite.

You can check the reviews on TripAdvisor | Book here on Hotels.com

3 – Aliko Luxury Villas

Aliko villas have some stunning suites and pools inside the case but also with spectacular views.

You can check the reviews on TripAdvisor | Book here on Hotels.com

4 – Canaves Oia Suites

This must be one of the most photographed hotels in Santorini but it is stunning and there is no denial there are plenty *snap* opportunities. I love how you can have your own private pool with the small curtain to pool in case you don’t want anyone seeing you. I think it is a nice touch and it can come handy for Muslim women. It is a pricey property with prices starting at £500 per night when I was checking prices booking via TripAdvisor was cheaper than any other option, so make sure you check all sites.

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You can check the reviews on and book on TripAdvisor

5 – Dreams Luxury Suites

I don’t think there is much to be said about Dreams suites, seriously this place looks like dreams.

You can check the reviews on TripAdvisor | Book here on Hotels.com

6 – Villa Ilios

I found Villa Ilios on Airbnb and it looks super cute. It’s so hard to pick one place to stay in Santorini and there are so many options it makes it really confusing. The villa has a cave pool which gives you more privacy but also a deck with chairs that you can enjoy the view, so it is a great combination of both worlds. Plus if you have some Airbnb credits, you can use them towards your stay. If not, you can sign up here with my link and receive £15 off your next booking.

7 – Chromata Hotel

One stunning property with raving reviews that you should try next time you are in Santorini. The calming effect of blue, white and drop dead gorgeous views can definitely leave you speechless.

You can check the reviews on TripAdvisor | Book here on Hotels.com

One thing to remember with Santorini when booking is that many of the villas offer private pools, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are actually private and secluded. Due to space, the villas can overlook each other as otherwise the views will be not seen – and let’s be honest, everyone goes for the views!

Things to keep in mind

Halal Food

The food on the island is fresh and I highly recommend trying some Greek fish dishes. There might be halal food options which you will have to find while on the island as currently there is nothing online. However, I would recommend to just go and visit no matter what the food scene. There is plenty of vegetarian and seafood options to try. 🙂


There are charter flights from everywhere in Europe during the summer and from Athens, Ryanair and many another offer very cheap flights to Santorini. Volotea even offers one-way flights from £5 from Athens albeit only with hand luggage it’s a steal for one of the most talked about islands in the world.

My first point of search is always on Skyscanner as it shows me the cheapest flights by month, many times we over pay for flights and we can save just by being flexible by a day or two!

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