A positive co-existence or a ruthless life?

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Since the time of man we have evolved through various ways cognitively and physically which has allowed us to become more captivating with multifunctional skills in order to survive through this experiment that we call life.

However the human being has always had flaws which have dampened the hopes of many that have been waiting for resurrection and reassurance from a light that will eventually come in a form of an angelic message. The flaws I describe here are violence, certainly negative and egotistic attitudes and crumbling structures that have been disjointed and left bruised from society’s will of improving it. All these ways of life have been hurdles that you and I have been through and are going through, with anticipation that one day peace will unironically spill out through the hearts of perpetrators.

UntitledThe question in mind is whether we can co-exist peacefully or in opposite, lead a ruthless life, which at the moment seems to be winning the notorious race in our everyday lives. Time has always been of the essence and in order to rebuild our foundations, we need to actively seek for guidance and morality, which will enable us to express our thoughts in a more established way. Humans have come a long way; from building skyscrapers to constructing cars that are automatically driven yet we are deprived of peace and respect that are actually our saviours for the next court date which we call heaven or hell.

We are busy working on new 3D technologies of life where in fact we are not living through the right dimensions. Our actions speak louder than words but we practice this statement for the wrong reasons. Governments are internally corrupted, leaders are internal liars and each soul is longing after desire when they know deep inside that desire such as money and fame are a long way off the heavenly cliff of peace and tranquillity. The road to success is achieving respect and equality which will enable those at the bottom of the cold waters to swim uphill to join those that live at the very top floating on luxurious ships.

Many principles need to be worked on such as Respect, Duty, Loyalty, and Integrity. These ways of existence will allow the globe to understand each other without having to fight for every piece of desirable crumb that is left in their path. The ruthless ways of escaping the truth is the act of the devil in which a human leaves the path whilst subconsciously moving towards righteousness and joins the majority of the wrongdoers eventually falling in their own blood and sweat of sin and evil deeds.

Every soul was created with perfection by God and through our limited existence is our freedom. Each being is made with a blessing of understanding that they have freedom and with that freedom comes a sense of responsibility towards one another. We are too busy engaged with the lust of the world whilst we don’t realise what we have is a lifetime gift to someone else. The most valuable deed is to help those that see your existence as a blessing and in order to be consistent; the rust must not be swept across the soul of the giver.

Our main focus is attaining heaven without realising that heaven is a package that arrives later once God has come before it. The objective of life is to live it in a way where we are able to show the blessings that have been bestowed upon us on a consistent basis across different platforms with different characteristics amongst our communities. This will inevitably lead to unity, something that seems like an American dream at the moment.

There have been unsung heroes in the past globally that have attained the highest form of morality and have spread it within their public domains but have been abused by people like me and you simply because we have not understood not just their present message but the future consequences of our current actions and this has had a major impact on the lives of those that have understood it and want to change.

Every single human on earth is put here for a reason and the world needs constant inspiration whilst existing through coexistence. This multitasking functionality will enable generations to grow with powerful ideologies of peace and tranquillity and will finally reduce the pollutions of negativity and misguidance that we see today and in order for a sustainable future we need to contribute creatively with ideas and produce magic when needed be in order to pull the rabbit out of our own hats.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

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