A Prayer for Love and Marriage

I ask Allah, The Loving, The Generous, The Guardian, The Shaper of Beauty, to grant my single brothers and sisters in humanity the spouse they’ve been praying for, and for the married couples, a greater and more joyful marriage. May you, dear reader, find the person you could only describe as soulmate; who would make your love for Allah expand from gratitude. May your marriage be halal and blessed by The Beneficent, The Rewarder of Thankfulness.

May each day start with bismillah and end with alhamdulilah, and in between, the awareness of Allah grace your home. May your bond be sweetened with mutual compassion, desire, and adoration. May you respect one another, honor and preserve each other, defend and stand by the other, seek guidance and advice from one another. May you be the rock onto which your spouse leans and may they receive greater support from you. May you find strength in each other’s strength and joy in each other’s joy. May their success be yours and your success benefit them.

I ask Allah The Glorious, The Light, The Creator of Good, to make you a happy couple; kind, nurturing, ardent, sweet, polite, pacific yet passionate, caring without being suffocating, concerned but not intrusive, and strong as a team while still remaining firm and independent on your own. May you be blessed with an abundance of wealth and the gratitude to keep you humble. May you have wonderful children, who are beautiful in wisdom, religion, manner, aspect, and heart; who would be a source of comfort and joy to you both.

May mutual fidelity, loyalty, and honesty grace your marriage, by the will of The Restorer, The Inspirer of Faith, The Bestower of Honors. May you be a balm and a means of recovery if one of you should fall ill. May you alleviate each other’s anxiety and be a source of soothing peace if one of you should be mentally or emotionally troubled. May your spouse encourage you to achieve your goals and do what they can to help you reach them. May their smile illuminate your day and their tears wring your heart. May their eyes brighten at the sight of you and soften at the thought. May you laugh together, be goofy, immature, and completely yourselves with each other. May you be best friends as well as romantic lovers. May you find inspiration and motivation in each other’s company and be an inspiration and motivation for others.

By the will of The Opener, The Hearer, The All-Aware, your salah, du’aa, and hajj will be together. By the grace of The Lord of Majesty and Bounty, The Patient, The Righteous Teacher, your families will love and respect each other, and welcome you both with open arms.

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May The Protecting Friend, The Clement, The Finder, make your marriage last and be a solace to you. May you both draw nearer to Allah as a result and may He watch over you and protect you from harm. May His blanketing Grace shield you from the influences of shaytan and the temptations of this world.

May The Restorer, The Originator, The Trustee, bless you with the best of everything, in this world and in the hereafter. May the happiness of this life be a prelude to the greater, more lasting happiness of the next. And finally, may you find each other smiling on the Day of Judgment, and unite once again to live for eternity in bliss, resplendent from the radiance of your Lord.

For He is The Responder to Prayer, Glorious and Exalted is He, subhanahu wa ta’ala.

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