14 AI Tools Professional Muslims Need To Know About

Muslim creators and founders – level up your business and do more with less with these 14 incredible AI tools.

Muslim creators and founders – level up your business and do more with less with these 14 incredible AI tools.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm. With the ability to automate tasks such as content creation, AI is enabling creators to work faster, smarter and more efficiently. This post will explore 14 of the most exciting and innovative AI tools available that can boost your productivity.

Poised AI

Poised is a virtual communications coach. Are video meetings a big part of your work? Poised will transcribe what you say and give you feedback on your speech. If you’re using too many filler words like “umm” and “ahh” or speaking too fast or slow, Poised will let you know. What’s more, the AI will analyse your screen presence and advise if, for example, you’re leaning too far to one side.

Poised is ideal for salespeople, team leaders and managers who want to establish authority and project confidence. 

Pragma AI

Want to deliver flawless customer service online? Or need to write that perfect cold email? Pragma will help you write something smooth and charismatic and put an end to writer’s block.

Pragma AI is ideal for account managers and salespeople who are frequently talking to customers online, either answering their queries or trying to close a sale.

Murf AI

Type in any text and it will read it out in a human voice. A cheaper alternative to hiring a voice over artist.

Murf AI is ideal for anyone creating multimedia content such as videographers and animation specialists.

Sembly AI

Scrambling to take notes in a meeting? Sembly not only transcribes everything for you but can summarise, organise and file it. Never miss a detail ever again.

Sembly AI is ideal for meeting-heavy jobs such as account managers, project managers and anyone who works in a leadership position.

Browse AI

Marketing professionals will LOVE this one. Browse AI saves you hours in time by monitoring and extracting data from competitor websites for you. This way your competitor analysis data never goes out-of-date.

Browse AI is perfect for people managing large scale and multiple marketing campaigns.


Level-up your messaging with WordTune. Think of it like a thesaurus but way smarter and on steroids. WordTune won’t only recommend better words but entire sentences and paragraphs. Use it to find the exact tone and messaging you desire.

WordTune is perfect for book writers, bloggers and anyone working in content marketing.


Are you struggling to find the perfect picture on sites like Shutterstock? Tell DALL·E 2 exactly what you want and it’ll draw it for you! The more descriptive and detailed you are, the better the output!

DALL·E 2 is great for artists, graphic designers and photographers.


Flair is similar to DALL·E 2 but it helps with creating brand asset. Tell Flair more about your product and what you’re trying to visualise and it’ll generate what it thinks looks the best.

Flair is perfect for brand strategist and anyone working in marketing.


PaperCup is amazing for video producers who need their content translated into another language by an AI that pretty much sounds human.

PaperCup is perfect for videographers.


Do you need to enlarge a picture WITHOUT getting it all pixelated? Make Imlarger your best. Ideal for photographers and marketing professionals.


Automate the generation of all the boring legal jargon (sorry, lawyers) needed when filing for a patent. Get that patent sorted quicker before anyone else gets in!

PatentPal is a great tool for start-up founders and inventors who want to protect their work and intellectual property quickly.


NativeChats is a promising tool that let’s you communicate with your customer in their native language. NativeChat potentially allows businesses and founders to break the communication barrier and expand their target audience and serve their existing customers better and faster.

Mutiny AI

One for our paid ads specialists. As you’ll know a/b testing is a crucial part of the ad process. Testing different ads on different audiences is helpful in figuring out which ad is likely to perform the best. But it’s not always feasible to test every permutation – until now.

Mutiny AI is a must for people developing Google ads and social media ads.

Jasper AI

Leaving the best till last. Jasper is the heavyweight AI content generator for anyone working in content. Jasper comes with dedicated modules for different types of content such as social media ads, paragraph generators, product descriptions, simplifying text, summarising an article, writing FAQs, generating text based on PAS and AIDA marketing techniques and even writing a whole blog post!

Japser is always adding new modules – but it comes at a hefty price. Worth checking out the free trial!





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