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Islam and science (documentary)

Dr. Mehdi Hazari is a Muslim scientists who claims that not only are science and Islam similar in their findings, but rather that they are the same in their essence.

“As both a Muslim and a scientist I am going to prove that Islam and science are not only compatible but inseparable.”

The documentary ‘Islam and Science’ shows how the scientific findings of today’s era were already compiled around 1400 years ago in the Qur’an, and aims to prove that through the expertise of Dr. Hazari. He takes us on a journey through science, one where we are shown how each of the wonders of science are in collaboration with the teachings and sayings of the Qur’an.

The full documentary, aired on Ahlulbayt TV, can be found here:

Ahlulbayt TV is the world's first free-to-air, exclusively English TV network dedicated to delivering the pristine message of the Holy Prophet Muhammad and His Holy Household.


  1. There’s a video series by NoClash on YouTube which has these awesome videos linking science and Quran together. I recommend to watch them

  2. Really nice video but unfortunately this message will not help us understand how, on the one hand given such harmony between Islam and science, Muslims have lagged so much and for so long in science. While on the other hand non-Muslims are able to make all the discoveries mentioned in the video without the benefit of all the scientific “hints” throughout the Quran?


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