Finding Happiness in Religion

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It’s quite amazing to find relief and joy in just a short space of time, something I searched my whole life for – happiness.

Salaams to all my brothers and sisters, hope everyone is well. I chose to write about happiness and what it means to be truly happy and contented with oneself. How many of us can say that we are at peace?

We are all caught up with our daily lives and problems that we often look for solutions in other people. For example, if someone has a problem, we may look to talk to someone close to us for answers. Whilst nothing is wrong with that, we often get disappointed when we don’t get the results that we are looking for.

Going back to a personal event, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was sure that I was going to die. I eventually stopped talking to my close friends in fear that when I am no longer here, they will miss me dearly. I was afraid to leave my family behind but I soon realized that death is inevitable. It is how we learn to deal with our losses in life that make us who we are today.

I have seen people get so emotional after a death that they soon fall into a depressive state. I truly understand and sympathize with everyone, as losing my mother at a young age has taught me to grow up tough in this life.

I wished things were different but I learnt to accept things as they come and learn to move forward just to stay afloat. Easier said than done right? So many nights I cried myself to sleep wishing my both parents were here to tell me that everything will be alright. You sometimes find yourself imagining a different world in which you live in, where everything is perfect. But is this reality? No. 

I have learnt to confront my fears in order to go on living. I honestly gave up in this life after my cancer diagnosis. Having no spouse nor children, I didn’t see the need to exist anymore. I was preparing for death.

But little did I know that this was not my faith nor my future. I soon converted to Islam during my healing phase. I must say that it was an exciting feeling to experience. I soon learned to perform the five mandatory prayers plus the voluntary prayers as well. It quickly became a part of my life now that I simply can’t go without stopping and praying to Allah (SWT).

It’s quite amazing to find relief and joy in just a short space of time, something I searched my whole life for – happiness. I soon laid all my problems to the Almighty whilst still having friends and family support.

I also learnt to trust Allah (SWT) and his plan for us whilst it may be different from our vision, it is still the best plan for our life. Let me explain further – we may have a dream as to how our lives should plan out for us, job, kids, grandkids, house, car, the works but do these things define who you are as a person?

The challenges we all face in this life force us to adapt to these changes, hence bringing out the best version of ourselves. How we learn to overcome grief, jump through hurdles in the professional work field, becoming contented with our own share of wealth, whether small or big, truly reflects on your character as a person. This is how to find happiness within ourselves.

Through trial and error, I slowly experienced happiness through my religion and I am thankful to Allah (SWT) for showing me the way, however tough the journey may be in this life, I am grateful, Ameen!

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