Working Nine to Jannah: 8 easy steps on being a more productive!

With our increasingly busy lifestyles, it becomes even harder to find time to exercise and stay healthy. Here are some of the best ways to do so while working long hours:

1. Wake up a little earlier

It would surprise you but the earlier you wake up, the more energetic you will feel. Set your alarm an hour or so before you usually would and get some exercise in. This can be in the form of some yoga, gym time or taking a quick job in your neighbourhood.

2. Walk or ride to work

A lot of us will use public transport so it may be easy to suggest alternative methods. However, consider getting off a station earlier and walking that final leg to the office. If you drive, park somewhere a little further and push yourself to walk the extra distance.

3. Take a walk rather than sending an email

It’s naturally easier to shoot an email over to get something over to your colleague. Next time, get out of your seat and head over to them, or maybe hand deliver a note instead of choosing the convenience of an email.

4. Get moving at lunch-time

Use your time wisely and above all else, get out of your seat! Take a few moments to walk to the local store for lunch, or taking a walk in the area. Enjoy the fact that you don’t need to be chained to your desk.

5. Prepare your meals ahead of time

So if you’ve only got fast-food places around your work, prep yourself a good lunch at home ahead of your busy day. Focus on eating the right things and avoiding processed foods but cooking yourself and ensuring the quality of your food is that which your body deserves.

6. Take a break for prayers

This one will depend on your work dynamics but utilise prayer timings to get out of your seat and to move your body, and what finer way to do so than in prayer?

7. Drink water!

Yes, we say this non-stop but there is nothing better than actually drinking some water. Ditch your fizzy drinks, and avoid drinks with high sugar content., and replace it with some water. You will feel better and even see a notable difference in your skin!

8. Set reminders and count your steps

I speak for myself on this one, but nothing is as motivating as seeing your step count hit the thousands. Invest in a cheap watch or something of the sort that will constantly remind you to get moving and to motivate yourself with your step count.



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