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Introducing the Real Talk Podcast: Dealing with life issues and depression

It seems that with the increased pace of our daily lives, it has become harder to deal with highly stressful and anxiety inducing situations. But do we know what these terms mean, and can we self-diagnose ourselves as being depressed?

Life throws so much our way, and sometimes we just need to hear that it’s ok to not be ok and to seek advice from someone who is qualified to discuss our issues.

The new ‘Real Talk’ podcast on The Muslim Vibe seeks to do this. We will be teaming up withΒ Berak Hussain, a qualified counsellor and a registered psychotherapist to try and deal with your issues and questions. There is no topic off the table and we promise complete anonymity. We will be sitting down with Berak once a month and putting your questions forward to her.

You can do so by filling in the form below, and we aim to reply to every query that gets sent our way in the form of a podcast to be released each month, alongside our regular podcast, which can find here.

Berak Hussain is a registered psychotherapist and works at a medical and counselling clinic at a university in Ottawa, Canada. She holds a Masters of Education in Counselling and continues to work closely with the Muslim community advocating mental health awareness across the world.Β You can learn more about her work by visit her Facebook page The Muslim Counsellor and Serenity Islamic Mental Health Awareness.

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