Keeping Peace With Your Profession: How to Navigate a New Job

Backbiting is not liked by God. Do not participate in listening to it too. Explore and experience yourself without giving priority to what others are saying. Remind yourself each day that no matter how strong their negative perceptions are, you have God by your side. 

This is for all my brothers and sisters who are about to join new jobs or have started recently. Here is the experience that I have gained from my first job: the do’s and don’ts to avoid negative practices in a profession as you start your journey.

A beginner to a new job may encounter so many things simultaneously, which eventually will put a lot of psychological stress on you: the sudden unbearable pressure will lead you to negative self-talk like “I am not a job sort of person”, “I can’t take pressures”, or “I can’t meet deadlines with a relaxed state of mind” – this is the exact commentary I heard during the initial days of my own job.

But now I see my job like drinking water – it seems to me that my job is just another simple thing to do. So, here is the good news: this sort of negative commentary is not going to last forever. Do not take it on your nerves.

So here are some tips for your mental health during the initial phase of your new job:

1. Remember the purpose of your profession

You might have worldly concerns related to your job like getting an income and other benefits. Apart from that, form a purpose that is only for the Almighty. As per my practice – on the very first day of my joining I wrote a few commitments called daily reminders for myself on a paper that I read each day after entering into my office. The points were:

  • My workplace is a temple for me.
  • I will remain loyal to my work.
  • To respect each soul is my core objective.
  • I will make sure not to disappoint those who have trusted me (my Seniors).
  • My God is always with me.
  • I will do each and everything with emman.
  • I will not forget that I have to be a cost-effective employee for my organization.
  • Alhamdulillah! I am satisfied and happy. 

This will remind you that your purpose is not just worldly but it is again to serve God in another way. These few points are like prayer for me and my aim was to do good with the people around me all day long. You may write commitments of your choice.

2. Stay away from the perceptions of others

It is the norm these days that people will talk about every other person but their own selves. It is just like putting the seed of opinion or experience in the fresh soil of mind of a new-comer, which is going to be transformed into the tree of negativity.

Backbiting is not liked by God. Do not participate in listening to it too. Explore and experience yourself without giving priority to what others are saying. Remind yourself each day that no matter how strong their negative perceptions are, you have God by your side. 

3. Hold on to two essential keys: Sabr (Patience) and Shukar (Gratefulness)

These are the two most important keys one should hold on to for a peaceful work-life. If you are the kind of person who is bad at waiting or one who always remain in rush, trust me, you are not going to get all things done at one fixed time. Your colleagues sometimes forget or they have their own tasks to meet first so, your work at their end would go last in their priority list. Anything could happen – this will teach you how to be patient without drowning in frustration.

Second is shukar (gratefulness) for everything, so even if you encounter frustrating people or situations, take all this as your test from Almighty – consider that He is working on your spiritual maturity for that these little tests and quizzes are mandatory no matter how hard they appear. You should remain grateful and ask Allah (S.W.T) for more help in your way no matter what.

4. Keep personal and professional life segregated

I would like to emphasize on this point. Since we remain bound to one place from morning till evening i.e: 9am to 5pm sort of jobs, we are more likely to open up ourselves in front of people. But remember to keep your personal life personal, and it should not be disclosed in front of anyone at any cost.

The first drawback from getting too personal at work is that your work will suffer and you will not be able to focus on your tasks at hand. The second drawback is if you are going to share with one, it is going to be circulated among the rest. If you cannot keep your matters to yourself, no one else would care to do the same either. There should be a fine line between your office colleagues and you. Professionalism comes with time, but stay aware and know the needs of your professional life and fulfill them accordingly.

Every person present in the office makes up the office environment – be the one who never ruins it. The last thing I wanted to mention on this point is to share everything with God and leave people on side – we keep God limited to our prayers, but remember to speak up to Him every moment. He should be our best friend with whom we can share every little and big thing. 

5. Speak less and avoid gossip

Speak as much as possible only if you have something to discuss regarding your office work, and try to remain quiet for the rest of the time. Do not speak uselessly. As Hazrat Ali (A.S) says: “Speak only when your words are more beautiful than silence”.

Nonsense chitchatting will eventually drag you to gossiping, which is not liked by our Almighty at all. Do not be part of such an unhealthy environment. Choose your way sensibly and work peacefully. 

May you all attract and spread goodness around. Have a happy and peaceful professional journey.

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