Hajj reflections and a quick chat with Taekwondo champion, Duha Al-Hassani (podcast)

On this week’s podcastSalim and Afrah decide that it’s about time to talk about their journey to Hajj this year. As promised ahead of their trip, they share their reflections on what it means to make the journey into the heart of Islam. You can see some of the pictures from their journey shared on Instagram.

They discuss how we should take inspiration from the journey of Hajj and learn to get past our differences and to come together if we truly seek to change the world in which to live. Furthermore, any kind of change is one that comes from inside and the commitment of such a journey is one that should start with ourselves ahead of anything else.

In the second part of this podcast, the team has a chat with the silver medalist of the Great Britain Taekwondo Nationals, Duha Al-Hassani, which comes off the back of quite a surprising interest on the story of Kubra Dagli, Turkish Taekwondo world champion, who competed in a hijab. [Read more here].

Duha discusses the way in which Muslim women are changing the face of sports and the positive responses she has received in her own journey into competitive sporting. She also picks on some incredible Muslim sporting heroes and you can see the video of the Iranian Futsal team discussed here.

She also mentions Lutalo Muhammad’s narrowly missing out on the gold medal in Taekwondo in the Olympics over the summer. Here is the video of his heartbreaking interview immediately after the bout:


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