The death of Vine, interracial marriage and a chat with Subhi Taha (podcast)

Salim and Afrah take things international and have a chat with fashion designer and blogger, Subhi Taha.

Subhi is a half-Palestinian half-Filipino men’s fashion designer raised in Dallas, Texas. He studied graphic design and earned a degree in visual communication before becoming a graphic artist and social media strategist at Fossil. He first gained a following as a YouTuber, posting vlogs and videos about life as a Muslim Arab-American to his channel. Subhi now has a  self-titled clothing brand influenced by the Islamic religion. 

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In this podcast, we discuss the following:

  • The death of social media platform Vine
  • Muslim men in fashion and Subhi’s his new line (which you can find here!)
  • Interracial marriages, in light of this video:

Here are a couple of Subhi’s vines that we discuss in the podcast:

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