The Top Muslim Podcasts You Should be Listening to in 2021!

Here are 11 podcasts we recommend for 2021 – happy listening!

Here are 11 podcasts we recommend for 2021 – happy listening!

With busy lives and schedules, sometimes it’s important to focus on the quality instead of the quantity of time we have in a day. Podcasts, growing in popularity, are perfect for busy lives not only because of its ability to really go in-depth on so many important topics, but also because it allows us to spend quality time simply thinking and contemplating on our world’s issues; whether we be on the bus, driving, or walking to work or class.

To make your lives easier, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular and trending podcasts that specifically cater to Muslim audiences, in the hope that we can help get more people involved in some of the most important issues of our world today.

1. TMV Podcast (obviously)

We would say this! Hosted by our Chief Editor Salim Kassam, we explore issues surrounding faith, politics, social issues, and creativity within the Muslim community. While we’re based here in London, both our topics as well as our guests are international, as we explore what it means to be a Western Muslim in our world today. Be sure to subscribe!

2. I Am Not Your Bilal Podcast

Co-hosted by comedian Nabil Abdulrashid and our very own Salim Kassam, this podcast series explores and discusses the Black Muslim experience in the West, and brings on a range of powerful guests as well. With episodes such as “Black Lives Matter”, “Men Are Trash”, and “Interracial Marriage”, this podcast series will be sure to be both fascinating and educational – and just as timely as ever.

Listen to this podcast on iTunes here or on Spotify here.

3. Mommying While Muslim Podcast

A groundbreaking series of podcasts, hosted by two Muslim American moms Zaiba Hasan and Uzma Jafri, this has definately topped our list of podcasts for 2021! Both sharing their own experiences and hosting incredible guests, Zaiba and Uzma discuss topics from mental health as mothers, pregnancy loss, raising teenagers in the West, and what raising a family can be like post-9/11.

Listen to their podcast on iTunes here or on Spotify here.

4. Identity Politics Podcast

An incredible podcast series focusing on race, politics, gender, and faith, this podcast is hosted by two Muslim American women – Ikhlas Saleem and Makkah Ali. Describing themselves at the “intersection of identities”, each episode brings a captivating insight into the most important issues affecting Muslims today. When showing solidarity towards Muslim women is more important than ever, particularly Muslim women of color, we can safely say, however, that this podcast is incredible in its own right.

You can find this podcast here.

5. 786 Boulevard

Hosted by Nouri Sardar, Hasnain Ali, and Ali Alvi, this quirky podcast is perfect for Muslims wanting to discuss and listen to conversations around pop culture and spirituality, film, art, and fashion to just name a few. The guests hosted on 786 Boulevard are all varied and bring refreshingly new insights into pop culture and the Islamic faith – this is definitely the best podcast for those wanting to discuss the newest films, fashion, and how to navigate through this all with our faith as Muslims.

Find their podcasts here.

6. Omar Suleiman, Muslim Central Podcast

Shaykh Omar Suleiman is one of the most prominent Muslim-American scholars in the US, and his podcasts are definitely worth listening to for insightful discussions and lectures on some of the most pressing issues for Muslims today. With episode titles such as “Beautify Me Internally”, “Spiritual Numbness”, and “Incremental Change vs. Radical Reform”, it’s safe to say his lectures will have you thinking about them all day.

Listen to his podcasts, hosted by Muslim Central, here.

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7. Ilmfeed Podcast

Based in East London and one of the most popular websites on Muslim content, Ilmfeed hosts a podcast series hosted by Shabbir Hassan. Already on their 70th episode, the Ilmfeed podcast has gained widespread attention and followers. With the perfect balance of energy and insightful content, the Ilmfeed podcast may just be the perfect way to wake you up on your morning commute.

You can find them on iTunes here or on Google Podcasts.

8. Yasmin Mogahed, Muslim Central Podcast

One of the Muslim community’s most inspiring female speakers not only in the US but around the world, Yasmin Mogahed’s podcast covers topics from faith, womanhood and manhood, spirituality, domestic abuse, and activism. Her podcasts continue to be a constant source of inspiration and understanding and are a perfect way to really understand how to better our lives in this world as Muslims.

Listen to her podcasts on iTunes here.

9. Millionaire Muslim Podcast

Hosted by Mohsin Patel and Ibrahim Khan and sponsored by islamicfinanceguru.com, the Millionaire Muslim Podcast is perfect for those interested in Islamic finance, business, and entrepreneurialism. Alongside their regular topics, however, the Millionaire Muslim podcast also does fortnightly Quranic Tafseer episodes; so not only will you learn about halal business and entrepreneurial skills, but also keep up to date on your understanding of the Holy Quran.

You can find them on iTunes here.

10. Insights on Islam Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Ingrid Mattson, a prominent lecturer, professor, and convert to Islam, she remains one of the most recognized and respected Muslim women lectures in the western world. Representing a much-needed female scholarship, Dr. Ingrid Mattson’s podcast series has the perfect balance of academics and current affairs.

You can listen to her podcast here.

11. Mufti Menk, Muslim Central Podcast

No list is complete without Mufti Menk, and his podcasts are just as timely for 2021 as they have been previously. Immensely popular across the Muslim world, Mufti Menk’s speeches and podcast series continue to inspire, teach, and remind us how to better ourselves as Muslims.

Find his podcast series here.

We hope you found this list useful, and remember – You can subscribe to The Muslim Vibe Podcast on all platforms here!



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