Top 5 Podcast Picks From the TMV Team

Let us know some of your favorite TMV podcasts, and get in touch with ideas for future topics and podcasts!

Let us know some of your favorite TMV podcasts, and get in touch with ideas for future topics and podcasts!

TMV’s Podcast delves into some of the most important, controversial, and inspiring topics and ideas we grapple with as Muslims today – hosted by Salim, TMV’s Chief Editor, the guests and speakers on these podcasts are diverse and varied to say the least.

From sheikhs to converts, from politicians to psychologists, and from topics that vary from God-centricity, social justice, sexuality, and fashion, here are just some of our favorite TMV podcasts!

1. Salim Kassam, Co-Founder and Chief Editor

“It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite podcast. I’ve loved so many of the guests and conversations I’ve had the pleasure of hosting, but the podcast with Asim is definitely stand out for me as he provided such a unique and articulate perspective on activism and Islam.”

Listen to the Asim Qureshi podcast, titled “A Virtue of Disobedience: A Discussion on ‘God-Centric’ Activism”, here:

2. Haseeb Rizvi, Co-Founder and Creative Director

“Struggling and grappling with our identities as Muslims in the West is a large part of who we are…this podcast, in particular, struck me with how openly honest and deep Sheikh Javad Shomali got with not only our identities but with our faith and duties as Muslims who worship Allah.”

Listen to the Sheikh Javad Shomali podcast, titled “How To Have Honest Faith”, here:

3. Noora Sultan, Social Media Manager

“Really loved being a part of this podcast! Hana was so lovely and easy to talk to. Muhammad Ali is an icon who I’ve admired my whole life and to be able to speak to his daughter was a surreal experience.”

Listen to the Hana Ali podcast, titled “Muhammad Ali: In His Daughter’s Eyes”, here:

4. Nouri Sardar, Senior Video Editor

“Easily one of the most grounded and genuine Muslim speakers out there, Ibn Ali Miller has so much to share on social justice, the experience of Black American Muslims, and genuine love and faith for Allah. This was perhaps one of TMV’s most inspirational podcasts to date.”

Listen to the Ibn Ali Miller podcast, titled “Islam in the Hood”, here:

5. Jessica Aya Harn, Senior Editor

“This podcast was so important – Nabil Abdulrashid did not hold back and what he says is a much-needed wake-up call for even the most ‘educated’ or well-intended ally during the Black Lives Matter movement. This podcast not only goes into a lived experience with the historical and cultural background of what it even means to be a ‘Black Muslim’, but it also reminds us that in times like these, we need to learn to provide platforms and spaces for those affected the most to speak and be listened to.”

Listen to the Nabil Abdulrashid podcast, titled “A (much needed) Education on Anti-Blackness”, here:

Find the rest of TMV’s amazing podcasts here, and let us know what you want us to discuss for future podcasts and topics!